Australia: Premier Daniel Andrews Has Been Summoned to Court

Jim Rech at a rally on 28 November 2021 in Melbourne informing the crowd that Daniel Andrews, Premier of the State of Victoria, Australia, has been accused of ‘misprision of treason’ and ‘fraud’ at common law. On these two charges he is summoned to court on 17 December 2021.

Rhoda Wilson
The Expose

30 November 2021, Updated: 20 December 2021

Update by Rebel News on 16 December 2021:

Daniel Andrews’ criminal hearing thrown out after thousands hijack livestream

A criminal court hearing for Daniel Andrews descended into a circus as thousands joined the court livestream to express their disdain for the Victorian premier.

The court was set to hear charges of ‘concealing treason’ and ‘fraud’ after they were successfully filed with the Myrtleford Magistrates’ Court.

For almost an hour court staff struggled to gain control as thousands were able to join the stream, many with their cameras running.

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Andrews is accused of concealing an overt act of treason for the unlawful and criminal act of removing “The Crown” and “The Monarchy” through legislation enacted on 1 January 2004 titled: “Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act.”

The Legislation is an overt act of treason and the concealment of treason is the element for misprision of treason.  The element of fraud is the deliberate attempt to conceal this material fact.

Commonwealth Public Official Jim Rech and Dezi Freeman, a photographer, have electrified many Australians who have become aware that the government has taken HM Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth, out of the Constitution.

The Bloody Aussie Battler has been recording the work of “these two brave men” as they “continue to arrest those sitting on the bench without any Crown authority.”  They have arrested two magistrates: one in Wonthaggi and the other in Wangaratta, both in the State of Victoria.

On 2 June 2019, Freeman arrested a magistrate and four police officers during a civil hearing at Wangaratta Magistrates Court.  A few weeks later on 28 June, Rech arrested a magistrate for misprision of treason during a hearing at the Wonthaggi Magistrates Court.

In Melbourne on 28 November 2021, Rech announced to protestors that criminal charges had been laid against Premier Daniel Andrews and he had been issued summons to attend court.

“Daniel Andrews has a court date at Myrtleford Magistrates Court on 17th of December.  He was charged with, but not limited to, misprision of treason and fraud.  And as a result of those charges being filed and served, they were served at his electoral office, … the police have been given notice … The courts have been told to suppress the listing but we put it out there, we’ve been to the court registrars.  Now that means any politician on indictable criminal offences which is a life penalty but under martial law it’s a death sentence – it has to go to a grand jury,” Rech told the crowd in Melbourne.

Further resources:

Charge Sheet and Summons, Daniel Andrews

Upper Ovens Common Law Assembly (UOCLA) website

Editor’s Note:

Under Australian law a person is guilty of misprision of treason if he:

(a) receives or assists another person who, to his or her knowledge, has committed treason with the intention of allowing him or her to escape punishment or apprehension; or
(b) knowing that another person intends to commit treason, does not inform a constable of it within a reasonable time or use other reasonable endeavours to prevent the commission of the offence.

The maximum penalty is life imprisonment. (Wikipedia)


Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton were charged previously in the Common Law courts on 24 November 2021. Learn more about these charges, and about common law from Londove News, below.

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