Death Threats Made to Bobby Kennedy by Eli Lilly Revealed to New Zealander

Eli Lilly told Attorney General Ramsey Clark to get Bobby to back off re-opening the investigation into his brother’s assassination. Or else…

The Real Story of How Israel Was Created

by Alison Weir

The common representation of Israel’s birth is that the UN created Israel, that the world was in favor of this move, and that the US governmental establishment supported it. Alison Weir shows why all these assumptions are demonstrably incorrect


Seven Years’ of Bombing in Eastern Ukraine – Anna Tuv Interview

Anna Tuv talks about the ongoing war in Donbass and how it impacted her life when bombing claimed the lives of her husband and daughter, injured her two other young children, and tore off her left arm. She became an advocate for peace and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Exposed: Hunter and Joe Biden’s Corrupt Dealings in Ukraine

Evidence of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered through banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company linked to Biden family, is exposed in a 2020 Ukrainian press conference.

The Plundering of Ukraine By Corrupt American Diplomats

The ongoing plundering of Ukraine is mind-boggling. Oleg Tsarnev, a former Ukrainian parliamentarian, reveals the many names in high places connected to the internal destruction of Ukraine that has had a devastating impact on its economy and people.

Health and Well-Being

Finding the Courage to Face the Truth: What I learned From ‘Life of Pi’

We dissociate and create fantasies when the truth of a traumatic event is overwhelming. Facing the truth later requires enormous courage to deconstruct the fantasies and lies.

Hiding in the Dark

Bill Barr – And One Damn Criminal Act After Another (Part 1)

What is revealed by pulling the thread of Bill Barr’s silence about Hunter Biden’s laptop to explore his murky past? The workings of the criminal cabal pulling strings behind the scenes will destroy your world view. (Part 2 will come soon…)

Exposing UN Agenda 21: Rosa Koire Pulls Back the Curtain (Video)

UN Agenda 21 is supposedly a plan to better manage our use of the earth’s resources in a sustainable way. However, Rosa Koire, an expert in land use and valuation, discovered the agenda’s sinister underlying plan of total control over every aspect of people’s lives around the world when she delved beneath the restrictions on land use in California.

The Day a Dream to Find a Cure for Cancer Died

This is the story of how one girl’s dream to find a cure for cancer ended in a CIA intrigue to kill Castro by creating a cancer causing bio-weapon from the contaminated polio vaccine. Working with Lee Harvey Oswald and Dave Ferrie in New Orleans, she became an unwitting witness to the events in New Orleans that led to the assassination of JFK.

The Kennedy Assassinations from Little Known Perspectives

A Legacy of Ashes and How the CIA’s Fake JFK Assassination Plot Became the Real Deal

According to Senator John Tower, the Kennedy assassination was supposed to be a ‘fake’ plot to use as a pretext to invade Cuba, but it was infiltrated by unknown people to become the real deal.

Know Your Hidden History

Lee Harvey Oswald: A New System of Government Will Take Over America

Oswald was a mysterious man and knew things that, if he had gone to trial, could have exposed some of the coup plotters behind the destructive direction they steered America in the wake of JFK’s assassination.