Depopulation, Bush Family Secrets, One World Government, and More with Jim Marrs (Video)

Sean Stone interviews Jim Marrs, author of the New York Times bestsellers, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, which became the basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK, and Rule by Secrecy.

While Jim Marrs is no longer with us today, he left behind huge footprints within past events that still deeply impact the world we live in today. Following where those footprints lead can be enlightening if we continue his legacy of asking disturbing questions to ferret out the truth. Marrs is one of those JFK assassination writers who was willing to look beyond his own theories and ideas, enabling him to explore what truth there might be in two stories relating to the Kennedy assassination that set the stage in New Orleans for what later happened in Dallas:

  • Me and Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, by Judyth Vary Baker, and
  • Ed Haslam’s Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics.

Both books focus on the secretive work done in undercover laboratories in New Orleans to make a cancer-causing bio-weapon to kill Castro. Marrs wrote the foreword for Ed Haslam’s book, and asked:

Could there have been a deeper secret reason why the Garrison investigation had to be shut off? And could that reason have more to do with contaminated polio vaccines and the secrecy of a deadly biological weapon experiment than any plotting against President Kennedy?

[Haslam] was one of the first to bring to the public the now well-documented story of how the polio vaccines of the 1950s were adulterated with cancer-causing viruses derived from monkey glands. Federal certification officers were aware of the possibility of the polio vaccine being defective but were pressured into approving the vaccine by very powerful medical interests, including Dr. Alton Ochsner of New Orleans… No one wanted the American public to know that the polio vaccines inoculated into millions of our citizens were contaminated by dangerous monkey viruses, perhaps causing the cancer epidemic of recent years.

In Judyth Vary Baker’s book Me and Lee, Marrs wrote in the afterword:

The covert cancer work, which may well have perfected a cancer-causing virus, may well be an even more sensitive government secret than the assassination.

Adulterated polio vaccines, a cancer-causing medium, virulent anti-integrationists and anti-Communists, Mafia crime bosses and thugs, corrupt politicians and a runaway military-industrial-intelligence complex all combined in a dangerous mix that led to the murder of the chief executive. And it reached all the way to the top of the American power structure. It was a very deep and ugly can of worms, which no one in authority wished to open. This aversion has continued up to the present…

If Judyth Vary Baker is telling the truth, it will change the way we think about the Kennedy assassination.

For me, it already has. The following is one of many scenes from Baker’s book that sticks in my mind for reasons that will become obvious.

Dissecting baby mice to remove cancerous tumors was more than unpleasant in the summer heat of New Orleans in 1963. While Dave Ferrie, Lee Oswald, Dr. Mary Sherman, and Judyth Vary Baker worked feverishly in Dave’s apartment in the heat, a fan failing to clear the air of the putrid stench as they harvested cancerous tumors from 400 baby mice, they tried to make light of the situation. While Oswald began to go green, and Dave lamented about the “poor little mice hanging onto their threads of life…” Baker reacted. “To think we’re trying to give Castro the same thing! It’s just plain evil, Dave.”

“Get this straight, chickadee,” Ferrie snapped. “This is about Kennedy, not Castro. Kennedy is surrounded by his enemies. He can do nothing right in their eyes. And he’s gonna’ die, unless we can stop it.”

“… If that son-of-a-bitch Castro is eliminated, we might save more than Kennedy. We might save the whole God-damned country from becoming a fascist nation.” (Me and Lee, p. 384)

This is how the stage was set for the Kennedy assassination. As we saw in Oliver Stone’s JFK, Dave Ferrie was somewhat of a loose cannon. Shortly after the following scene from JFK, he was found dead in the very apartment where so many mice lost their lives to make a bio-weapon to take out “The Beard”.

However, I prefer to see Ferrie as a loose thread that if pulled, could unravel the whole woven tapestry of lies, false leads, misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, and sinister underpinnings that created the chaos that still swirls around the death of a man who wanted to bring peace to the world. If Ferrie had talked, this is some of what could have emerged:

  • Ferrie was involved in what was called the “Project” to make a cancer-causing bio-weapon to kill Castro, along with Baker, Oswald, Dr. Mary Sherman, and Clay Shaw. All were connected with Dr Alton Ochsner in New Orleans. And Ochsner was connected to Hale Boggs on the Warren Commission.
  • Ochsner’s frequent trips to Washington for years would be questioned. It would have exposed that the polio vaccines since 1955 were contaminated with a cancer-causing simian virus (SV-40) that the Eisenhower government covered up, choosing not to recall the contaminated vaccines.
  • This could have exposed a particular pharmaceutical company, and led to uncovering their connection with the CIA’s secret mind control programs, and extremely unethical and macabre medical research programs carried out in some major hospitals and medical schools on unwitting people.
  • Ferrie was also connected with Jack Ruby, who was also connected with Oswald and the Mob. All were connected with the CIA.
  • Jack Ruby would have led the investigation to California, and exposed his friendship with Melvin Belli (who became his lawyer) and gangster, Mickey Cohen.
  • Cohen was very closely connected with Menachem Begin (future prime minister of Israel) and the Russian crime family, the Mishpucka.
  • This would have exposed a connection with powerful lawyers in Los Angeles (who had foreknowledge of the assassination), Casper Weinberger, George H. W. Bush and Begin. These lawyers were writing the constitution for the New World Order and planning the race riots in Los Angeles in the sixties. And so on…

Against this backdrop and looking at what is happening today in America, perhaps what Jim Marrs had to say in the following interview with Sean Stone will take on new meaning.

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