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Exposed: Hunter and Joe Biden’s Corrupt Dealings in Ukraine

We ignore the Hunter Biden laptop story at our peril. It may be one of those threads that if pulled, could unravel the whole tapestry of evil woven to hide those who conspired to assassinate President Kennedy, the evil acts leading to it and following in its wake, billions of dollars laundered from illegal drugs from China, and the corruption of America’s justice system. Photo

By Juliet Bonnay
25 March 2022, Updated 23 June 2023

Millions of dollars of Pregerson’s laundered cocaine money went to Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in Wash., D.C. Harry Pregerson was then elevated to the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court, Stephen Reinhardt at the same time was also confirmed to the Appeals Court and Marianna Pfaelzer was confirmed as a District Court Judge. ~ From Det. Sgt. Gary Wean’s first hand investigations into drug trafficking in L.A. revealed in his Notices and Reports to the People, p. 354

And so began the troubles in California, with corruption rife in the justice system to cover up the billion-dollar drug trade with China. Joe Biden has played a corrupt hand for decades in destroying America by taking a cut in these lucrative drug deals, continuing this same wheeling and dealing in Ukraine. And now the serious nature of the ignored Hunter Biden laptop story not only threatens to expose his son’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine, but his own.

The role Joe Biden played as U.S. Vice President in the 2014 Ukrainian Coup is revealed in Oliver Stone’s documentary Ukraine on Fire. Instead of ‘bringing democracy’ to the country, a Nazi faction was introduced to the US-installed puppet government and threw the whole country into chaos and bloodshed, causing it to spiral into poverty after oligarchs and corrupt politicians milked it of billions of dollars.

A huge cover-up is presently underway to hide the truth from the world of what is happening in Ukraine, and the history leading to this war. Ukraine on Fire disappeared from my website, and now even the trailer has gone. After a search I managed to embed the documentary from Bitchute. (It is worth watching as it also goes into the history of Ukraine’s strategic importance as the dividing country between East and West.) I studied the coup extensively while it was in progress, and many of the videos I saved have now disappeared. So this should raise many red flags. It should also prompt us to ask: What exactly is being covered up, and why?

This is especially relevant in light of the fact that a Ukrainian press conference was held on 27 December 2020 to reveal the Bidens’ corruption in Ukraine (see video below), and the person hosting it was sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department the week prior to the conference – at the request of Democratic Senators. The purpose of the press conference was to have the stolen billions of dollars returned to the Ukrainian people. The host also pointed out: “DemoCorruptionists are very afraid because documents, numbers and shocking recordings support every word that we will voice today.” Facts are revealed by investigative journalists as well as people who have information about corruption schemes, and witnesses who are directly involved in a number of the processes.

“With each new fact, a new entry, new posting of accounts, we are convinced that external governance and international corruption are Siamese twins with many faces of senior government officials, oligarchs, schemers and many other actors who steal from the Ukrainian people.” (1:15 of video)

And this is why President Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr, refused to talk with him about the contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop in the lead up to the 2020 election, and why the media was silent about it and buried the scandal the New York Post revealed about the emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, left at a repair shop in Delaware. Now The New York Times has quietly admitted that the emails recovered from Hunter’s abandoned MacBook are authentic.

In his new book, One Damn Thing After Another, Barr brags about confronting President Trump about Hunter’s laptop – by yelling at him when he asked about it.

‘Mr. President, I can’t talk about that, and I am not going to,’ Barr said he told Trump.

Trump, in turn, was displeased with his tone.

Barr said he asked Trump to consider if the laptop had belonged to one of his five kids.

‘You know, if that was one of my kids …’ Trump began, according to the book.

Barr then cut him off.

‘Dammit, Mr. President, I am not going to talk to you about Hunter Biden. Period,’ Barr said. [1]

The shocking truth of the matter is this: over the decades, beginning in his position as George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General – if not before, Barr became very adept at covering up one damn criminal act after another, which exposes how deeply mired he is in the swamp Trump said he wanted to drain. And it is much worse than anyone could imagine.

“It is treason for personal gain,” said John Flynn, currently running for the U.S. Senate, about what was revealed in the above press conference. In the following video he recommends that every watch it.

What is Covered in the Conference and Some Extracts

1. Evidence of withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to the Biden family. This involved transactions between Mykola Zlochevsky, Barisma Holdings Ltd., Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, and PrivatBank in Latvia.

This is how the scheme of theft of money and the transfer through offshore companies to Biden’s companies looks like.

2. New recordings of conversations between the persons who appear to be the fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and former US Vice President, Joe Biden, testifying to external governance.

3. The colossal corruption schemes related to the procurement of coal and gas, due to which Ukrainians pay 30% higher tariffs. At that time the highest officials of Ukraine and the United States participated in these schemes.

4. The facts are presented for embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of technical assistance provided to Ukraine by the U.S. state, as well as evidence of deliberate sabotage of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

Below, Joe Biden brags about how he bribed President Poroshenko to fire Viktor Shokin, head of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Why did Biden want Shokin fired? Noted in the press conference:

Joe Biden faced the threat of losing a stable income from Zlochevsky, and in fact, from Ukrainian citizens, when the Prosecutor General’s Office, headed by Viktor Shokin, initiated criminal proceedings against Burisma and in relation to the theft of money from Ukrainians.

They got close to Biden so tightly that in order to save the fee from Zlochevsky, he promised Poroshenko 1 billion in loan guarantees.

Once again.

For the sake of his own profit, Biden disposed of someone else’s 1 billion, which Poroshenko gladly accepted and used through his Bogdan Corporation and Kuznya On Rybalsky Plant. And in return, he fired Shokin.

In May 2020 the New York Times released the following video recording of former Vice President Biden and former President Poroshenko talking about the firing of Shokin, and Biden assuring President Poroshenko that he would now get his $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Quoting from the press conference transcript:

Evidence of the withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people with their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to the Biden family.

At one of the first press conferences about a year ago, we showed bank transactions for hundreds of thousands of dollars to the family of former US Vice President Joe Biden, namely to his son Robert Hunter Biden. The latter was a member of the board of directors of the infamous gas production company Burisma.

Burisma belongs to the fugitive Yanukovych-era minister Mykola Zlochevsky.

The inclusion of Biden in the Burisma leadership and payment for his services is nothing more than a political cover that protected Zlochevsky from the Ukrainian law, namely from the criminal code.

Refer to above chart to see the scheme of theft through companies.

Konstantyn Kulyk, the Head of the Group of Prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine for investigating economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime in 2016-2019, introduces a video of two witnesses he calls Witness 1 and Witness 2. Below is a partial transcript from Witness 1, describing in detail the corruption scheme of laundering millions of dollars stolen by Zlochevsky from the Ukrainians with the subsequent withdrawal of these millions to the accounts of the company belonging to Bidens.

In Ukraine, Mykola Zlochevsky had a lot of “black cash” – unaccounted cash in the Ukrainian hryvnia hidden from taxes. We are talking about an amount of up to $10 million dollars per month. This cash was constantly converted to non-cash money and transferred to the accounts of shell companies under the guise of various invented contracts and services.

We controlled this process. We also organized fictitious foreign economic contracts, which never had a real performance, between these companies and the accounts of WIRELOGIC TECHNOLOGYT A.S. and DIGITEX ORGANIZATION LLP. I was in contact with a person from Burisma Holding – ZZZ, who acted as a manager.

What happened next? They gave technical instructions on what amounts to withdraw from Ukraine and for what purposes to spend it, and also invent invoices and other documents if necessary. There was also a person among us who, as necessary, contacted Mykola Zlochevsky on these issues directly.

I know that these payments were made between November 2014 and October 2015, and I noticed strange occurring amounts. In US dollars. Which were paid in the amount of 83,333.33 US dollars.

Not an even amount, yes. Transferred from BURISMA HOLDINGS LTD to ROSEMONT SENECA BOHAI LLC. First of all, I noticed that these were some strange, uneven amounts. Secondly, they were repeated; there were about 20 payments. That is, there were a lot of them. And it was all about consulting fees. It was as if there was some kind of large payment, split into unequal parts that would not attract the attention of the bank [to me it looks like a large amount divided by three, which would equal a $250.000 payment].

“What do we have in the end?” asks Konstantyn Kulyk. “The Biden family provided political cover for Zlochevsky for the money he stole from the Ukrainians in the amount of at least $4.3 million.” He notes that ROSEMONT SENECA, according to witness’s statements, is closely related to Biden.

Summarizing the witness testimonies he noted:

In addition, €242,885 were transferred in the period from December 2014 to August 2015 from Burisma Holding account controlled by Zlochevsky to the account of Alan Apter, the member of the Burisma board, in CITIBANK N.A. for consulting services also.

And in the period from December 2014 to August 2015 €1,000,000 were transferred to the account of the member of the board of Burisma – Aleksander Kwasniewski in the Polish PKO BANK POLSKI SA for consulting services.


This is a payment for the political “cover” that Biden provided to Zlochevsky.

However, Kulyk says that these are “only part of the payments for a short period, confirmed with documents by the witnesses,” confirmed also by reports from the Financial Intelligence Units of Latvia, Cyprus and Ukraine, which were posted on the NABU-leaks website (now deleted).

When Kylyk asks how much was paid to security officials, tax officials, lobbyists and how much was stolen, he estimates the amount is tens of millions of dollars. He added:

“Surprisingly, the Office of Foreign Assets Control is aware of these facts. Still, the laundered money is not blocked, and the US authorities are not investigating it. Besides, the investigation of these facts in Ukraine is completely blocked.”

It should be clear to many of us by now that certain forces in the world have a vested interest in we, the people, not learning the truth about the massive corruption that has been going on behind the scenes for a over a hundred years or more. We should no longer trust mainstream media to report honestly and in depth about this corruption, for they are part of it. The fact that social media is extensively blocked regarding breaking stories like this tells us we each need to do our own research and keep digging, looking for all the clues we can find that lead us to the truth in all matters. Too much is at stake and we can no longer afford to remain asleep at the wheel.


[1] Joe Hoft, Turncoat Deep Stater Bill Barr Yelled at President Trump About Concerns with Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Did Nothing, 23 March 2022

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