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‘Rebel’ Leader Alexander Borodai on the MH-17 Crash

Updated July 25, 2014

The plane was shot down, we couldn’t have done it and we didn’t want to. We do not have such weapons that could shoot down the plane from the altitude of 10,600 metres. Anti-aircraft system in our possession can only reach 3,000 metres. Due to that the Ukrainian side regularly bombs us from high altitudes and often hits civilian buildings and communities.

Alexander Borodai, Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, gave a press conference on July 19 in Donestk (scroll down to watch video). It tells a very different story to the manufactured lies in mainstream media about his lack of co-operation after a Malaysia passenger plane was apparently shot down in war-torn eastern Ukraine on July 17. Clearly he is frustrated and appeals to the international community to please arrive soon to assess the site and remove the bodies that are starting to decompose in the summer heat.

The interview is very sobering and raises many questions about what is really going on behind the scenes, hidden from you, the public. Even an intelligent friend of mine was sucked in by mainstream media lies and wrote in an email, “As for those thugs responsible for deliberately blasting a full airliner out of the sky at 30,000ft – and then being childishly uncooperative – it’s beyond words and imagination!!!”

She still doesn’t get it that the truth about such tragedies won’t be told in the nightly news on television, or even in mainstream newspapers. Does anyone honestly believe that we are going to hear the truth when the U.S. is trying to provoke Russia into a war? Think Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction, and the ‘proof’ the U.S. had that the Syrian regime killed 1,429 of its own people in a sarin gas attack last year.

Unfortunately we are living in an age where we cannot trust mainstream media. In times where tensions are such that they can quickly escalate to war, propaganda will rule newspaper headlines and you will be badly misinformed. When there are so many lies, who or what do you believe? Believe it or not, Hitler can give you a clue. These are his words of advice:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

There you have it. And that is why the media has been barking non-stop at you, its readers, who expect perhaps a modicum of investigative reporting on such a delicate issue as the deaths of 298 people. Knowing that mainstream media lies (and often by omission), I always do my own investigation and research using many different sources. The video recording of Borodai’s press conference will give you a different perspective. A question you could ponder is: “Who had the most to gain from this crash?”

After the video is a transcript of the most important parts of the interview. To see the English subtitles on the video, click the “captions” button next to the “settings” wheel on the lower right corner of your screen. Once the captions appear, click the “captions” button again to remove the pop-up box from the screen.

Translated from Russian by Elena, Marina & Yulia.

This video appeared on Global Research with a postscript from its editor, Professor Michel Chossudovsky.

Transcript of most important points in the Press Conference with Alexander Borodai

We have cordoned off the area of the disaster, with the very limited forces that we could allocate. [With no cease fire, the people in this area are still actively engaged in war, which has complicated the situation.]

It is a large area of more than 10 square kilometres, with scattered wreckage and bodies of the dead. [The latest assessments put the area of wreckage closer to 50 square kilometres.]

Immediately we put together a first response unit, which included the Prosecutor’s group, the group of investigators, and a group of pathologists.

However, the unit is ensuring that the scene is kept intact while awaiting the arrival of international experts and specialists.

Regarding the OSCE representatives…

It should be noted that the OSCE representatives [observers only] were not very satisfied with our efforts to co-operate, and I’ll explain the cause of this dissatisfaction.

They believed that the kind of protection that we have allocated does not allow them sufficient access to the scene of the incident. I explained to them that it is because the place of the incident is actually in a neutral zone, on the border between our units and enemy forces, which are the Ukrainian troops. Therefore, remaining on this territory has some potential danger and our security, above all, tried to ensure the safety of the mission members. They asked me about the security guarantees that we can provide to the experts of the OSCE staff, and we promised that the maximum security that we can provide will be organised and provided. However, naturally, the situation in the conflict zone remains tense.

After detailing the situation they are struggling to deal with, Borodai was clearly frustrated that the 81 experts who had arrived in Kiev and were having talks, hadn’t arrived at the scene of the crash. He appealed: 

So we ask, urge, call – anything, for the expert group to arrive at the scene as soon as possible. We are interested in the most complete and objective investigation of the circumstances of this incident. However, we do not see good will and international experts, and sorry to say, we do not see good will from the international community. We are very surprised, and frankly speaking, we are outraged by the fact that we are supposed to keep this situation intact while we are waiting for the experts. There is a simple human, or universal, if you will, aspect to this problem: how are we going to return the bodies of the dead, and in what condition? What is the purpose of this? We believe that it is possibly an artificial delay, which is organised by Kiev, in hopes that the scene will be changed in order to somehow make the investigation either impossible or incomplete. We need to make it not only possible, but with maximum speed and completion. It seems to us that we face, if you will, a sabotage of the investigation. Perhaps this is because Ukraine, and the Ukraine authorities are not interested in a “real” investigation into this situation. Perhaps that is why they do not offer humanitarian corridors and ceasefire, at least in this area, in the zone adjacent to the scene…

We believe the delay, to put it mildly, looks ugly and is truly inhumane towards the families and friends of the deceased.

During question time…

Can something be done at the moment, apart from not touching anything?

No, we are told not to touch anything. We are also told that if we touch anything, we will displease the international community. Okay. So now we are saying: “Dear international community, if you are telling us not to touch anything, then please come and start touching it yourself. Start resolving the situation.” But for some reason “dear international community” is not in a rush, despite us telling them that the situation is very difficult from the humanitarian point, and it is dangerous from the security point. I’m sorry, but they will fire at the site with something and there won’t be anything to look at anymore.

What do you think are the causes?

As I said, the causes are pretty obvious. The plane was shot down, we couldn’t have done it and we didn’t want to. We do not have such weapons that could shoot down the plane from the altitude of 10,600 metres. Anti-aircraft system in our possession can only reach 3,000 metres. Due to that the Ukrainian side regularly bombs us from high altitudes and often hits civilian buildings and communities. This is the first aspect of it. The second aspect is the fact that it is extremely not in our favour [to shoot a civilian plane]. But this kind of catastrophe is very much in favour of the Ukraine side… I think it is very obvious.

Ukrainians shot down the plane. I don’t know whether they used an anti-aircraft system or a fighter plane. We are waiting for the experts to answer those questions, who, for some reason, don’t want to come here. I get the impression they are deliberately delaying until the situation gets absolutely horrible from the humanitarian point of view, and changes so much from the technical aspect, so that they will be able to present us in a very negative light from the humanitarian point of view, and justify the lack of a verdict… Yes, they will say that they are unable to give a verdict because all the technical features have been destroyed and they can’t investigate anything. That’s it. We are calling on all the people of good will and the politicians to help organise the arrival of experts at the earliest. Any experts: American, British, Malaysian…

When the civil airplane was shot down we were heavily attacked by the Ukrainian air forces. If we had BUK we would be using it to shoot down enemy aircrafts too, wouldn’t we? All enemy aircrafts which we ever shot down, were taken on low altitudes during the assault.

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