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Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life – Russell Blaylock MD

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“The number of infectious organisms that have been weaponized is staggering… Because of the virulence of many of these weaponized agents, non-specific immune stimulation alone may not give full protection, but it will dramatically improve your chances of surviving such an attack with far fewer complications.” Russell Blaylock, MD

Ten years ago I came across an excerpt from Dr Blaylock’s book, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, that I copied and filed. Forgotten, it came up when I did a search for “bio-weapons” on my computer. This time I read it with even greater interest. Not only does it confirm the critical importance of how best to protect our health and boost our immune system naturally – especially in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but Dr Blaylock makes it abundantly clear that we need to be aware of everything within our environment that works against maintaining optimal health. For your interest I have posted below what I copied and saved so long ago.

Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life was published in 2002. It is currently available as an audio book, which is a newly revised edition that covers heavy metal toxicity; food additives; the vaccine controversy; fluoride poisoning; antioxidants; how to protect your brain from the ravages of disease and aging; the role of fats in health; pesticides and other chemicals. Most importantly, it covers the best ways to keep the immune system young and powerful. He writes:

Vaccination prepares your body for a specific type of attack. Non-specific immune stimulation heightens your immune system’s alertness, shortens its response time, and increases its strength. If the immune defense is inadequate the organism continues to proliferate, quickly overwhelming the immune system. It should be appreciated that at this stage, nutrition is critical. Because of the tremendous out-pouring of immune cells, trillions in number, critical nutrients are consumed in large quantities. These immune cells have a very high metabolic rate, so they need lots of nutrition to maintain their metabolism.

Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Notes About Medical Training, Pharmaceutical Company Tactics, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Immunity, Vaccination, Bio-Weapons and Antibiotics

[excerpts, pp. 363-401]

Russell Blaylock, MD. 2002 (US)

Seeing the Doctor is a Mug’s Game

As a neurosurgeon, I have known surgeons in many sub-specialities, who serve their profession with artistic skill of the most talented artist. They work very long hours at a pace few others in our society could even attempt, and they do this almost every day and night of the week. They sacrifice many of their weekends, lose enormous amounts of sleep, and have little time to spend with their families. As if they are not under enough stress, the government, litigation layers, and insurance companies have placed them under a burden that is close to destroying the profession…

As a result of all this, patients are also suffering. Because the doctors’ expenses have sky-rocketed and operating funds dwindled, they have to see twice as many patients as they normally would… To save on expenses, doctors form large groups, which means you may see a different doctor on each visit. The doctor you see knows nothing about you, other than the few notes scribbled by the last doctor. This crazy system was largely created because of the insurance companies and the Medicare + Medicaid system. Medicare pays about 40 cents on the dollar and Medicaid about twenty cents. The paperwork necessary for these payer systems costs the doctor a large share of his income…

The problem with the medical profession is not necessarily a lack of dedication or laziness, or arrogance, even though, admittedly, there are doctors with some real personality problems. The problem is with the educational institutions which train doctors, and the AMA which influences them. Medical education underwent a significant change with the discovery of various pharmaceutical drugs used to treat disease. Closely connected with this is an overwhelming faith in science and technology as a means to solve all of our problems.

With the growth of pharmaceutical giants and the development of newer drugs for a variety of previously untreatable diseases, medical education began to incorporate this new knowledge into its educational curriculum. Pharmacology courses became a mainstay and biochemistry and nutrition took a back seat. Biochemistry was looked upon as nothing more than an obstacle when I was in medical school. In fact, some instructors viewed it as nothing more than a way to weed out academically week students, almost an initiation.

Biochemistry is intimately connected with nutrition. Nutrition is a scientific discipline connected with the ways food consumption fulfills the biochemical needs of the body. I remember that most of my fellow classmates just wanted to get through what they called the nonsense and move on to the clinical material. After all, they wanted to be practicing doctors, not scientists.

Once the basic sciences requirements were fulfilled, all of the material we had been exposed to – the biochemistry, physiology, and biophysics – went out the window, forgotten to make room for the usual stuff. During the clinical years of study, we were taught diagnosis and the treatment of disease. Not surprisingly, all of the treatment was directed towards pharmaceutical medicine and no attention was given to nutritional support or treatments. Everything we had learned in biochemistry was ignored – unless it was useful to explain the mode of action of a pharmaceutical drug.

The pharmaceutical giants saw this as a tremendous opportunity. Using their financial power, they could influence what was being taught to budding doctors. First, they made enormous grants to the medical schools. With federal funding cuts, their money became the lifeblood of the schools, as well as a source of grants to professors for basic research. Who pays the piper chooses the song.

Ever-looking for a way to enhance their influence, pharmaceutical manufacturers began to entice doctors to participate in expensive paid vacations, either to visit the factory or give lectures and attend meetings in exotic places. In addition, they started paying doctors to conduct tests of their products.

Recently, pharmaceutical companies have launched an even cleverer plan. Whereas, in the past they depended on frequent visits to the doctors offices by the drug reps to convince doctors to use their drugs, now they have by-passed doctors altogether and advertise directly on television and the radio, urging people to tell their doctors they want to try the advertised drug. Obviously, the plan has worked beautifully.

The problem is that doctors, both academic and those in private practice, are exposed constantly to propaganda from the major pharmaceutical companies. Doctors’ entire education has been based on the belief in pharmaceutical agents to treat disease, with no consideration given the role of nutrition. This is not to say that the pharmaceutical companies haven’t tried to get in on the nutrition business, because they did. The problem was that their products cost infinitely more than a similar product that could be purchased from a local health food store at a fraction of the cost.

As a result, many abandoned their natural-products line. But a problem arose. While the pharmaceutical industries grew, so did the nutrition industry. Nutritional science has undergone a virtual explosion in the last two decades [successfully treating diseases] that in the past were considered incurable. This terrified the pharmaceutical industry.

Not only was this information appearing in numerous scientific journals and books, it was flowing to the general public though numerous sources: newsletters, popular books and especially the internet. The fact is that the internet has revolutionized medical care and finding enormous amounts of information, and [people now] have access to renowned experts and basic research that before remained obscure.

The problem that has arisen from this trend is that patients are often better informed than their doctors about a particular illness. Most doctors, either consciously or unconsciously, assume they represent the best that medical knowledge has to offer. They firmly believe that medical centers, bastions of research and scientific breakthroughs, are the repository of this knowledge and that since their source of training and continuing education arises from these elitist centers, they should be listened to, and patients should mind the business of being good, unquestioning patients.

As a result of this belief, there is often a clash of wills when knowledgeable patients intervene on the turf of the doctors. The doctor may be thinking, Who is this person to dare challenge me? I have the best medical training in the world. It is also embarrassing when a patient presents the doctor with information he or she is unfamiliar with. Instead of saying, I don’t know, which would challenge their pre-eminence in the field, doctors will frequently mumble something about such information either being unproven, or that studies have disapproved it, or there is no evidence of a benefit. In truth, they often know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about. Again, this is a result of years of indoctrination by the medical elite, who, in turn, are under the influence of pharmaceutical companies.

It should also be appreciated that doctors have very little time for outside study, especially in a field unfamiliar to them. In order to become knowledgeable in the field of nutrition, they would have to re-learn a lot of biochemistry and pore through a tremendous amount of nutritional literature. In their busy lives, they simply don’t have the time for it. Most practice medicine based on what they learned in their residency. The only education they receive afterwards is usually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or medical supply companies.

If you scan most clinical journals, you will see that they are filled from cover to cover with ads from pharmaceutical companies and medical supply dealers. These are very expensive ads. In addition, many of these companies give grants to the journals in which they advertise. Unfortunately, this is also true of many nutrition journals as well. Doctors tend to read the articles that deal with new drugs being developed, new surgical techniques, and advances in diagnosis. The scattered nutritional or biochemical articles are rarely read.

The number of articles about nutrition now published in these journals is growing so fast that pharmaceutical companies are getting worried. As a result, they and their medical center cohorts have launched a drive to scare the public into abandoning nutraceutical treatments. Most of these scare stories are bogus and should be ignored.

Special Nutritional Immune Stimulants

While there is much talk about vaccination for protection against these bio-weapons, one of the world’s real experts, Dr. Ken Alibek, cautions against this. During the time of the Soviet Union, he was the first head of the Soviet bio-weapons laboratories, some 40 in number. In these labs, hundreds of tons of genetically-engineered micro-organisms were prepared and made suitable for weapons of mass destruction. Workers in these labs were required to take vaccinations against all the micro-organisms they were working with.

He states that the vaccines ruined his health. Now he proposes non-specific immune stimulation instead of vaccination for several reasons. First, there is no way to know the when, the where and the what, concerning the attack. That is, when it will occur, where it will occur, and what specific agent or agents will be used. But non-specific immune stimulation doesn’t matter; your body is ready no matter the agent used. Vaccination prepares your body for a specific type of attack. Non-specific immune stimulation heightens your immune system’s alertness, shortens its response time, and increases its strength. If the immune defense is inadequate the organism continues to proliferate, quickly overwhelming the immune system. It should be appreciated that at this stage, nutrition is critical. Because of the tremendous out-pouring of immune cells, trillions in number, critical nutrients are consumed in large quantities. These immune cells have a very high metabolic rate, so they need lots of nutrition to maintain their metabolism.

Another observation to consider, is that these immune cells kill the invaders by producing enormous numbers of free radicals (called respiratory burst). If the antioxidant system is inadequate, these free radicals begin to accumulate, killing the white blood cells as well. In addition, the flood of free radicals begins to destroy surrounding cells and tissues. This is why we need an increased supply of antioxidant during serious infections.

In case of viral infections, especially in the brain, it is the body’s own immune system which does most of the damage and not the virus. This is especially the case when critical parts of the immune system are not functioning correctly. When cellular immunity is weak, the virus will persist, leading to prolonged free-radical damage.

Several recent studies have shown that antioxidant supplements improve resistance to many types of infections. In fact, the supplements N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) has been shown to significantly lessen the severity and course of flu virus infections. Echinacea purpurea, also called snakeroot, is a herb that contains a high molecular weight of polysaccharides that act as immune stimulants. It appears to activate all portions of the immune system, but especially phagocytosis by white blood cells. This is the process by which white blood cells gobble up organisms. Extracts of the plant have been shown to inhibit the influenza virus, herpes virus and the vesicular stomatitis virus. In the case of anthrax exposure, the tincture of echinacea may be helpful as nasal and oral spray. However, it contains alcohol and this may cause burning of the nasal mucosa.

During an epidemic, such as smallpox, plague, or Marburg virus, avoid going to the hospital or your doctors office – unless absolutely necessary. Most things can be handled over the phone. Avoid crowded places, such as shopping malls, stores, and other populated places. Keep objects in your house clean by using a disinfectant such as Lysol, diluted bleach, or alcohol. Most of the viral epidemics are spread by droplets in the air, but many can persist on inanimate objects for long periods of time – even weeks.

Antibiotics and Bio-Weapons

Each antibiotic has a specific set of complications, restrictions, sensitivities, and ways to take it. It would be a good idea to get a copy of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR). This book lists most of the prescription drugs available and includes a considerable amount of information about each drug concerning indications, dosages, side effects and special precautions.

Taking antibiotics is not something you should take lightly, especially over a long period of time. We have seen that prolonged antibiotic usage can result in a loss of the friendly bacteria in the colon and a resulting overgrowth of harmful or pathogenic organisms. This includes yeast as well. Most people are familiar with the yeast organism, Candida albicans. Prolonged use of antibiotics, especially that broad-spectrum antibiotics such as Cipro, frequently result in an overgrowth of Candida albicans in the colon, urinary tact or vagina. If such an overgrowth of yeast occurs, it may eventually enter the bloodstream, where it can invade any organ or tissue, including the brain.

Never take antibiotic unless you also take a probiotic. Probiotics are friendly bacteria found in the colon, usually consisting of four types of Lactobacillus species and four of the Bifidobacterium species. These bacteria require special nutrients for their growth and survival. This includes the sugar compound, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), or the special blend called NT Factor ™. I prefer the latter.

While the experts are downplaying the exposures to anthrax, you should be aware that giving people powerful antibiotics from two months is not a benign thing to do. It will wipe out their intestinal flora of friendly bacteria and in a certain number, result in a serious condition called pseudomembranous colitis that can be fatal.

Vaccinations, likewise can have very serious complications including encephalitis and ascending paralysis – especially in those with poor nutrition. During the swine flu scare, the government forced vaccinations on thousands of trusting people only to have over three hundred develop an ascending paralysis. We can expect the same or worse with mass vaccination campaigns against smallpox or anthrax.

The number of infectious organisms that have been weaponized is staggering…

…and includes haemorrhagic fevers (Ebola, Marburg, Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, Machupo, and Jumin), Q-fever, tularaemia, brucellosis, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, smallpox, typhus, melioidosis, plague, and several genetic mutant viruses. Several different organisms may be released at the same time to confuse health-care workers and frustrate public health control methods. All of these micro-organisms are capable of causing a massive infectious outbreak that could result in millions of deaths. If an attack of this magnitude occurs, and the likelihood is very high, there would be a breakdown of communications, water purification, traffic control, food distribution, transport, police and fire protection, and most important of all, medical care. Any riots and roving gangs would further add to the chaos.

Because of the virulence of many of these weaponized agents, non-specific immune stimulation alone may not give full protection, but it will dramatically improve your chances of surviving such an attack with far fewer complications.

It will also dramatically enhance the effectiveness of any antibiotics and vaccines that may actually be necessary, and reduce the risk of complications associated with these treatments.

Even when doctors want to provide the best care that medical science can offer, insurance companies and government payers (Medicare and Medicaid in America) often will not let them. What little decision-making is left to the doctors entails jumping through seemingly endless and infuriating bureaucratic hoops. As a result, many find it’s a lot easier to avoid even attempting to treat the patient. Due to this abysmal state of affairs, your health is dependent on your own determination, ingenuity, and hard work.

In addition, modern medicine has all but ignored the effects of various additives used in processed foods, especially the problems associated with accumulated synergistic effects. The same is true of environmental toxins. As we have seen, the most neglected area of all is the effect of these toxins on the nervous system. Tens of thousands of such chemicals have never been tested to determine their combined long-term effects.

Another serious problem is the widespread use of vaccines. The medical hierarchy has assumed that vaccines are much safer than actual experience has shown, and the connection to learning disorders, such as ADD-ADHD and autism, has been virtually ignored by these elitists. There is overwhelming evidence that over-vaccination – and vaccination under conditions of immune impairment – can have substantial deleterious effects on the developing nervous system. As with so many problems, medical elitists have simply refused to objectively examine the issue.

Nutritional medicine is not outside the scope of science. So-called orthodox medicine is not the only true and scientifically-based medical model. The nutritional basis of disease is just as scientific as orthodox medicine. What makes orthodox medicine orthodox, is that its leaders have wrested control from nutritional scientists, who actually have more complete and scientifically-based methods of treating disease and maintaining health. Despite the fact they frequently stand on very shaky scientific ground, the orthodox medical industry has also wooed the favor of the main media outlets in this country so they always get the last word in any argument.

Nutrition is essentially biochemistry, and medical care devoid of nutritional considerations is like a car without wheels. It goes nowhere. As do you.

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Russell L. Blaylock, MD, is a board-certified neurosurgeon, recently retired as a clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Medical University of Mississippi. He practiced neurosurgery for more than twenty-four years and ran a successful private nutritional practice. He has contributed to medical textbooks, and he serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Neutraceutical Association and on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Physicians and Surgeons. ~ Amazon

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