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“We’re heading into a pandemic of vaccine side effects,” Dr. Shankara Chetty Tells Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Shankara Chetty during an interview with Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Shankara Chetty’s opening statement to Reiner Fuellmich in Session 82 of the Corona Investigative Committee was sobering: “We’re heading into a pandemic of vaccine side effects, and problems. We’ve got a tough road ahead right now.”

Dr. Chetty made this response to Reiner Fuellmich’s remark about the so-called Spanish Flu and the strong possibility that it was not a flu at all, but likely the result of numerous vaccine experiments undertaken at the time, and that this looks like the precursor of what we are seeing today.

As a general practitioner, Dr. Chetty has personally successfully treated well over seven thousand Covid patients in Africa since the beginning of the pandemic. Unlike most doctors, he investigated early on to devise a treatment regime to prevent people becoming critically ill and hospitalized. He then set up a tent in his parking lot where patients could be out in the sun and fresh air and began his own clinical study of SARS-CoV-2 affected patients. He shares his very interesting and enlightening findings in the video below with lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who set up the Corona Investigative Committee to gather evidence for a class action law suit against those responsible the pandemic.

Points of note in Dr. Chetty’s talk

4:00 – Dr. Chetty noticed flu-like symptoms similar to the average viral flu, with some minor differences like a loss of smell and taste. However, consistently a subset of patients on the eighth day became breathless after they had recovered and felt well.

7:00 – What Dr. Chetty learned from this subset of patients was that he was likely dealing with a hypersensitivity pneumonitis triggered by an allergen rather than Covid pneumonia. He noted that early treatment is critical for hypersensitivity pneumonitis to turn it around before it spirals out of control. Dr. Chetty discusses his treatment protocol, from which he saw improvements within a day. The allergic reaction was dependent upon genetic disposition rather than any comorbidity, which is an underlying health condition.

20:00Long Covid – Dr. Chetty described this as “a moderate allergic reaction triggered on the eighth day that has been inappropriately treated and left unchecked for too long, and so it spirals out of control.”

24:15 – Second Wave. Again a subset of patients deteriorated on the eighth day and presented with an overwhelming sense of fatigue rather than breathlessness, and a re-emergence of diarrhea.

25:40 – The mutation that created the new variant only caused a change in the spike protein, which caused gastrointestinal symptoms. The spike protein was the culprit in triggering new symptoms on the eighth day.

26:30 – Discussed briefly the change in spike protein from a bat corona virus that was supposed to have jumped species. This is the first time Dr. Chetty has seen this kind of allergic presentation. Dr Chetty maintains that with an allergic reaction [to the spike protein] quick, aggressive, timely intervention is the most vital thing. Across all variants, there was a consistent subset of patients who presented with new symptoms on the eighth day after initially recovering from the virus.

31:00 – The first time Dr. Chetty has noticed this trend for new symptoms to emerge on the eighth day, he observed that it was a separate pathology. Dr. Chetty also noticed that the hypersensitivity reaction on the eighth day had a genetic aspect to it, so it tends to run in families. 

33:00  – Dr. Chetty stressed that no one dies from the first seven days of viral exposure. It was in the second phase of the illness where there was a hypersensitivity reaction that critical illness and deaths occurred. Why did this affect the over 55s?  These people had developed inappropriate IgE molecules due to a previous exposure to a similar kind of allergen. This is why younger people, who had no previous exposure to this allergen were unlikely to die. However, upon exposure to the allergen, they had a greater risk of dying with subsequent exposures to it. They were sensitized to the allergen in the first wave.


Immunoglobulin E (IgE) are antibodies produced by the immune system. 

If you have an allergy, your immune system overreacts to an allergen by producing antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). These antibodies travel to cells that release chemicals, causing an allergic reaction. This reaction usually causes symptoms in the nose, lungs, throat, or on the skin. 

36:20 – People vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine had an allergic “spike protein illness.” These patients missed the viral stage completely and went straight into the hypersensitivity pneumonic phase of the illness – equivalent to the 11th or 12th day in the unvaccinated.

41:33 – About the vaccine, and breakthrough infections. The immunity is different from the allergy. If a vaccinated person presents with Covid after a month or two, they appear as if they are unvaccinated. Dr. Chetty is of the opinion that “the vaccines themself provide us no immune benefit…

Clearly the vaccine does not stop infection, neither does it stop transmission. It has failed. It does not do its job.”

The benefit of the vaccine is in the decrease in severity of symptoms due to desensitization to an allergen.

45:00 – Exchange with Dr. Wolgang Wodarg. Includes discussion of the spike protein, and that it is the likely culprit causing the adverse side effects recorded in VAERS, see below, and turning up in hospital emergency rooms.

53:14 – “All cause mortality is vitally important to look at, and of course excess deaths. If we don’t know what’s in the vaccine, then every single side effect is considered to be a vaccine side effect until we prove it otherwise. Not the other way around.”

54:00 – Dr. Chetty noted that there is inconsistency in the vaccine itself, causing inconsistencies in the reaction people had to the vaccine. The vaccine vials are not the same as some were found to have normal saline in them. However the second vaccine more consistently caused more severe reactions. Dr. Chetty has seen people die from the vaccines. He has seen a lot of neuropathy, a lot of strokes, a  lot of cardiac issues. He said that unfortunately the medical fraternity refuses to accept that, and some patients have been told that it’s not the vaccine even though the side effects occurred a day or two after the vaccine. Dr. Chetty feels that they are just trying to justify the vaccine by pushing a lot of these side effects under the carpet.

56:00 ­– Latent viruses. The body has a number of latent viruses that are suppressed by a strong immune response. However, if the immune response is suppressed [by the vaccines], these latent viruses can show up. After the vaccination campaign in India, for example, they have had a mass outbreak of dengue.  

57:26 – Omicron. The hospitals are almost empty. Dr. Chetty acknowledges that there is fear mongering going on – especially with the push to vaccinate children, who are not at risk of mortality and morbidity. He explains that children have an undeveloped immune system, so there is some leeway for it to learn to mount immune responses, which is why they are not in danger of the strong hypersensitive reaction that can occur in the second phase of the virus, which can be deadly. There is no need, therefore, to vaccinate children, he said and neither does he think that children were ever super spreaders or could put anyone at risk.

59:40 – Omicron Symptoms: fatigue, headaches, some with gastrointestinal symptoms. This is a very mild variant. However, since we know this virus is man made, there might be a “sting in the tail” so Dr. Chetty is being cautiously optimistic that this variant will remain mild and not give any cause for concern now or in the future.

1:03.15 – Comments of the mRNA vaccines, which are the “stupidest thing to make.” What would be the best vaccine? Dr. Chetty sees Omicron as a gift to develop superior natural immunity where we can do away with the mRNA vaccines altogether, open the borders and develop herd immunity, which is better than any vaccine-conferred immunity. “Omicron is fear mongering. Nothing more.”

1:08:05 – “Covid illness is not caused by coronavirus. Coronavirus causes the viral illness, but that is self-limiting and transient, and of course leads to no consequence in a lot of people. So the primary pathogen of Covid illness is actually the spike protein. Spike protein is what leads to all the mortality and morbidity in Covid illness. So coronavirus is just a vector. It’s a vector that brings spike protein into your body and exposes you to that allergen, just like vaccine is a vector for spike protein. So we are dealing with two vectors.”

1:13:22 – Dr. Chetty is of the opinion that spike protein is likely to be “the most well engineered human poison ever made. And that’s what it looks like.” When he looks around the world at what is going on with mandating vaccines, he sees it as “a global mass poisoning.”

He also regards the mRNA vaccines as inappropriate science. The first principal of medicine is “do not harm,” and Dr. Chetty sees that when a vaccine does pose a risk to a patient, he has to weigh that risk up against the benefits it might provide that patient. But he says,

“Quite frankly with early treatment, no one is really at risk. If you do not treat, then everyone is at risk.”

Regarding comorbidities, he said that they play a part in the recovery from the illness, not in the pathology of the illness itself.

1:17:10 – A vaccine either stops infection and transmission, or it doesn’t. Stopping infection and transmission is what gives a vaccine its group benefit. If the claim is made that it reduces infection and transmission, this is dubious. Since Pfizer has acknowledged that its vaccine does not stop infection or transmission, it means they have not proven a group benefit to their vaccination. Saying that it reduces severe illness and death is a therapeutic benefit only for an individual.

Unless there is a group benefit for a vaccine, there is no sense in mandating it for a group because you haven’t shown any group benefit.

1:26:00 – Racial bias. Of special interest, Dr. Chetty noted that in first wave of Covid, he had not a single white person or Indian – only black. In the second wave there were mostly Indian patients – Indian origin not the Moslem community. [The second wave in India was the most deadly]. The third wave impacted primarily the Moslem community and the white community was also affected. So it seemed like the different variants had an ethnic component.

1:28:05 – “We are dealing with a well-engineered virus and a mandated vaccine… I would say that the person that made the virus, is the same person that made the vaccine, and they understand full well what the effects are going to be.  Remember that when you engineer a virus, you don’t only have to engineer it effects, you can also engineer in a pattern of mutation. And so after so every so many cycles, the virus would change or mutate according to pre-determined parameters. So the mutations affecting different subsets of community might have been pre-planned. This might be a kind of ethnic cleansing in that different variants have a propensity for different populations.”

1:31:10 – “With Omicron we have 50 mutations in spike protein and nothing leading up to it.” Usually with mutations we have one at a time, so this is highly unusual…

1:32:30 – Dr. Chetty expressed the need for caution with Omicron. Omicron might be another man-made variant, and “if that is so, then I guess we’ve got to try and understand what the long term effect of that is going to be.  So with a milder variant, we might drop our guard and allow it to spread worldwide, but we might in a few month’s time realise the gravity of an Omicron infection. My concern is that there’s been some mutation in the furin cleavage site of this new variant, and that might give it the propensity to spread into different tissues, and more importantly breach the blood-brain barrier. And if that occurs, I would expect to see neurologic effects. But those neurologic effects might be deferred. They might only become clinically apparent a few months down the line. And so we need to be very cautious about this being a mild variant, or classifying it as a mild variant. We’ve got to understand the entire ambit of what this new type of spike protein can actually do. And so I think caution is always warranted…” 

1:34:15 – From this perspective Dr. Chetty examined his Omicron patients very carefully. The headaches they presented are atypical. Patients complain of this vibrating sensation in their head with the headache. Some patients have strange visual symptoms – the sensation of a fan blowing on their eyes. We need to be cautious, Dr. Chetty stressed, “We are dealing with an engineered pathogen here and we need to keep our eyes open.”

1:36:00 – Hypersensitivity has been conclusively proven… Risk stratification tool could use immunoglobulin E sub-type for spike protein… We need to be cautious about mixing the vaccines.

1:41:10 – The unvaccinated will develop a robust response to the Omicron variant, which would hold them in good stead in the future. However, those patients that are vaccinated, were they infected before or not? We know that the vaccine damages your immunity, and so the question that needs to be asked is, ‘Do vaccinated patients, when they are exposed to a natural infection, have the ability to develop a robust, broad, natural response, and if not, are they going to be the subset of population that are going to be prone to reinfections?’ Because, developing a vaccine that gives you a non-neutralising antibody response is almost a distraction to a good immune response. So when you are in contact with the virus, your immunity looks out and sees that you have soldiers fighting this, even though it does not recognise that the soldiers are ineffective, and because it thinks you are fighting the virus, it won’t mount a full robust response. And so vaccinated people may be compromised in our aim to get to herd immunity. And I think that’s a big issue… And that’s the reason of the pandemic of the vaccinated. Besides the side effects we see, they might be the subset of the population that leads to the perpetuation of this virus. In any event, coronavirus will become endemic…and we’ll never eliminate it from our environment.

1:44:44 – “This is the issue as well – the fact that I understood on the eighth day that we were having hypersensitivity, and the fact that the rest of the world was chasing a virus. That tells me that very few people on the planet actually understand the immune response to a natural coronavirus infection. And that is where we failed in trying to treat this. Now if we do not understand the body’s natural response to the virus, what right do we have to influence the immune response of a planet through a vaccination program? We are running blind with that; it makes no sense at all.”

Dr. Chetty feels that the problem has arisen because science has gone in the wrong direction during the past fifty years because it has been too greatly influenced by finance. Scientific discovery is stifled by Big Pharma itself.

“Doctors have been well-trained by the pharmaceutical industry over the past fifty years on how to shine shit, and that’s what they tend to do.”

1:49:10 – The spike protein is what is going to cause all the pathology of what Dr. Chetty expects to see over the next five years. “The understanding of the spike protein and how to negate its effects is going to take centre stage whether we like it or not” because the vaccinated are now the new vectors of the spike protein. Dr. Chetty said, “The vaccinated are now the new coronavirus that’s exposing us to spike protein. And so we are going to have this long-term exposure and the understanding of its biologic effects short term and long term is vitally important. The diversity of what we see with spike protein is mind boggling. I don’t think that there will ever be a pharmaceutical intervention that’s going to solve this problem, simply because pharmaceutical interventions are far too narrow in their target. The diversity of injury that we see requires products or chemicals that have a broader diversity of action and give the body the ability to self-correct. I as a doctor would not be quick enough to tell you what’s wrong with you when there’s this diversity of things happening in your body, but I’m sure your body knows what’s wrong. So the nutraceuticals are going to prove to be the next big thing in that if we understand their biologic effects, and how they will influence the pathways that spike protein damages, they would be the next best thing in trying to solve the problems of spike protein.”

Dr. Chetty understands that this is a difficult task because if the poisoner realises that we can fix his poison, then he might change the poison.


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