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The Banned ‘Happy Ending’ and a Tribute to Dr Zev

When Dr Zev Zelenko shared his successful treatment of Covid-19 during those panic-driven early days, little did he know it would later be banned, or that a happy ending in a 2003 TV series would expose the truth underlying his 100 percent success rate.

12 July 2022

The Real Reason They Are Now Jabbing Kids, and Neil Oliver’s Plea to “Leave Our Kids Alone”

Robert Kennedy Jr confronts us with the shocking truth about why approval has been granted to jab kids and babies as young as six months old, and Neil Oliver expresses his outrage over the NHS ‘superhero’ advertising campaign to coerce kids into getting the jab.

The Day a Dream to Find a Cure for Cancer Died

As a young teenager, Judith Vary Baker developed a driving ambition to find a cure for cancer while watching her grandmother slowly die of breast cancer. But what caused this future science star to abruptly abandon her dream at the age of twenty enters the realm of nightmares and exposes a causative factor in an epidemic of soft tissue cancers that should alarm us all.

Bill Barr – And One Damn Criminal Act After Another (Part 1)

What is revealed by pulling the thread of Bill Barr’s silence about Hunter Biden’s laptop to explore his murky past? The workings of the criminal cabal pulling strings behind the scenes will destroy your world view.

Exposed: Hunter and Joe Biden’s Corrupt Dealings in Ukraine

Evidence of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered through banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company linked to Biden family, is exposed in a 2020 Ukrainian press conference.

The Plundering of Ukraine By Corrupt American Diplomats

The ongoing plundering of Ukraine is mind-boggling. Oleg Tsarnev, a former Ukrainian parliamentarian, reveals the many names in high places connected to the internal destruction of Ukraine that has had a devastating impact on its economy and people.

A Revolution in World Economies is Underway Thanks to the Bank for International Settlements’ ‘Basel III’ Policy

Aleksandr Khaldey tells us that a revolution took place in March 2019 at the The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland that will unleash chaos and ruin for America and its allies, but financial gains for the rich.

Nazis in Ukraine? What a Russian Opposition Activist Discovered

Not believing the propaganda in Russia about Nazis in Ukraine, a Russian liberal opposition activist decided to travel to Ukraine in 2014 to uncover the truth for himself. What he discovered profoundly shocked him, and is shared in a letter to a friend.

Seven Years’ of Bombing in Eastern Ukraine – Anna Tuv Interview

Anna Tuv talks about the ongoing war in Donbass and how it impacted her life when bombing claimed the lives of her husband and daughter, injured her two other young children, and tore off her left arm. She became an advocate for peace and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Researcher: ‘We Made A Big Mistake’ On COVID-19 Vaccine

“By vaccinating people, we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin,” said Byram Bridle, Ph.D., a Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher who gained access to Pfizer’s biodistribution study from the Japanese regulatory agency.

Dr. Zev Zelenko: The Plan to Tag Us For The New World Order Slave System

This is one big attempt at enslaving humanity… It’s evil, but it’s brilliant because slavery has always been the most lucrative industry and asset throughout human history. And so, you have a few sociopaths who believe in their immortality and…

Dr. Robert Malone: “Honest Words Spoken From the Heart Can Change the World.”

A powerful speech by Dr. Robert Malone at the Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington D.C. on 23 January, brought tears to my eyes. It was spoken in truth from the heart, and the normally quietly spoken man that he is, allowed his voice to…

I’m a public school teacher. The kids aren’t alright.

Stacy Lance is proud to be a teacher, and as a teacher who cares about her students well-being, she wants to alert you about the negative outcomes of her school’s pandemic policies she sees, and hears about from students.

Deadly Vax Lot Numbers Identified, Still In Circulation

Is the deadly game of Russian roulette now playing out with Covid vaccines? Dr. Jane Ruby warns us that deadly vaccine lots are being used as part of an experiment by the three leading vaccine makers in the US. The guinea pigs are the unsuspecting public. You. Thanks to computer hackers, you can now find out “how bad is my batch.”

Dr. Zev Zelenko: “Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus.”

“Zinc is the bullet – it kills the virus,” says Dr. Zev Zelenko. However the ‘bullet’ cannot get to its target without a gun, or a delivery system, he explains. The delivery system he used with great success was hydroxychloroquine – until its sale was blocked. Dr. Zelenko then found a surprising new ‘gun’.

Omicron Has Cracked Open the Overton Window – Welcome to the New Paradigm Shift

Dr. Robert Malone introduces us to the important concept of the ‘Overton Window’ of political possibility to show how Dr. Fauci and the medical establishment shaped political opinion during the pandemic to limit it, now challenged by a group of dedicated scientists through The Great Barrington Declaration.

“We’re heading into a pandemic of vaccine side effects,” Dr. Shankara Chetty Tells Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Chetty has personally successfully treated well over 7,000 Covid patients in Africa since the beginning of the pandemic. He sees the spike protein as likely to be “the most well engineered human poison ever made.”

The Middle of the Road to Hell

We are accustomed to thinking of great evil as instantly recognisable… Unfortunately, we have developed such a cartoonish idea of what evil, villains, and devils look like, that as a people we are entirely unprepared for the entrance of evil dressed in a very different cloak.

The Pentagon’s Alarming Project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine

William Engdahl’s 2008 article is essential reading to understand the background of reckless lab created viruses that can leak into the general population, or be used as a bioweapon against them for political purposes by some people not in their “right mind.”

Is Omicron Another lab Creation?

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology, reviews with Steve Bannon what we know so far about the so-called Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, with an analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

“Before You Inject Your Child”: Dr. Robert Malone’s Statement On Scientific Facts

An important statement by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology platform, on the scientific facts about the genetic mRNA vaccine that can adversely affect children.

New Zealand: Pfizer “Confidential Document” Concedes that There Is a Large Increase in Types of Adverse Event Reaction to Its Vaccine

The NZ public is completely unaware of the extent of reported possible risks of the Covid vaccine… Pfizer now lists hundreds of possible adverse effects over and above their initial 21, some so serious as to be analogous to a computer network crash.

The Vaccine is Killing You: Update from Milton Keynes Funeral Director

What Milton Keynes funeral director, John O’Looney, is now seeing is “an unnaturally high number of deaths due to heart attack, stroke, aneurysm – a  direct result of thrombosis, embolisms in the lungs, the legs, various places…”

‘Fully Vaccinated’ are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders,’ Says Inventor of mRNA Technology

Dr. Robert Malone is at his best in this wide-ranging, down-to-earth, and truthful podcast on Covid-related issues with “The Hidden Gateway” host, Justin Williams, that causes him to reflect, “there’s not a whole lot of thinking going on.”

The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week

Mainstream media’s mantra says that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. But is this an accurate assessment? Thomas T. Siler M.D. weighs in on this question.

Were “the Elderly… Being Killed in Hospitals, Care Homes, and Hospices” During the Pandemic?

Jacqui Deevoy interviewed over 50 whistleblowers who believe their parents or partners were euthanized while in hospital. While Mike Whitney has no way to verify their claims, he finds Deevoy’s presentation of the evidence compelling.

Lee Harvey Oswald: A New System of Government Will Take Over America

Oswald was a mysterious man and knew things that, if he had gone to trial, could have exposed some of the coup plotters behind the destructive direction they steered America in the wake of JFK’s assassination.

Dr. Peter McCullough – ‘Therapeutic Nihilism and Untested Novel Therapies’

“We are in the free fall of a lawless state,” said Dr. Peter McCullough during this important presentation at the AAPS 78th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on October 2, 2021.

Dr. Ryan Cole: Stop the Insanity! This Is No Longer Good Science.

The spike protein in the ‘vaccines’ can induce the same disease as Covid-19 – the same lung disease, the same vascular disease, the same heart disease, the same brain disease, said Dr. Ryan Cole at the White Coat Summit in Texas.