John Pilger on Julian Assange and His London Show-Trial (Video)

John Pilger speaks about Julian Assange outside the Old Bailey Criminal Court at the beginning of show-trial proceedings to extradite him to the U.S.

John Pilger, Australian veteran investigative journalist and filmmaker, delivered a profoundly disquieting speech about what Julian Assange stands for as a journalist, the deliberate assassination of his character when he exposed those who stood in the way of freedom of speech and democracy, and how his London show-trial is not about “due process,” but “due revenge.”

When Pilger met Julian Assange about ten years ago, he asked him why he had started Wikileaks. His reply:

“Transparency and accountability are moral issues that must be the essence of public life and journalism.”

Julian believes that journalists are the agents of people, not power.

Outside London’s Old Bailey Central Criminal Court on Monday, the first day of show-trial proceedings for the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, Pilger also spoke about the gravity of the loss of moral compass not only displayed by today’s media (see related video at the end of this post), but also by the British courts during this show-trial which Pilger, along with a number of other leading journalists and human rights monitors, was barred from attending. “Freedom of the press,” he said, “now rests with the honorable few.”

Video from: World Socialist Web Site 8 September 2020

Too many journalists have lost their moral compass to power. As a result, transparency and accountability have all but been eliminated from public life. This is so because a plethora of conflicts of interest now dominate political decision making, and the politically powerful don’t want you to see their hidden hands in the creation of numerous wars, color revolutions, coups worldwide, terrorism, banking failures that take from the poor to give to the rich, the theft of poor countries’ rich resources for their own selfish benefit, and generally creating chaos and unrest in every corner of the world – all to benefit a select few and feed their insatiable greed.

In essence, Julian Assange is now being punished because of what he stands for as a journalist. When journalists lose their freedom of speech, unfortunately so do we all. Once our freedom of speech is lost, our survival will depend on how well we can serve as serfs to the corrupt and greedy so-called ‘elite’. Is this the future we want for ourselves and our children?

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