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A Freudian Slip? Boris Johnson Thanks Putin for ‘Inspirational Leadership’

Screenshot: Boris Johnson in parliament on 22 September thanking Putin for his “inspirational leadership.”

By Juliet Bonnay
27 September 2022

During a debate in the House of Commons on Thursday, former Primer Minister Boris Johnson thanked the “heroism of the Ukrainian armed forces” – thanks in part to the weapons the UK was offering and sending – before also blurting out, “Thanks also, of course, to the inspirational leadership of Vladimir Putin…”


Of course he corrected himself amid awkward stuttering and said, “inspirational leadership of Volodymyr Zelensky, forgive me…”

It not only brought a smile to some faces in the rather stuffy parliamentary setting where members sit jammed together like sardines in a can, it also brought a smile to mine as one buffoon praised upon another of his ilk.

Maybe this war brought out a serious side never before seen in Zelensky, but keep in mind that he is an actor who, for a price, can play many roles a situation may demand of him. Prior to becoming Ukraine’s president, his raunchy comedy acts on stage belied any possibility that he could provide ‘inspirational leadership’ for anything other than the moral decline of his country, as the videos below attest.

One must wonder, therefore, if there is a serious side to Boris Johnson that he is perhaps not paid to show and, during this unconscious moment in question when he praised Vladimir Putin, it slipped out because it no longer wants to be contained? What if he regrets his partying at No. 10 Downing Street and his own indiscreet behavior that saw his role as UK’s Prime Minister wrenched from his buffoonish grasp? What if, instead, he had shown a serious side of his nature by displaying timely ‘inspirational leadership’ by pointing out and questioning the moral decline in the West that includes anti-religious policies, pedophilia, gender confusion, the tyranny of the minority, and the profound destruction of human dignity – as Putin did back in 2013 just before all hell broke loose during the US sponsored coup in Ukraine in February of 2014, when a murderous CIA-trained sleeper cell of Nazis in the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine (the Nachtigall, or Nightingale [1]) was unleashed upon the Russian population in the south east of Ukraine to begin a civil war?

What if we all took notice of Putin’s 2013 remarks and began to question what is really going on behind the scenes of this destructive woke ideology that is dividing Western societies and leaving them ripe for conquering?

What if Boris Johnson had even dared to question what or who was really behind the Ukrainian war? Perhaps Johnson, like Zelensky, is just another controlled puppet, albeit of the buffoon type, meant to hide the strings pulled by those in secret places who want war against Russia.

Igor Kolomoisky (also Kolomoysky). Unknown.

“If I put on glasses and look at myself like the whole rest of the world, I see myself as a monster, as a puppet master, as the master of Zelensky, someone making apocalyptic plans. I can start making this real.” ~ Ihor (Igor) Kolomoisky (also Kolomoysky), New York Times, November 2019.

Igor Kolomoisky is an oligarch and duel citizen of Israel and Ukraine – a banking, energy and media tycoon who now lives in Switzerland. He was governor of the industrial region of Dnipropetrovsk in south-eastern Ukraine, just northeast of Donetsk, the heart of the war zone, between March 2014 and March 2015. He also arms and finances militia groups and volunteer battalions to fight against the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. One could ask, “Who pulls Kolomoisky’s strings?” in his personal vendetta against Russia.

By turning Ukraine into a failed state, the so-called ‘global elites’ can attack this “soft underbelly” of Russia and take control of Eurasia…and the world. Not only that, they can take control of the resource-rich area of the Caspian Sea basin. In his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostratic Imperatives, 1997), Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter who led Russia into the Afghan trap) spells out clearly what American objectives are in the region:

[America is] clearly interested not only in developing the region’s resources but also in preventing Russia from exclusively dominating the region’s geopolitical space. In so doing, America is not only pursuing its larger Eurasian geostrategic goals but is also representing its own growing economic interest, as well as that of Europe and the Far East, in gaining unlimited access to this hitherto closed area. [p.139]

In other words, they want to control Russia and rob it blind of its resources. Brzezinski then had the gall to write:

[T]hey know that whoever either controls or dominates access to the region is the one most likely to win the geopolitical and economic prize. [p. 140]

And this is why NATO has expanded east right up to Russia’s borders. This was part of Brzezinski’s grand geostratic plan, fueled by a Pole’s hatred of Russia. And then the Neocons picked up the ball and ran with it in their Project for a New American Century think tank plan to make the twenty-first century America’s own. Victoria (“F*ck the EU) Nuland, as Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, was a main player in the game to stage the 2014 coup in Ukraine – an investment of over $5 billion (7:42) – to strike at Russia’s “soft underbelly,” as Brzenski called it. Nuland is married to Robert Kagan, one of the founders of the think tank, along with William (bill) Kristol. The Neocons unleashed a new generation of Nazis in Western Ukraine to murder dissenters, create chaos, terrorize the general population, and start a civil war in the South East, where the breakaway regions wanted to join Russia after the president they elected was thrown from office. Putin personally supervised his bold rescue from the murderous coup leaders.

So now, hopefully, you know why there is a war in Ukraine. The stakes are much higher than you could ever imagine. The future of Russia, a country rich in resources with a rich thousand-year-history, is at stake. No sane leader would roll over and let a greed-driven imperial power rape and plunder its land and resources, and destroy its morality, its religions, and way of life…and more. The future of Russia is now in Putin’s hands, in his ‘inspirational leadership’. According to American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, Russia is the “hope of the world.” And I might add, perhaps Russia will become the guiding light to show the West back to their lost morality and decency and respect. Most of all self-respect.

In the video below, Gonzalo Lira, who currently lives in Ukraine, shares how Zelensky became Kolomoisky’s puppet, and Hunter Biden’s ties with the oligarch.

Reference and Notes

[1]  David Martin, Who Killed James Forrestal. http://www.dcdave.com/article4/021110.html

[A]fter the end of World War II, the [US] National Security Council authorized the recruitment of members of former Ukrainian death squads, who had worked for the Nazis exterminating Jews and Red Army supporters, to work clandestinely within the Soviet Union assassinating communists.  The name of the group was Nachtigall, or Nightingale.  Ironically, while one wing of the CIA was secretly bringing Nightingale’s leaders to the United States to train them, another wing of the agency was in Europe working to bring them to trial in Nuremberg. 

See also: America backed Fascists In Ukraine 70 Years Ago: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/05/america-backed-fascists-ukraine-73-years-ago.html


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