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Analysis of What is Inside a mRNA ‘Vaccine’ Vial

The magnetic phenomena many people experience after an mRNA shot.

By Juliet Bonnay

26 July 2021

Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research in Canada interviews Ricardo Delgado Martin in Spain about the findings of a mRNA ‘vaccine’ vial analysis that identifies what is being injected into people worldwide. You can view the video of this important interview at Global Research, or read the transcript below about the discovery of a toxic substance, graphene oxide, which causes serious health issues and injuries, and accounts for the curious magnetic effect many people have discovered around their vaccination site and on other parts of their bodies.

Ricardo Delgado Martin is responsible for coordinating the Spanish research team’s analysis of the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the mRNA vaccine vial. In the transcript below, I have highlighted some of the serious and important issues for further consideration as to their implications.

Since graphene oxide…is used in the field of nanoscience or neuroscience, precisely for neuro modulation, we are talking about neuronal control. To pick up the neuronal electrophysiological effects, it behaves inside the body as a nano-biosensor, and from there, this graphene oxide can be excited wirelessly and remotely, using precisely this fashionable technology – the 5G technology, which is one that at all times never, never stopped being implemented during the pandemic. This is especially serious. It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie, but believe me, it is technically feasible, and it is being done. ~ Ricardo Delgado Martin

Transcript of Video Interview With Michel Chossudovsky and Ricardo Delgado Martin:

Michel Chossudovsky

Good morning, I am Michel Chossudovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, and as part of our video program we have the privilege of welcoming Ricardo Delgado Martin from Seville, Spain, who is the founder of La Quinta Columna and now representing a team of researchers. What is tremendously compelling, shall we say, is that this team has done a study of what is inside the vial of the Pfizer vaccine. It is laboratory examination, under a microscope and they’ve discovered that there’s a tremendously toxic substance, which is called graphene, or graphene oxide. This element has consequences on the health of those who take the vaccine. Welcome Ricardo.

What are the specific results that you have found in that research? I have to say that no one has, no one among the independent virologists shall we say, has taken the initiative to analyse the contents of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vial.

Ricardo Delgado Martin (2:14)

First of all, Michel, thank you for the invitation. Indeed, from the evidence of the magnetic phenomena that was occurring in the inoculated people, we began to suspect, to raise hypotheses about what kind of injected nanomaterials that could provoke this magnetism, that would turn people into superconductors, having the ability to store energy. This is when we came across graphene. Therefore, at the moment we became aware of the existence of a vial, which fell into our hands, we asked the University of Almeria, through the mediation of Dr. Campra Madrid, Pablo Campra Madrid, Doctor in Chemical Sciences and Bachelor in Biology, to perform an analysis of the vial. And a week later the analysis came directly to us, and here you have it with his digital signature.

As an accredited professor of this university, where clear evidence of graphene oxide in the sample through analysis to TEM electron microscopy, optical microscopy as well, C analysis, and some spectroscopy techniques, evidently, from that moment on, we began to study the toxicity caused by this graphene oxide in the organism, and we realised that it presents almost the same clinical picture as the Covid-19 disease itself.

In other words,

…graphene oxide generates thrombogenicity. Thrombi is a coagulating factor, causes platelet reduction, causes oxidative stress when toxicity increases, and with it, it triggers an alteration of the immune system, and thus triggers collapse of the immune system, cytokine storm, and inflammation of mucous membranes by inhalation, loss of taste, and loss of smell. We are talking about the classic Covid-19 picture.

Michel Chossudovsky (4:10)

Well… these are also revealed in the figures, published by the European Union in the vaccine mortality and morbidity file, aren’t they? I mean, those are the adverse effects and such. Graphene would likely be the causality behind this trend. Now, there are more than 17,000 deaths in the European Union…and it’s linked to the vaccine.  The question then is if graphene is the cause of this trend?

Ricardo Delgado Martin (4:57)

Indeed, we understand that yes, it is, whereas the VAERS institution reports very severe adverse effects, about 1,300,000 and approximately 15,000 deaths. In Europe alone, it is not even reflecting the reality since it is estimated that only 1% of these clinical manifestations will be expressed, or directly referred to this body, to VAERS, so probably there are many more.

Indeed the vaccine causes thrombi, this is known. The vaccine causes blood coagulation, causes associated with thrombi derivatives such as ischemia, stroke, paraplegia, immobilization of limbs, sudden death, pericarditis, myocarditis, etc. Also abortions. And indeed, all this symptomology, or rather all this picture is a consequence of graphene oxide according to toxicity studies of graphene oxide, and cytotoxicity of graphene oxide that we have corroborated. We have at least 90 studies on the toxicity of graphene, and they corroborate this.

Michel Chossudovsky (6:07)

Look…you also examined the issue of the masks, the fact that the masks also had graphene in them, and that this could affect the health of those wearing a mask. Can you elaborate on that dimension, because the mask comes already for more than a year, and I just read a document from Health Canada, which says that the masks containing graphene are prohibited. But well, that’s one year later…

Ricardo Delgado Martin (6:51)

In fact, precisely in Canada, through the Canadian Ministry of Health, a note was published to withdraw the sale of masks containing nanotechnology with graphene. This news also reached our country, here in Spain. There was a recall of millions of masks. So the question is, if the masks have been withdrawn because they contain this material, graphene oxide, because it is harmful since it caused pulmonary fibrosis and cancer, how is it possible that it can be injected into the vein, in a very high proportion as it appears precisely, in the preliminary report of the vial? What we have found in the vial report is that it is precisely the main component of the vaccine, not an adjuvant in a negligible amount, but on the contrary as I say, it is the main component of the vaccine. In our opinion we can say that all the elements that have been introduced in the population, to supposedly protect the population, to supposedly prevent the disease, were precisely those elements that were going to provoke it by the introduction of this toxic chemical compound called graphene oxide.

Michel Chossudovsky (8:10)

Yes, look…you are actually making the case that in a way it’s not the virus that’s causing the disease, but that it’s a toxic element. I see that you have analysed the issue of virus isolation, or virus identification. I remember when I started my research on this issue, that on January 7th the Chinese authorities made a statement that the virus had been identified and isolated, and on January 28th of last year (2020), isn’t it true? U.S. CDC also did the same, but we do not have anywhere, a scientific description of this virus. We have statements from the Chinese and from the United States, and I also have to mention the PCR test from WHO is not based on the identity of the virus, of SARS-COV-2, but on the identity of SARS-COV-1. So in reality, your research is also focusing on the underlying causality of that disease.

Ricardo Delgado Martin (10:08)

Yes, indeed,

…we believe that alleged sequencing and isolation of a new biological agent called SARS-COV-2, as you know, never existed, and that it was all a smokescreen to cover up, literally, the real cause of mortality, which is as I say, and as the preliminary report says, the graphene oxide introduced by various routes of administration.

One of them were the masks, also the PCR tests, which we’re going to talk about a little bit later, and of course the vaccine in a more invasive way. Indeed, as of today, there is no global institution that has recognised the actual isolation, sequencing or purification of the biological agent called SARS-COV-2, and of a novel coronavirus.

There is only a virtual sequencing, in a computer, assembled with a computer algorithm from three samples of alveolar mucus, taken from 3 patients with pneumonia in the city of Wuhan in China. They simply went about assembling those samples, and filling in all the missing gaps with a computer algorithm called “muscle”. But in nature, SARS-COV-2, the new coronavirus, does not exist. So, from that moment on, we found that the real cause is precisely this toxic chemical compound called graphene oxide.

And as for the diagnostic tool “PCR test”, it could never be used, for the same reason. They cannot diagnose, or detect supposed viral sequences of something that does not really exist in nature. They simply compare it with that virtual sequence.

Michel Chossudovsky (11:47)

Well, the fundamental question is, how is it that this toxic element has been inserted into the vaccine? Which is actually not a vaccine, and it was also used in the masks. You say it was also used in the PCR test, I mean, I guess in the cotton element, right?

Ricardo Delgado Martin (12:14)

Indeed, the graphene oxide particles, nanoparticles of graphene oxide appear in the so-called hyssop, which is the cotton part of the swab. Today, NANOGRAFI, a Turkish company, which develops intranasal aerosol vaccines using graphene oxide nanoparticles, is also developing PCR tests with graphene nanotechnology. So, this is being used today, and as I say is another element of prevention, of supposed prevention, “diagnostic” (in quotation marks), but what it is really doing is to introduce the toxic substance that will later cause the disease.

Michel Chossudovsky (12.56 )

Let’s talk a little bit now about electromagnetism or the idea of induced electro-magneticity, excuse my Spanish. We know that all over the world there are people who have been vaccinated and have experienced metal objects sticking on their body, and that seems like a tremendously strange phenomenon. How can you explain it?

Ricardo Delgado Martin (13:32)

Indeed, graphene oxide has the particularity that when it comes into contact with living cells, specifically with hydrogen, it acquires magnetic properties. That is what we were observing as of today in millions of videos and scientific evidences – not just measurements with adhesion of metallic or magnetic objects, such as neodymium or ferrite magnets, but also with apparatus such as teslameters, magnetometers, multimeters, etc. That is to say,

…the magnetic phenomenon of the inoculated is real, not only of those inoculated, or vaccinated or graphenated as we already call them, but also by other routes of administration. There are people who are not vaccinated and present magnetism, but have been using the mask for a long time.

This was one of the initial hypotheses, to later prove that the masks indeed also contained graphene. That is why we say that all the elements that have been introduced have been precisely along these lines. The important thing about graphene oxide is, that, like all materials, and this is where electromagnetism comes in, it has what is called an absorption band or magnetic resonance band beyond which it is rapidly excited and will increase the levels of toxicity due to rapid oxidation of this material.

The moment that the oxidation exceeds certain body biomarkers, with respect to our antioxidant glutathione levels it will trigger, as I say, the collapse of the immune system and the famous cytokine storm that we all know, the severe Covid-19.

Michel Chossudovsky (15:17)

Well, the fundamental question is: What is that project? Because, if we talk about the mask, a mask is manufactured in China, but all the manufacturing details are going to be decided by an entity, and I assume, a health entity, and the same applies to the vaccine. The question we need to ask is: What is the causality that leads us to this situation? And also the fact that 90 member states of the United Nations have accepted the consensus of the WHO, and also of the World Economic Forum regarding the virus, and…

What you say seems to me so fundamental, but presumably the virology specialists could have detected it in the different countries already doing a laboratory test… And instead of this, they have accepted a series of concepts that have not even been proven?

That is, let’s say, the first question. The second one: What are the solutions? What are the solutions for the public? For those who have been vaccinated? But also, what are the solutions at the level of the medical authorities? Or the health authorities of the various countries concerned?

Ricardo Delgado Martin (17:37)

Well, starting with this last question…

Indeed, once we know the etiological agent, or real cause of the disease, being graphene oxide, we know how to degrade it. And we do it precisely by increasing glutathione levels, because glutathione degrades graphene oxide. Therefore we know that treatments with N-acetylcysteine, which is a precursor of glutathione, as well as direct intravenous glutathione, worked perfectly well to cure the disease in patients who were already extremely ill. It is about raising our antioxidant levels of glutathione to cope with the toxicity of this introduced toxic agent, graphene oxide, and degrading it.

This was seen in at least 96 clinical trials that we also have on record at La Quinta Columna, which is why they were running at that time. Of course, more than treatment, the first thing to do is to prevent it, so

…if we are consistent with the fact that a poisonous toxin such as graphene oxide is being introduced through the vaccine in an invasive way, the first thing to do is, of course, not to get vaccinated, because that is precisely what will potentially cause the disease to develop later, thrombi and clots, which is the initial prodrome of the disease itself.

So, those people who have had one dose, of course, should not take the second or third dose, which is the one they already announce. Something very strange, isn’t it, that you have to take three vaccines a year because the body already has a natural capacity to eliminate and biodegrade graphene oxide through myeloperoxidase, which is an enzyme.  So,

…raising glutathione levels, both with N-acetylcysteine, glutathione directly, doing sports, because endogenously we release glutathione levels, and this is why athletes have very little incidence, as well as children, who have high glutathione levels, or the elderly who have very low glutathione levels, which is precisely why they are the most affected population, whereas children have hardly any impact.

In other words, everything we have been seeing, corroborates precisely what we already know, once we go to the actual agent of the disease. And it is very striking based on the first question you asked, Michel, how is it possible that no virologist in the world, in the first place, has made an analysis of the vial to really know what is inside, and we have had to do it, we who are civilians? How is it possible that they have also believed “at face value” the official story of an alleged sequencing of a biological agent that, as I said, we never had? Because if they had, they would have made a traditional or classic vaccine attenuating the agent, which is what is usually done and we never had that. What we have found in the vaccine is a tiny trace of RNA, minimal, and for the most part, and a considerable dose of graphene oxide. And when, I repeat this again, we study the toxicity of this material, or nanomaterial in the body, it causes precisely, the exact same poisoning as COVID-19 does.

Michel Chossudovsky (21:00)

So, to conclude, the solution at the individual level, worldwide, is not to get vaccinated, right? At the political level, the authorities have to stop this vaccine because it has a proven toxic element. I think that would be the solution, no, in the short term?

Ricardo Delgado Martin (21:39)

Indeed. We have initiated lawsuits in all the autonomous communities of our country, and we hope that Dr. Campra’s preliminary report can be used in other countries in the world. I know that in Chile they have also found in AstraZenica’s, in the first optical approximation that they have done, folds of graphene oxide. It means they have introduced this. We suspect that they did it in an invasive way during the anti-flu campaign of 2019. And when they caused the disease that you know, they justified it with a smokescreen called SARS-COV-2, and use that pretext to inoculate, or vaccinate the entire world population with a much darker end purpose than the listener can ever imagine. We now know that  Covid-19 is only a collateral effect of the ultimate purpose which is intended to be implemented.

Since graphene oxide, Michel, is used in the field of nanoscience or neuroscience, precisely for neuro modulation, we are talking about neuronal control. To pick up the neuronal electrophysiological effects, it behaves inside the body as a nano-biosensor, and from there, this graphene oxide can be excited wirelessly and remotely, using precisely this fashionable technology – the 5G technology, which is one that at all times never, never stopped being implemented during the pandemic. This is especially serious. It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie, but believe me, it is technically feasible, and it is being done.

Michel Chossudovsky (23:17)

Thank you very much for your intervention. And this research is tremendously important for the future of mankind. We are going to do everything possible so that the results of your research are disseminated, well, at the level of Latin America, Spain, but also at global level. And well, I suppose that this is a first stage that will lead to other interventions on our part, to confront the consensus in favor of the Covid-19 and the vaccine that is being implemented worldwide. Thank you very much Spanish team.

Ricardo Delgado Martin (24:20)

Thank you, Michel. Thanks to you, Michel, thanks for giving us the opportunity to take the results of the research to other parts of the world.

Our lives are at stake, and the future of everything and everyone.

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