Ukraine: News on the Ground from Russell Bentley (Videos)

Russell Bentley, an American who left a comfortable life in Texas to fight with the ‘rebels’ in the Donetsk People’s Republic nearly eight years ago, did so because he believed that it was wrong for America to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically elected President Yanukovych in 2014 and then wage war on the mostly Russian population living in Eastern Ukraine. Over the years he has given frequent updates on what is happening on the ground in war-torn Donetsk. Screenshot.

By Juliet Bonnay
6 March 2022 Updated 10 March 2022

The intensity of the attacks on Russia are breath-taking. The false and twisted reports are finding new highs of dishonesty, and the range of items assembled to “punish” Russia would have been beyond the limits of my imagination only a week ago. Looking at the entire landscape, it is obvious this is all being tightly orchestrated from a central source, the usual suspects who benefit most from all wars, but it is astonishing to see how wildly they are grasping and how useless many of their actions must be. There seems almost a desperation to inflict pain, no matter how trivial, and to give the impression of an international consensus of inflicting pain. Some of the Western actions are serious, some almost comical, and others absolutely ridiculous… The main thread through all of it is the intensity of the attacks and the lies being told.
~ Larry Romanoff, Ukraine: Putin, the Pope, and Wayne Gretzky

We should know by now that the first causality of war is truth, so we should not be surprised by this. But the level of vitriol and absurdity is simply breathtaking. Since Russia has supposedly been “the enemy” for my entire life, I was grateful for what I learned about the 2014 U.S. coup in Ukraine, for by following my curiosity to see what was really happening there, I stumbled upon a number of startling truths that totally destroyed my world view, revealing that those who control the West and pull its strings like a puppet, are corrupt beyond imagination.

I also stumbled across an American, Russell (Texas) Bentley who also understood this. He was so disturbed by the genocide he saw unfolding in Eastern Ukraine that he went there to fight with the so-called rebels against the Nazis and Ukrainian army who were tasked with clearing the ‘undesirable’ and ‘superfluous’ Russians from the land to make it safe for the Dutch company, Shell, to start oil exploration and fracking in Donbas. After four months of fighting in Donbas, Bentley gave a first hand account of what he was experiencing on the ground. Scroll down for his latest interview of what is happening in Donbas, recorded on 5 March. Bentley’s YouTube channel has now been suspended. As we should thoroughly know by now, truth is the first victim of war.

The evil plans for the Russians in Eastern Ukraine, and I can only call them evil, is revealed in the following video that “there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated” – about 1.5 million of them. That is what the people from Donbas were up against, and one of the reasons why Putin has now decided that it is time to end this eight-year-long bloodbath of destruction. Also see my post ‘TechCamp’ Used To Ignite Civil War in Ukraine, which shows that the civil war in the east was planned in 2013, months before the so-called ‘revolution’ began.

So let’s find out some truth about what is actually happening on the ground in Eastern Ukraine from Bentley, who has now been in the Donetsk People’s Republic for nearly eight years, and is intimately familiar with what is happening in and around Donetsk, where he lives and has reported from in the last few days. (See map below for reference.)

This interview was conducted by Regis Tremblay on 5 March 2022. You can get updates at his Bitchute channel, or from YouTube.

In reference as to why the ceasefire is not working in Mariupol to allow the civilians to leave, there have been numerous reports that the Nazi Batallion, Azov, that has been embedded there since the coup in 2014, is shooting any civilians who try to leave. Warning: the following video is graphic and may disturb some people.

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