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The Day a Dream to Find a Cure for Cancer Died

Judyth Vary Baker’s dream was to find a cure for cancer. Where it led her enters the realm of nightmares.

Juliet Bonnay
28 April 2022, updated 5 May 2022

As a young teenager, Judith Vary Baker developed a driving ambition to find a cure for cancer while watching her grandmother slowly die of breast cancer. But what caused this future science star to abruptly abandon her dream at the age of twenty enters the realm of nightmares and exposes a causative factor in an epidemic of soft tissue cancers that should alarm us all.

Baker became an award-winning science student who had conducted her own research into the connection between smoking and lung cancer in a makeshift laboratory at her high school in Bradenton, Florida. Determined to learn all she could about cancer, she gate-crashed the American Cancer Society’s Science Writers’ Seminar in St Petersburg in the spring of 1961. Her presence set off a flurry of whispering. Just as a police officer arrived to escort her from the room she was rescued by Dr. Harold Diehl, the Senior Vice President of Research for the American Cancer Society. Questioned during the next break about why she was there, she told her startled audience that she had induced lung cancer in mice in seven days.

Baker’s claim was highly improbable. Dr. Diehl told told her that “only a select number of very sophisticated research laboratories in the country were able to give cancer to mice” and Baker’s claim of ‘seven days’ was “faster than those laboratories had ever accomplished.” [1] However when Baker showed Dr. Diehl her research notes, he was so stunned he contacted Dr. Alton Ochsner, a former head the American Cancer Society, and famous for first linking cancer to smoking.

Dr. Ochsner flew to St. Petersburg to meet Judyth on the last day of the conference, and together with Drs Diehl and Urey (who ran the U.S. Government’s “Manhattan Project”) drove Baker back to her high school to look further into her research. There they discovered in her lab with hundreds of caged mice under the school’s stadium, that she had used radiation to induce the fast growing cancers. However to Baker’s dismay, they ordered her to close down her lab because of the dangers of working with radiation. She was “playing with fire,” they said. To offset her disappointment, they offered her fast-track training at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York for that summer in 1961.

It was at Roswell Park that Baker learned to work with the SV40 (Simian Virus 40 – the DNA monkey virus that Dr. Bernice Eddy discovered had contaminated the Salk polio vaccine and caused cancer in her hamsters). However, Baker didn’t know about this at the time. At Roswell she attended seminars by Dr. A. Edward Mirand who, in 1963, would co-author a medical article entitled Human Susceptibility to a Simian Tumor Virus. Baker wrote:

The public knew little about these matters at the time, but the cancer researchers of the day were well-informed about the potential dangers…and consequences. They all knew that there was at least one cancer-causing monkey virus in the polio vaccine, possibly more. The critical question was: Did SV40 cause cancer in humans? [2]

In the spring of 1963, Baker was about to turn twenty and get married when Dr. Ochsner offered her an internship with Dr. Mary Sherman over the summer – a huge step towards Baker realising her dream. Not only was Dr. Sherman a world-class medical doctor, orthopedic surgeon, and a professor, she was the head of cancer research at Ochsner’s New Orleans clinic. Unbeknown to Baker at the time, it was because of her training in handling the Simian Virus 40, along with what Ochsner called her “serendipity,” that she was invited to work with Dr Mary, after which Ochsner promised to sponsor her to attend Tulane Medical School in the fall.

But not all was as it seemed. After she arrived in New Orleans Baker soon found herself caught in a web of intrigue with the very same people Jim Garrison investigated for his 1969 Kennedy assassination trial, where Clay Shaw was indicted for conspiring to assassinate President Kennedy. By then, the other ‘conspirators’ were dead, including David (Dave) Ferrie. Lee Oswald, who had helped Baker find accommodation and was showing her around New Orleans, had introduced her to him. Ferrie said he needed urgent help with the cancer research he was doing in the lab he had set up in his apartment. He tried to impress upon her how serious this was, saying, “We have to get Castro soon, or it will be too late. If we don’t kill him soon, everything will be lost.”

Baker had no idea to what he was referring. Neither did she know that Oswald would become her CIA handler.

When the time came for Baker to meet Dr. Mary Sherman, Dr Mary invited her to lunch – along with Dave Ferrie, who began their strange conversation by discussing a newspaper story about experiments conducted by Dr. Robert Heath (left) on human brains at Tulane University. Dave ended on a chilling note: “Who knows what kind of mind control could be exerted over a brain twenty or thirty years from now?”

Dr Mary quipped that she doubted the public would ever have a clue, after all, they had no idea they were getting a cancer-causing monkey virus in their polio vaccines.

The shock of such an unexpected statement indelibly imprinted itself on Judyth Vary Baker’s brain, for she wrote about this lunch meeting in Me and Lee, a book about how she met and fell in love with Lee Harvey Oswald (yes, the accused assassin of JFK), and the work they did in New Orleans together on a cancer-causing bio-weapon to kill Castro. The following is an excerpt from her book: [3]

Dr. Mary went on to explain that she and a few others had privately protested the marketing of the SV40 contaminated polio vaccine, but to no avail. The government continued to allow the distribution of millions of doses of the contaminated vaccine in America and abroad. She said she was told that the new batches of the vaccine would be free of the cancerous virus, but privately she doubted it, noting that the huge stockpile of vaccines she knew were contaminated had not been recalled. To recall them would damage the public’s confidence, she explained…

“The government is hiding these facts from the public,” David said, “so they won’t panic and refuse to take vaccines. But is it right?” Don’t people have the right to be told a contaminant causes cancer in a variety of animals? Instead they show you pictures in the newspaper of fashion models sipping the stuff to make you feel it’s safe.”

Caption on newspaper article: “With cups lifted to the success of the Sabin oral polio vaccine campaign are these three New Orleans physicians. From left are Dr. Philip H. J., Dr. William R., and Dr Thomas E. F. They were among volunteers handling assignments Sunday at NO Police Headquarters…”

My mind raced. This was 1963. They had been distributing contaminated vaccines since 1955: eight years. Over a hundred million doses… Even I had received it…

Dr Mary said she had received threatening phone calls, so she had given up protesting publicly. Instead, she and Dr. Ochsner started working privately on ways to fix the problem. Together they tackled the world of cancer-causing monkey viruses to see if they could figure out how to diffuse them. For the past few years they had been subjecting these monkey viruses to radiation in order to alter them into a benign form.

“We’re not quite sure what we have on our hands now,” Dr. Mary said. Our work altering the simian viruses led to the development of some rare and potent cancer strains that seem facilitated by their presence.”

It was here that the conversation took an unexpected turn for Baker, as Dr Mary continued…

“But we may have hit upon a viable means to eliminate Fidel Castro by what will appear to be wholly natural causes, “ she said.

“No more poison pills, bazookas or exploding cigars,” Dave said. “The Beard is onto all that. Everything’s been tried.”

Let’s pause here for a moment. A couple of burning questions need to be asked: How many people suffered with and/or died of cancer because of this cancer causing monkey virus, and how did it get into the polio vaccines in the first place?

Attenuated or weakened viruses used in vaccines are often grown in animal tissues (in this case rhesus monkey kidneys), which contain many unknown viruses. While these viruses do not cause problems for their hosts, they can cause problems when injected into humans. In his book Dr. Mary’s Monkey, Ed Haslam presents several statistical charts and graphs (pp. 210-216) that provide a provocative statistical case that the monkey viruses were behind a high growth in soft tissue cancers: lung, breast, prostate, lymphoma, and melanoma of the skin.

Haslam explained that during research in 1957 a cancer causing polyoma virus (SV-40) was found to contaminate the polio vaccines, and “by 1959 the government knew it had a problem. Vice president Nixon knew he had a problem.” Further he wrote:

Nixon had been given the task of rebuilding NIH in 1955, after the disastrous introduction of Salk’s polio vaccine had killed dozens of children and given others polio. He had signed off on Sabin’s new polio vaccine. In fact, in terms of domestic causalities, he was holding the bag for the biggest problem in the nation. It threatened to destroy the careers and reputations of everyone involved. The legal liabilities were astronomical. The political consequences were incalculable. It would have been the most politically sensitive secret in America. They had to do something about it, and whatever they did had to be kept super-secret. Disclosure was unacceptable.

This was the mess JFK inherited in January, 1961 when he became president.

Because of Dr. Mary’s unexpected outcomes experimenting with a little known linear particle accelerator to radiate the virus in an attempt to make it mutate and become less lethal, it led into what became “The Project” to develop a cancer-causing bio-weapon to kill Castro.

So in the summer of 1963 in New Orleans, Judyth Vary Baker was co-opted to work with Dr Mary on ‘The Project’ in a secret laboratory in Dave Ferrie’s apartment. They had two problems where Baker’s unconventional thinking and ‘serendipity’ could help them. The first was that they had not yet been able to effect a cross-species transfer, and the second problem was that to kill a human they would need to inject a pint of cancer cells. Ochsner had quipped during his meeting with Baker, “Nobody could get away with injecting Fidel Castro with a pint of anything.” [4]

Working in Ferrie’s apartment, it became Baker’s job to euthanize the mice, remove the most virulent tumors and put them through various processes while making slides and notes, and give them to Dr. Mary for radiation treatment. This toxic mix was then injected into a new batch of mice, beginning a new tumor harvesting process and so on until a degree of lethality was reached where they could experiment on other mammals, then monkeys, and finally humans. The aim was to create a lethal cancer bio-weopon to kill Castro within the shortest time possible.

Towards the end of the critical work on the Project there was a ghastly day where Ferrie, Sherman, Oswald and Baker all worked together racing against time in Ferrie’s apartment harvesting the tumors from four hundred mice. Oswald went green from the putrid smell that the fans could not suck out with the heat. Baker had had enough of killing mice, and Dave made it worse by referring to them as “the saddest, most tormented little creatures he had ever seen,” who had “fought so hard for their lousy little threads of life, only to be gassed to death.”

This upset Baker who shot back, “…to think that we’re trying to give Castro the same thing! It’s just plain evil, Dave.” But Dave quickly gave her a reality check:

“Get this straight, chickadee,” he snapped. “This is about Kennedy, not Castro. Kennedy is surrounded by his enemies. He can do nothing right in their eyes. And he’s gonna’ die, unless we can stop it.”

Dave threw his cigarette out the window and lit another one.

“Listen,” he went on. “You’d better know what your boy Lee, here, is up against; and me, too. We’re risking our lives to get this stuff into Cuba. Yes, we’re saying we want to help them take out JFK, and they believe us. If that son-of-a-bitch Castro is eliminated, we might save more than Kennedy. We might save the whole God-damned country from becoming a fascist nation.” [5]

At this point, Baker was in too deep to get out of this deeply troubling situation without putting her life at risk. That night, neither Lee nor Judyth could wash off the putrid smell of cancer, and when Oswald went to see Baker after a long soak in a tub, she noticed how pale and grief-stricken he looked. He complained that he couldn’t get clean even if he stayed in the tub all night, and that when he closed his eyes, all he could see was cancer. During the distressed discussion that followed, Oswald finally said,

“I’m going to confide in you… I am going to trust you, I’ve done that with no one. I tell you this: They want to assassinate Kennedy in Florida, or Texas. They’ll show what happens to someone who doesn’t play their game.”

“Dave was right. If Kennedy dies, a new system of government will take over. It will exist to generate profit; mostly by waging wars that will not result in clear victories…” [6]

At this point in the Project, they had crossed the species barrier. The marmoset monkeys were dying of cancer from the tumors harvested in the mice and altered by radiation. Not only that, but the controls were dying as well, which presented the possibility that the cancer was now also contagious. They had created a galloping cancer.

Baker remained concerned about working on the Project, and asked Oswald what they would do with the bio-weapon if they get Castro. Oswald answered that it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Baker told him that the weapon could be frozen for years and used by anyone who had access to it at some point in the future. It was then Baker asked herself:

“How had my dream to cure cancer gone so wrong?” [7]

Finally she was able to answer the question scientists had begun to ask: Did SV40 cause cancer in humans? Yes, it could. Baker performed the blood tests herself on a ‘volunteer’ prisoner who had been injected with the lethal cocktail they had made. The cancer cocktail could kill a person in just 28 days.

Baker knew what they were doing was wrong. She wrote a note to Dr. Ochsner protesting against using human ‘volunteers’ as guinea pigs. When the Project was complete, he retaliated by dismissing her in an expletive-laden tirade.

Lee Harvey Oswald went to Mexico to deliver the lethal cocktail to someone they had lined up to take it to Cuba in an attempt to kill Castro. However something went wrong and the contact didn’t show. Oswald then tried to get an urgent visa to go to Cuba and take it there himself. This was the real mystery behind Oswald’s presence in Mexico that has teased JFK assassination writers and others for years.

After JFK was assassinated and Oswald was arrested, Baker’s phone call with Ferrie was distraught. Ferrie broke down and cried at the hopelessness of the situation. He warned her that if she wanted to stay alive it was “time to go into the catacombs.” Ferrie didn’t want to lose her too, and he warned her to keep her mouth shut, promising that if there was any chance to save Oswald, they would get him out of there. When the unspeakable happened Ferrie called one last time and told her they would never speak with each other again, for their own safety. He warned Baker that from then on she must be a “vanilla girl,” keep her head down and “forget about being a science star. Forever!”

The following year, in July 1964, Dr Mary was found brutally murdered the day before the Warren Commission arrived in New Orleans to begin interviewing witnesses. As already mentioned, Dave Ferrie died days before the Jim Garrison trial. Garrison never believed it was a suicide as claimed. As for Clay Shaw, he was the person who drove Ferrie and Oswald to Jackson where Ferrie would inject the ‘human guinea pig(s)’ with the cancer cocktail. [8]

In the video below Ed Haslam talks about how his investigations into the cold case murder of Dr. Mary Sherman led right into the contaminated polio vaccine, the bio-weapon project, and then the Kennedy assassination, which he wrote about in his book, Dr Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics.

Lee Harvey Oswald was what he said he was: a patsy. Garrison knew that he never fired a shot on the day that President Kennedy died.

As for being a “vanilla girl,” Baker is no “vanilla girl” now, and her story needs to be taken seriously and spread far and wide.


What I have exposed here may seem unbelievable – especially if you trust that rigorous studies are carried out to make sure vaccines are completely safe. But what if the truth had come out about the SV40 contaminated polio vaccines, that they weren’t recalled, and that the CIA had turned SV40 into a bio-weapon to kill Castro? What then? Would we be where we are today with the experimental mRNA injections that are killing tens of thousands of people and injuring millions more? Although some vaccines can save lives, we now have evidence that they can also destroy lives in higher numbers than we may care to know about, and that our governments are adept in covering up what they do not want the people to know. Robert Kennedy Jr. reported that:

Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously. In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.

In the U.S. alone as of 4 March 2019, the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund has paid out $4,061,322,557.08 for vaccine injuries. This comes out of taxes paid by the people. In the video below, Edward Dowd, a former Blackrock portfolio manager, informs us that the numbers of millennials who died in the summer and fall of 2021 after booster shots of the supposed cure of a deadly virus, is greater than the numbers of Americans who died in the Vietnam War. While it took ten years to kill off 58,000 Americans in Vietnam [9], it took just six months to kill off 61,000 military age people in the U.S. [the excess deaths over the normal death rate]. Dowd said, “Basically, the millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021.” He called it what it is: “democide” – death by government [mandates].


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