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New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq

David Swanson’s article about a new study documenting the horrific impact on children from the illegal depleted uranium weapons America used in the Iraq War is a sobering read. The dreams that Greta Thunberg emotionally declared climate change would rob her of pale to insignificance in the face of numerous Iraqi children’s struggles simply to have a tiny semblance of normal life, stolen from them by the environmental impact of the DU weapons used against their country in war.

Planting the Seed for 9/11 in the American Mind

Could a thought to deliberately crash a passenger plane into a skyscraper become reality? In 1978 Arnon Milchan did so in The Medusa Touch. In 1980 Isser Harel predicted a 9/11-type attack in New York. In March 2001, the Fox Network aired the first episode of The Lone Gunmen scrambling to save a hijacked passenger plane aiming for the World Trade Center.

‘TechCamp’ Used To Ignite Civil War in Ukraine

American ‘TechCamp’ instructors worked from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine to show how social networks and Internet technologies can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion, activating protest potential within a population, provoking violent unrest, radicalizing the population, and triggering infighting. The five-year civil war that erupted continues.

How To Free Yourself From Attachments

No matter how attached we are to someone, more can be learned about love by letting go than by holding on. Detachment, I have learned, is the secret to living lightly and lovingly. Try this powerful meditative exercise to discover what you have to learn from a relationship you may need to let go, and experience insight that is freeing and brings peace of mind. Wayne Dyer wrote “Attachment to other people is one of the stickiest attachments, and it will create a great deal of suffering until you learn to overcome it in your life…

Understand the Venezuelan Coup Attempt Against the Backdrop of the 2002 Coup Against Chavez

To understand Washington’s current push to depose the democratically elected President Maduro in Venezuela, it is important to understand why the U.S. staged a coup against President Hugo Chavez in 2002, why Washington wanted to see him gone, and why his death in 2013 was probably an assassination. To this end, investigative journalist Greg Palast, takes us on journey to Venezuela to investigate what turned out to be an unsuccessful coup against Chavez in 2002, and what was at stake – not only for the Venezuelan white elite and American interests, but also for the Venezuelan people who happen to be mostly brown and poor.

The Dumbing Down of America – By Design

An insightful article by Joachim Hagopian, which highlights what is happening within the education system and mass media to dumb us all down as a society to become malleable ‘vassals’ (a term used by Zbigniew Brzezinski who wrote “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperitives) – not only in America, but also in Australia and New Zealand where I experienced this ‘dumbing down’ effect over many years as a teacher.

Gratitude: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I am grateful every day for my view, and to live by the sea in a place that reminds me of the oasis I lived in during many sunburnt summer months in Australia. The sanctuary I left there, with some regret, has been returned to me here in New Zealand with the added gift of the sea at the bottom of the garden. And I came upon it quite by chance. Some would say ‘luck’ when I suddenly found myself with nowhere to live.

What An American Learned Fighting With The Pro-Russian ‘Rebels’ in Ukraine

Even though life was good for Russell Bentley in Texas, he felt that he had a “responsibility to keep life from being bad for other people.” When he saw a woman in eastern Ukraine lying on the ground with her legs blown off, looking right at him through the camera lens, he knew he had to help the pro-Russian “rebel’s” in their fight against the ethnic cleansing the American-installed government in Ukraine had begun. What he learned from his experiences…

JFK Assassination: Rifle Range Realities vs. the Oswald-did-it Story

“The most dangerous thing in the world is a Marine with his M1 rifle” (a Marine Drill Instructor’s mantra). Does it make any sense then that Oswald, a former US Marine, would choose an old Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, known for its poor long range accuracy, as his weapon of choice to kill President Kennedy? Daniel Borgstrom’s story about his experience in the Marines shows why this is more likely a script from a cowboy movie…

9/11: “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

If you still believe the ‘official’ 9/11 story, David Hooper’s documentary of how he began to awaken from the lies we were told, and what he discovered, may change your perception about what happened that fateful day. His journey began with an innocent question, which for Sherlock Holmes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, Silver Blaze…

Thierry Meyssan’s Open letter to President Trump concerning the consequences of 9/11

Mister President, The crimes of 11 September 2001 have never been judged in your country. I am writing to you as a French citizen, the first person to denounce the inconsistencies of the official version and to open the world to the debate and the search for the real perpetrators.

Was 9/11 An Inside Job to Create the New American Century?

Who can forget George W’s famous remark about Osama bin Laden: “There’s an old poster out west, as I recall, that said ‘Wanted, dead or alive’”? But few probably know what Osama bin Laden reportedly stated about who was responsible for the 9/11 tragedy: “There exists a government within the government of the United States. That secret government must be…

When “Would” Became “Wouldn’t”: Who Made Trump Buckle?

It seemed like an ominous warning when the lights started to dim and went off as soon as President Trump began his backtrack to assure the intelligence agencies and everyone else screaming ‘treason’ that he really meant “wouldn’t” when he clearly said “would.” “Who made Trump buckle?” Tucker Carlson asked.

The CIA In Australia And New Zealand (Parts 1-6)

Against the backdrop of the never-ending ‘Russia hacked our elections’ allegations, a six-part radio documentary exposes how the CIA helped to bring down the Australian government in 1975 and at the same time, interfered in New Zealand politics.

Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4Part 5  | Part 6

Palestinian Refugees: An ‘Abortion of Justice and Humanity’

In light of the current Great March of Return protest in Gaza and the West Bank, where Israeli snipers have killed over 120 Palestinians and wounded over 12,000,  I decided it was time I did some research to understand the history that led to this.

Lies About Syria and The ‘Chemical Attack’ Exposed By OAN Reporter

Is Assad really a “brutal dictator” who oppresses the Syrian people, as he is portrayed in the West? Is he responsible for the alleged April 7 chemical attack on innocent civilians? To find out, Pearson Sharp went to Damascus to investigate.

Russia Vindicated? ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning Linked to US, UK and NATO States

Swiss lab findings now reveal that Sergei Skripal, a Russian who is a former British spy, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ.

Harold Pinter: Art, Truth and Politics (Video)

There are few among us who can see straight through the lies the United States Government spins to justify waging numerous wars around the world. Harold Pinter was one such person. As an actor, playwright, screenwriter, and poet nothing, it seems, could escape his razor sharp observations…

9/11: Major General Stubblebine Exposes the Lie That a Plane Hit the Pentagon (Video)

Major General Stubblebine said of the attacks on 9/11 that he was: “…so ingrained in my belief system that I could not believe…that anybody except a sort of…Arab terrorist could do something like that.” And then one day he saw a photograph of the hole in the Pentagon…

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