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A Legacy of Ashes and How the CIA’s Fake JFK Assassination Plot Became the Real Deal

After JFK was shot. According to Senator John Tower, the Kennedy assassination was supposed to be a ‘fake’ plot to use as a pretext to invade Cuba, but it was infiltrated by unknown people to become the real deal.

By Juliet Bonnay
9 January 2023

I am going to preface this article with a warning: you may not have the emotional fortitude to take in what I am about to present. Even for me, with ten years of research into the sordid underlying details of the JFK assassination, I have found it hard to stomach my own emotional response after connecting dots that lead from one cover up to the next, beginning with the CIA cover up over the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion planned by Vice President Nixon and CIA operative and Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt, and Nixon’s cover up of the cancer causing monkey virus in the polio vaccines and his failure to recall the nearly one hundred million contaminated doses because he didn’t want to make people “vaccine hesitant,” which then led to the development of a cancer-causing bio-weapon to kill Castro using the contaminated polio vaccine. [1] Leaving office, President Eisenhower not only warned us of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex, but he exploded at CIA Director, Allen Dulles:

“The structure of our intelligence organization is faulty,” he told the director. “I have suffered an eight-year defeat on this. Nothing has changed since Pearl Harbor. I leave a ‘legacy of ashes’ to my successor.” [2]

Not only did President Kennedy inherit this “legacy of ashes,” but the still planned Bay of Pigs invasion, and the cover up of the contaminated polio vaccines. What went on behind the scenes of the vaccine cover up will never be declassified because of its dark implications, if in fact a paper trail exists at all. The only clues we may have of it are the mementos a very young cancer researcher kept of her love affair with Lee Harvey Oswald, and the work they did together on developing the cancer causing bio-weapon. Where would it lead if the cover was blown off this? To Dr. Alton Ochsner of Ochsner Clinic overseeing the bio-weapon project? To Clay Shaw, indicted by Jim Garrison for conspiring to kill JFK, who drove David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald to Jackson where prisoners were injected with the lethal bio-weapon to see if it worked? To Eli Lilly who provided chemicals for the making of the bio-weapon, and who had manufactured 60 percent of the polio vaccines? The mind control programs conducted by the CIA, such as MK-Ultra? The secret medical experiments conducted on unsuspecting victims? And much more. This could be that one thread pulled from the tapestry of all the CIA has created, and be their complete undoing.

Perhaps by the end of this article you may come to understand that only the truth can set us free from the current madness in this world created behind endless cover ups – including the current one where too many people are “dying unexpectedly.”

After nearly sixty years of the CIA cover up over who assassinated JFK you may well ask, “Why does it still matter that nothing of great significance was revealed in the December 2022 release of JFK assassination files?” Well, it seems obvious to me something is still hidden in those files the CIA does not want anyone to see. Could it be possible there are sinister secrets negatively impacting our lives today behind the smokescreen of the ‘Oswald-did-it’ legend? If Oswald really was the ‘lone assassin’ that the ‘official story’ would have us believe, why are so many assassination files still withheld, and why did so many witnesses die unexpectedly at a mathematically improbable chance of one in 167 trillion, or to be exact, one chance in 167,145,910,421,722? [3]

It was the witness deaths that first aroused my curiosity about the JFK “official story” – deaths that could not possibly be coincidental. One of those deaths was highly esteemed cancer researcher, Dr. Mary Sherman, who was brutally murdered on the eve of the Warren Commission’s visit to New Orleans to interview witnesses. During the summer of 1963, Dr. Sherman worked with Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Vary Baker, and David Ferrie in New Orleans on what was called “The Project,” a cancer-causing biological weapon to kill Castro, organized by Dr. Alton Ochsner and the CIA.

“We’re developing this weapon to eliminate a head of state. But what if we get Castro? Will they really just throw this stuff away?” [asked Judyth Vary Baker of Lee Harvey Oswald].

“It could be used as a weapon of mass destruction,” Lee answered simply.

This is one of many reasons the CIA will never release all of the JFK assassination files. My article The Day a Dream to Find a Cure for Cancer Died goes into the details of “The Project” as background for this article.

So, what did Lee Harvey Oswald actually have to do with the assassination of JFK? Several years ago, while looking into alternative energy sources on Wade Frazier’s website, I read a jaw dropping account of a CIA planned ‘fake’ JFK assassination plot that became the ‘real deal’, as related by a Det. Sgt. Gary Wean of Ventura Police Department in California. [4] It seemed so preposterous at the time I dismissed it out of hand – even though the story was told to Wean by Senator John Tower about two weeks after the assassination. Tower, an intimidating man to many, was on this occasion so terrified by what had happened in Dallas on that fateful November 22, that he urgently needed to speak to someone outside of both Dallas and Washington. Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker, a friend of John Tower, arranged a meeting in Ruidoso, New Mexico where he could tell his seemingly far-fetched story to Los Angeles police friends Det. Sgt. Gary Wean and his partner Frank Hronek, and a mutual friend, actor and war hero, Audie Murphy.

In the intervening years I came across upon various bits of information from different sources that gave some credence to Tower’s unlikely story, and I returned to it again and again trying to remove the proverbial pebble from my boot. Now, with the still incomplete release of the latest JFK assassination files, long-time expert JFK researcher associated with the Mary Ferrell Foundation, Jefferson Morley, told reporters at the National Press Club in early December 2022, that “he and attorneys with the foundation obtained documentation relating to a still-classified covert operation approved by senior CIA officials three months before Kennedy’s death that suggested the agency used Oswald for intelligence purposes several weeks prior to [the] shooting.” He stated:

This is an extraordinarily serious claim, and it has profound implications for the official story. The CIA knew far more about the lone gunman than they are admitting even today. So this story deserves the closest possible scrutiny. [5]

Background Information

Because of the very serious nature of this claim, it is more than highly likely such files will never be released, and once you digest Senator John Tower’s story, you will understand why. Since it relates to a CIA covert operation, perhaps some background information is necessary to give it greater veracity and clarity.

Of particular interest and relevance here, it was Senator John Tower who fast-tracked Marina Oswald’s entry into the U.S. to facilitate Russian ‘defector’ Lee Harvey Oswald’s return in June, 1962. Kennedy assassination researcher, Mae Brussell wrote of this:

If there is anything he [Tower] wouldn’t want in his back yard it was a defector and his allegedly Communist wife from Minsk.

Yet, two years after joining the YAF [Young Americans for Freedom] team in 1960, Tower was passing all waivers in order for Marina Oswald to get to the United States as soon as possible. Without his permission, this trip might never have taken place. Many wives from the USSR are not that lucky.

March 22, 1962, Senator Tower cooperated. “The sanctions imposed on immigration and nationality are hereby waived in behalf of Mrs. Oswald. The file check on Marina by the FBI, CIA, Dept. of Security Office, Division of biographical intelligence and passport office,” (Volume XXIV, 298). [6]

Lee Harvey Oswald had worked for Military Intelligence and was selected and trained to go to the Soviet Union as a ‘fake’ defector. When he arrived there, he was interrogated, for which he had received special training. In New Orleans Oswald told his lover, Judyth Vary Baker, that the Russians made him stand for a couple of days and each time he moved they hit him. His “personal discomfort didn’t last too long,” he assured her, adding:

“I pretended not to know a single word of Russian. I acted so entirely stupid that the Russians finally gave up. They concluded that I was an idiot. I was very young, after all, and because of all the Communist quotes I gave them, they decided that I really was just a harmless kid steeped in Marxism. They even apologized for hurting me. After I promised not to say anything about it I got a nice apartment.” [7]

This is confirmed by the latest batch of declassified files, revealing that the KGB considered that Oswald was “too crazy” to work with them. [8]

During the interrogation of Yuri Nosenko, an officer in the Soviet KGB who defected to the United States in April 1964, he revealed that he had seen the files that the KGB compiled on Lee Harvey Oswald during his two and a half year residence in the Soviet Union between 1959 and 1962, but they had not recruited him or used him as an agent. [9]

Oswald also told Judyth Vary Baker that he was “loaned to the CIA, and must sometimes help the FBI.” [10] On another occasion he told her that his CIA handler while he was in the Soviet Union was “Jesus.” This likely refers to the Head of CIA Counter Intelligence at the time, James Jesus Angleton, who opened up a CIA file on Oswald.

Oswald and Baker had both arrived in New Orleans in April, 1963, strangers who ‘met by chance’ at a post office. Oswald’s job there was to assist procuring whatever Judyth needed to make a cancer causing bio-weapon to kill Castro, while also setting a false trail for E. Howard Hunt’s planned “Big Event” – a fake assassination attempt on President Kennedy to use as a pretext for invading Cuba. At this time Oswald was being paid by the CIA and had also taken a cover job, along with Judyth, at Reily Coffee Company.

CIA operative E. Howard Hunt – involved in the toppling of President Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, and the planning of the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion for which President Kennedy took the brunt of responsibility for its failure – had had some crazy ideas about how to eliminate Fidel Castro – exploding cigars, poison in his food, poison pens, and more. “But ‘The Beard’ was onto all that,” David Ferrie told Judyth Vary Baker at the beginning of their work on “The Project.”

However, Hunt was not the only one who had crazy ideas about how to get rid of Castro. In March 1962, Joint Chiefs of Staff, L.L. Lemnitzer, weighed in with even more outrageous suggestions, this time to create a pretext for war with Cuba as outlined in the declassified document, Operation Northwoods, which President Kennedy dismissed out of hand. Below is his covering letter, followed by a 9-11-like solution on page 10.

Read the whole document here.

In light of this, the story that Senator John Tower told Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker, Det. Sgt. Gary Wean, Frank Hronek, and Audie Murphy may not seem as crazy to you as it first did to me. Gary Wean retold the story in his book, There’s A Fish In The Courthouse, which he printed and gave a copy to each of the one hundred Senators in 1987, together with a petition from the people “asking and pleading with the United States Senate to investigate Judicial Corruption (murder, and theft of the people’s property) in California and the U.S. Ninth Circuit.” Wean wrote what happened to this petition in the 1996 Prologue of his book:

We had conferences and consultation with the top staff members of Senator Joseph Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and direct written guarantees from Biden that he had ordered Senator Howlin Heflin to activate a sub-committee and to fully investigate the people’s ‘Petition’ charging judicial corruption. At this time Biden and Heflin were given documents and evidence verifying and exposing crimes that the people were suffering at the hands of judges.

And then… There was no investigation and everything was covered up. When you read Tower’s story, you will understand why.

John Tower’s Story

“First and most important I must qualify Lee Harvey Oswald, he was none of the criminal things he’s accused of. He was an agent of the U.S. government acting under the specific orders of E. Howard Hunt. The true facts of the assassination as far as I know them are so fantastically shocking if I tried to force them out in the open I’d surely end up in the same graveyard as Oswald, or committed to an insane asylum, buried so deep no one would ever hear of me again. Hunt is a patriot, a Super Patriot, he understood and feared the danger of Castro’s Cuba as a communist fortress only a few miles from our shore better than anyone. He had worked and labored on the invasion of Cuba by the exiles like a man possessed. When the Bay of Pigs became a terrible, embarrassing fiasco, he like others in CIA blamed President Kennedy. But deep in his soul and in fairness he realized the blame was not Kennedy’s although he’d officially taken the brunt upon his own shoulders. The failure was a combination of errors, outrageous misjudgments, and bad luck.

“But Cuba’s danger to the U.S. grew in intensity as its ties with Moscow became obvious. Dreaming up fantastic schemes Hunt had devised extraordinary methods of assassinating Castro, poison pills in coffee, poison in his food at his favorite café, exploding cigars, all dismal failures, then Hunt’s festering frustration conceived what has become the most bizarre political assassination intrigue of all time. His scheme was to inflame the American people against Castro and stir patriotism to a boiling point not felt since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Enraged Americans would demand that our military invade Cuba and wipe out the two-bit dictator for his barbarous attempt to assassinate President Kennedy.”

John read our incredulous looks. “Oh yes…! There was to be an attempt on the life of President Kennedy so realistic that its failure would be looked upon as nothing less than a miracle. The footprints would lead directly to Castro’s doorstep, a trail the rankest amateur couldn’t lose. Very unfortunate for Oswald he fit the bill perfect for Hunt’s operation. He’d worked for Military Intelligence for several years with considerable success. It started when he was a Marine at Japan’s Atsugi Air Base a few miles south of Tokyo. An Intelligence Officer recognizing Oswald’s possibilities had asked him to assist in making a connection he was trying to establish. The young Marine was not only surprised but very pleased with the assignment, which was a beautiful Japanese hostess at the Queen Bee Club a popular bar in Tokyo. Because of a natural proclivity for Intelligence liaison his role escalated increasingly to more important assignments. The Russian defection incident was part of Military Intelligence grooming of Oswald for a deep cover of communist affiliation. That was before Hunt had chosen him for his Assassination Mission. He was inducted into the dark, mysterious, clandestine secrets of the CIA, ending in an ignoble death.

“The Cuban exiles in New Orleans and Miami were seething. In early 1963 Oswald was dropped right into a boiling cauldron in New Orleans. His instructions were to establish himself as a disgruntled ex-Marine and Commie adherent, a zealous left-winger. Joining the Pro-Castro, Fair Play for Cuba organization he got himself arrested to accentuate his activities and profile and to top this off Hunt and General Edwin Walker, a recognized leader of the ultra-conservative right wing, faked a shooting attempt on Walkers life. It was blamed on Oswald to add a dangerous, sinister touch to his character which would be needed later.”

John smiled at Frank who’s head was wagging, he said, “I know exactly what you are thinking Frank and it gets worse. At first Hunt did not tell Oswald what his exact mission was, except it was one of the highest National Security priority. He was instructed to give his wife absolutely no hint whatsoever of his secret government connections. Hunt did not trust her, in fact, he was paranoid about Marina being a Russian spy. It was only two months before the Fake Assassination when Hunt gave Oswald the rifle, explaining his part in the scheme. Oswald was to fire three shots from his rifle in the air, then abandon it and the empty cartridges at the scene. He was to quickly leave the building for a rendezvous with agents who would transport him to a secret destination where he’d remain in hiding until after Cuba was invaded by the United States. A fake trail to Mexico City ending at the Cuban Embassy would lead investigators to think he had fled to Cuba. The belief that Castro planned the assassination of President Kennedy and the assassin was being harbored under his protection in Cuba would stir the Americans to a feverish pitch of anger, like, ‘Remember the Maine,’ the battleship blown up in Havana Harbor in 1898. It started the Spanish American War. Oswald was shocked and not a little frightened, however Hunt convinced him that he could be saving the United States from destruction by nuclear rockets being planted in Cuba by Russia. He confided to Oswald that JFK had not been made aware of their plan, that was for the sake of authenticity of his reactions. But it was approved and sanctioned by high ranking members of the cabinet. Hunt assured him, after U.S. forces overran Cuba and exposed the Russian nuclear missiles, President Kennedy would forgive them for their precipitant actions. He would perceive them as American heroes. Oswald could come in out of the cold and live as an ordinary citizen with his family, which desire he’d indicated a number of times. On first blush Oswald was extremely leery of the feasibility of Hunt’s plan. But commencing to see and feel the power and confidence of people behind the mission he joined eagerly. His orders were to leave a trail that could be easily followed, yet not so overly obvious as to bring down suspicion. And specifically the most critical part was the moment of firing the rifle. It must be instantly clear to the crowd and security people in the street as to the location and source of the shots. Success of the operation depended entirely upon police quickly finding the rifle and the clues. The hysteria and excited press and TV announcers picking up the scent would trumpet a bloodhound hue and cry following the trail right to Fidel Castro’s doorstep.”

Audie mused, “Sounds exactly like a Hollywood script.”

“Yes, but by standards it was a basic plan. Of course all covert operations have inherent danger and are subject to break downs, but my God, this was no break down or neglect of performance, or even bad luck. What has happened is incomprehensible. It cannot be that the Mafia or Cuban exiles have done it, there is no motive, they had already been given inside tips that an operation was underway that would return them to Cuba. It would’ve been totally stupid for them to interfere. Anyway, even Oswald wasn’t told the route to take for his rendezvous until the last minute, so how could they possibly know where he was? Only a few of Hunt’s most trusted men knew all his plans down to the last detail. It is impossible to believe any of them is a traitor. Still it is clear, who ever killed the President had to know all the minute details to pull it off the way they did. Something very frightening, horribly sinister had interposed Hunt’s mission. He and his men are petrified, they conceive this as not just murder, they’ve been drawn into treason. The mysterious assassins then intercepted Oswald before he reached his rendezvous. Certainly they were about to kill him when the police officer happened upon the scene, they did not dare be caught with Oswald so they shot the officer. During the shooting Oswald ran and hid in a theatre, he was captured minutes later. It had to happen that way, I know, Oswald would never have shot an officer under any circumstances, I’m positive.”

From his pocket John removed a manila envelope, business size, about 4×10, it was thick, he pushed it over to me, the flap was glued. Strangely it was further secured by red sealing wax about the size of a quarter with a thumbprint impression, a procedure police used to protect vital evidence from being tainted before it reached the court. I saw it was perfectly plain, no writing, I passed it over to Frank.

John said, “Inside are irrefutable documents, evidence verifying what I have just told you.”

Back at Burbank Airport Frank handed the envelope to Audie and asked him to put it in his safe with other things he was keeping for us.

Driving to our office Frank and I agreed that the murder of JFK was an evil whirlpool so dangerous it could destroy Dallas. We had no business sticking our noses in, we remembered Big Bill McKesson threatening what he would do to us if we even thought of going near Malibu the night that JFK was at the party. We weren’t sure he was kidding with his threat to kill us. Now if McKesson heard about this, if he didn’t murder us, there was a damn good chance someone else would. The frightening part was that no one knew who that someone else was… it was impossible to defend against. [11]

However, Gary Wean could not shake this shocking story from his mind and, along with many other things that deeply troubled him like drug trafficking from China, a conspiracy to start race riots in Los Angeles known as the Watt’s Riots, the burglary of the Oxnard National Guard Armory that led to the Waco massacre, the trafficking of children from Latin America, and corruption in the Californian judiciary system, he conducted his own private investigations into these matters. It took him many years to connect the dots. The “first important clue [Wean] found was the well publicized Magic Bullet, a dead give-away.” This is what he uncovered:

An appointed government official, Samuel Halpern, was deep into government intrigues and CIA operations. He was liaison between the Senators and Dr. Sidney Gottleib [who made secret service credentials for the assassination plot]. Samuel Halpern was keeping very close tabs on both John F. and Robert F. Kennedy’s movements. In Ruidoso, Sen. Tower had stated to us and gave us documentation that the U.S. Senators had sanctioned the murder of JFK. And that Arlen Specter and William Cohen were working with Senator Barry Goldwater in implementing the real assassination in Dallas, Texas. [12]

U.S. Government Agents, honest, god-fearing, loyal Americans, have seen my secret files and have given me precise information as to their contents and even the exact number of pages and where other information is contained. Among the hundreds of items the files contain all the information of my 1963 meeting in Ruidoso, New Mexico with … Senator John Tower, at which time Tower gave us information and documented proof of who killed President John F. Kennedy. And in 1987 John Tower gave me his word that he would appear and give his sworn testimony and documented evidence of who killed JFK if Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, would set up official, open hearings by the Committee. Senators Arlen Specter and Joseph Biden sabotaged the evidence that was given to them and involved the entire Senate in a cover-up. Senator Tower had been prepared to tell everything he knew and present evidence that Arlen Specter, William Cohen and Prescott Bush (George’s father) were involved in the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Senator Arlen Specter presently [1987] sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee where he has sabotaged every critical investigation into these matters and also sits on Senator Fred Thompson’s Committee on Governmental Affairs investigation.

Arlen Specter is desperately trying to kill this investigation by urging Senator Thompson to drop it and have a Special Prosecutor appointed. This way they could control any investigation and after many years of stalling it would die and fade away. [13]

Of note, Audie Murphy, who was present at the meeting in Ruidoso, was killed in a plane crash in 1971. Senator John Tower was killed in a plane crash in 1991 just after his memoir Consequences was published. And Gary Wean escaped an attempt on his life.

France’s President Charles de Gaulle, who had survived a coup attempt in 1961, succinctly summed up the situation in the aftermath of JFK’s death:

“In Washington, they won’t investigate. They don’t want to know. They don’t want to find out. They won’t let themselves find out.” [14]

What I have just shared here is the reason why de Gaulle’s words remain true today. If the files pertaining to this ‘fake assassination’ have not already been destroyed (although Gary Wean put the documents Senator Tower gave him in a safe place), can you imagine that such a covert (and I want to say “stupid”) operation will ever be declassified? The next best thing we can hope for is to connect some dots from Lee Oswald’s perspective, once the truth is established that he was certainly no lone nut, but a highly intelligent man working for the U.S. Government who spoke fluent Russian.

Until Judyth Vary Baker published her book, Me and Lee: How I Came To Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald, Oswald has not had a voice in his defense. Yes, the story certainly sounds preposterous, but in the world of spies and counter spies, covert and overt operations, mind control programs and medical experiments, such a story is simply business as usual to the CIA. David Ferrie might tell you that it was all just “fun and games.” Judyth took a huge risk telling her story. Not only did it tip her life upside down, it destroyed the relationship she had with some of her children. She had exposed herself in the face of David Ferrie’s warning after the assassination that she had to go to the “catacombs” and give up any dream of finding a cure for cancer. In short, she had to become a “vanilla girl.”

Towards the end of The Project, when Judyth was hard-pressed for time cutting out cancer tumors from hundreds of mice in Dave Ferrie’s kitchen, Lee, Ferrie, and Dr. Mary Sherman worked with her in the heat of the New Orleans’ summer. The memories of this frantic time would permanently sear themselves into Judyth’s brain through fatigue and fraught emotions. Adding to her heightened emotional state, Lee admitted to her on 29 July, “I think they’re going to kill me.” Oswald knew too much and told Judyth:

“I was supposed to spy on the project [to develop the cancer causing bio-weapon] for the CIA, just to keep everybody honest. And then, all the other little things they’ve had me do, such as these pro-Castro stunts…as if they still want me to prepare to enter Cuba!” Lee laughed bitterly. “What a joke! Both sides would prefer to see me dead first.”

…He explained that, with Dave Ferrie’s help, he’d penetrated to the heart of the group in New Orleans who were serious about killing Kennedy. Through these contacts he’d discovered an elite circle of even more powerful men, mostly from Texas, composed of politicians, oil magnates, and the military, including CIA officers, whose fanatical patriotism was mixed with monetary ambitions and a lust for power. From their perspective, the country was being held hostage by a President slow to welcome a war which would bring Communism to its knees and reap lucrative benefits for Texas and its power-brokers, such as Lyndon Johnson and others in our government. To them all, Lee was a pawn to use or discard as they saw fit.

… [Oswald presciently said], “My concern is this. They want to kill the Chief. And as the only ‘insider’ with a publicly provable motive to shoot – since I’ll look like Castro’s agent – they could set me up so easily. I can see it coming.” [15]

Oswald’s September trip to Mexico was to deliver the cancer causing bio-weapon to a medic who would then take it to Cuba, where hopefully, it would be injected into Castro and cause his death within 28 days. This was the plan they hoped would save President Kennedy. With Castro dead, perhaps the boiling cauldron of anger over the failed Bay of Pigs affair would reduce to a simmer and begin to cool, and in the process, save Kennedy’s life. Unfortunately Oswald’s contact in Mexico failed to show up, causing Oswald later to suspect that somehow his trip had been deliberately sabotaged.

When Lee returned to live in Dallas, he and Judyth were able to remain in contact on the public phones the Mafia had set up, using secret codes and call wheels. What follows is some of what Oswald shared with Judyth in the weeks leading up to the assassination, which she included in her book, Me and Lee:

I now learned that upon his return to Dallas, Lee had been invited to be an actual participant in the assassination plans against JFK. He told Judyth, “I’m going to have to go through with it. Who else is in a position to penetrate this, and stop it?”

Lee was spending evenings with men who were plotting the death of the President of the United States – men who would stop at nothing to gain more power. They might even be able to blame it on Castro, impelling Americans to war against Cuba, and thus killing two big birds with one big stone. (p. 505)

The plot against Kennedy thickened in November… Lee had been recruited into the Baton Rouge meetings into the Dallas plot. He had penetrated the ring. Now, he was meeting with one or more of the plotters on a regular basis. “But I’m meeting too many new people,” he told me. He said he felt he was being treated like a dangle.” He was given tasks to do, as if they trusted him, but he was never certain who was who.

A Secret Service agent sought his help in assessing the possible ambush sites that might be used when the President came to Dallas. Presumably this was to afford protection for Kennedy, but of course, such work would also reveal which sites were best for murder.

One meeting in particular disturbed Lee: he called it the “trophy” meeting. It was held at the posh 3525 Turtle Creek address. Lee had not attended that meeting, but he’d been told about it. “Kennedy won’t be killed on Turtle Creek Boulevard,” Lee revealed, “because Mayor Cabell, Senator Tower, and Clint Murchison all have apartments right there, at 3525 Turtle Creek. General Walker happened to live on Turtle Creek, too, Lee said, but further away.

Lee said the motorcade would turn at the 3600 block “because the plotters want to show their power…that they were in charge of their trophy. They would also be taking trophy photos of the assassination.

… Sickening to me and Lee was their plan to circulate a photo of JFK’s head, “dead, with his eyes left open.” (p. 515)

Saturday, November 16, 1963

Lee met with an FBI agent at a location unknown to me, revealing that a right-wing group was planning to assassinate President Kennedy during his visit to Dallas on November 22nd. Someone in the FBI took the information seriously and sent out a teletype massage to field officers that night. William Walter, a clerk in the FBI office in New Orleans, saw this telex the following morning and later affirmed he had seen this document to Jim Garrison when he investigated the JFK assassination in the late 1960s. The FBI claimed it could find not copies of such a document… (p. 516)

Given that Lee knew J. Edgar Hoover was compromised by his relationship with the Mafia, he literally risked his life to try to use the FBI as a means of sending his warnings through the Telex. (p. 516)

Wednesday, November 20, 1963
Lee said he was no longer alone, and an abort team had been called in to help him. “Even though they’re going to try to kill him,” he said, “I’ve sent out information that might be able to save him.” …Informed that he was now ‘part of the group’ that would assemble in Dallas to shoot the President, and secretly a member of an abort team that would try to intervene, Lee said he would be required to obey orders from both sides. There was no way he could provide an excuse, he said, for not showing up where he was supposed to be. He was in too deep. (p 519)

…“Know how we wondered who my handler was?” Lee whispered. “Mr. B? Benson, Benton, or Bishop? Well, he’s from Forth Worth, so it has to be Phillips. He is the traitor. Phillips is behind this. I need you to remember that name,” Lee said repeating it with cold anger. “David Atlee Phillips.” (p.521)

…Lee then said there were two other names I needed to remember: Bobby Baker and Billy Sol Estes. He said the assassination itself was not their doing, but it was because of them, and I was never to forget their names…

“Is there any way you could get out of this? Something you haven’t thought of?”

“They’d just get another gun to take my place,” Lee said. “If I stay, that will be one less bullet aimed at Kennedy.” (p. 522)

Of course, the trophy video of the assassination was the Zapruder film. Below, JFK researcher Jim Marrs, questions Reymond, working in French intelligence at the time, who had seen an unaltered copy of the original Zapruder film. He also revealed that H.L. Hunt had purchased it from Zapruder.

Who sabotaged Hunt’s ‘Big Event’? If it was David Atlee Phillips, as Oswald thought, who else was involved with him? And again, why does it matter? I will close this with Judyth’s deeply troubling concerns about what would happen to the cancer-causing bio-weapon she had helped to create, and into whose hands it could fall. When Oswald had said that it could be used as a weapon of “mass destruction” he added that it could be used to eliminate Negroes in Africa. Judyth thought that Hitler would have loved to have used it against the Jews. She wrote:

The insane enormity of the idea blew my mind. And I had my fingerprints all over it. I almost wished I’d never been born. Lee asked how many people knew the science behind the Project. I told him Ochsner, Sherman, Dave and I surely knew how it was made and that I knew there were some other doctors involved, but once the bio-weapon was created, it could be kept frozen for years and used by anyone who had access to it at some point in the future. We sank into deep silence as we contemplated the dimensions of what we had just said. How had my dream to cure cancer gone so wrong? [16]

And are you contemplating the dimensions of what Judyth Vary Baker wrote? After all, this bio-weapon was made from an initial attempt by Dr. Alton Ochsner and Dr. Mary Sherman to find a way to diffuse or make benign the cancer-causing monkey virus (SV-40) discovered in the polio vaccines. Nearly a hundred million vaccines were not recalled after this discovery. It was a scandalous cover-up on the part of Vice President Nixon. Subjecting the viruses to radiation had made them even more virulent, and somehow it was turned into a bio-weapon to kill Castro. But as Judyth and Lee pondered, who else could it be used to kill?

In the video below, Judyth Vary Baker tells her incredible story in Part 8 of Nigel Turner’s series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Love Affair. The series first aired in 1988 in England, and Part 8 was added in 2003 along with The Guilty Men, which directly implicated Lyndon B. Johnson.


[1] The development of a bio-weapon to kill Castro is extensively researched and documented in Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics, by Edward T. Haslam, and by one of the makers of the cancer causing bio-weapon, Judyth Vary Baker, in her book, Me and Lee: How I Came to Know, Love, and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald. I have also written about this in my article The Day a Dream to Find a Cure for Cancer Died.

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