Odessa Massacre

Forty eight people were brutally murdered and nearly two hundred were injured on May 02, 2014 in the quiet and picturesque port city in Ukraine. Women and children as well as men and women in their forties, fifties, and sixties were brutally set upon in the Trades Union building where they had retreated for safety against neo-Nazi thugs who had been organised to kill them.

The people protesting the coup-appointed government had set up tents outside the Trades Union building and were collecting signatures for a referendum to federalise Ukraine after the American-backed coup in Kiev that drove out their democratically elected President Yanukovich. They were deeply concerned for their well-being in the bloodlust that followed to ethnically cleanse Ukraine and “kill the Muskovites” (Russians) who deemed the “enemy.”

The video that follows is a shocking and comprehensive account of what happened that day in May. Warning: some scenes are very disturbing. The building was set on fire where they were hiding from the neo-Nazi thugs (Right Sector). Many people were beaten with sticks and bats. Others were shot in the head and then set alight. Some had a burned head and shoulders only. Others suffocated in smoke and toxic chemicals. Some jumped from the building to escape from the flames and smoke, only to be beaten to death if they survived the fall. A few were strangled to death.

What if this shocking event happened in Europe, or America. Would we start doing the “Je suis” tweets again? It is not very likely that we would do it for Russians in Ukraine, is it? It seems that some of us are deemed more ‘human’ than others and therefore deserve our shock and outrage in a tragedy of this magnitude, while others clearly do not. We have divided ourselves into friends and enemies. But are we not all human no matter what country we come from, no matter our social standing, the job we have or the amount of money we have in the bank?

To date there has been no official and independent investigation into this terrible crime. To make matters worse, the people who managed to survive their ordeal in the Trade Union building by escaping to the roof were all arrested after they were rescued, while the neo-Nazi thugs went free.

What you witness in this video is now the new ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ Victoria Nuland engineered to bring to Ukraine with an investment of over $5 billion in the years leading up to the coup. Is it any wonder then, that the people of Crimea voted to join Russia, and the people of Donbass continue to battle for federalisation?

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