Global Protests to Free Greenpeace Activists

October 05, 2013

Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director, talks with Bill Moyers about Greenpeace and the peaceful protest that saw 30 activists charged with piracy.

He states clearly on the Greenpeace website, “Our activists are motivated only by a passionate belief in the need to protect the Arctic from reckless oil drilling and climate change.”

At the beginning of the interview he tells Bill Moyers,

If there’s injustice in the world, those of us that have the ability to witness it and to record it, document it and tell the world what is happening have a moral responsibility to do that. Then, of course, it’s left up to those that are receiving that knowledge to make the moral choice about whether they want to stand up against the injustice or observe it.

Kumi Naidoo also talks about his life, how he became involved with Greenpeace, and the profound gift of wisdom his mother gave him. It is a riveting interview that includes footage from a similar protest staged at the same oil platform last year without incident, in which he took part.

Two New Zealanders were among those arrested, and protesters gathered at dawn today outside the Russian Embassy in Wellington. Photo by Mark Coote/Greenpeace

Global protests were staged today in 45 countries as an act of solidarity in asking Russia to free 30 Greenpeace activists charged with piracy, including two journalists. It is an unprecedented act against a peaceful demonstration that the Netherlands claims is unlawful and will take legal action against Russia for detaining the activists, who were aboard Greenpeace International’s Arctic Sunrise, a Dutch-registered ship.

“Russian officials will now be called to explain their actions before an international court of law, where (they) will be unable to justify these absurd piracy allegations,” Greenpeace lawyer Jasper Teulings said on Friday.

According to Aljazeera, the arrests have created outrage from Russian and international rights activists, with Reporters Without Borders saying investigators were “criminalising both journalists and environmental activists.”

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