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Who Is Behind the Race Riots and Revolution Strategy to Destroy America and Install a New World Order?

Screenshot from a JAYDENX video inside the Capitol on January 6.

Juliet Bonnay
13 March 2023

Have you ever wondered how America got this crazy? Viewed from Australia in the eighties, it seemed to me that most of the crazy stuff happened in California, and then spread up the east coast, overwhelming this whole area with lawlessness, homelessness, and drug addiction. Milton Friedman comes to mind from Chicago, whose economic model was imposed on Chile by means of mass murder and torture in the wake of the 1973 CIA orchestrated coup that brought down the Allende government. It devastated the country with declines in incomes, social conditions, and basic rights of workers.

But we now have to ask the question again about how America got this crazy with the woke stuff, the riots, calls to defund the police, and now the truth coming out about the Capitol riots where footage shows that there were two very different scenarios playing out that day.

Whenever I see something like this I immediately understand that a CIA orchestrated coup is probably in progress. If you have looked into the 1953 CIA coup in Iran that toppled the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh after he nationalized the oil fields, you can see that it created a template the CIA would use again and again in its many coups to topple foreign leaders.

That template involves the CIA paying large mobs to peacefully or violently demonstrate for or against the person they want to depose, creating a sense of division and confusion in the targeted country that appears to come out of nowhere, like a sudden squall at sea that can cause enormous damage. There can be extensive property damage, and snipers present who shoot people from both sides at random adding to the confusion and mayhem, yet always pointing at the leader of course for his ineptitude in controlling the riots. A very informative documentary, Checkmate, was made of the 1989 coup in Romania, which is a very good example of this CIA template. Once seen, you can never unsee this pattern.

Now let me turn your attention to California, where riots were used in Watts in 1965 and 1992 to create mayhem and division, ostensibly to bring about the fall of the government, or to put it in another way, to forcefully bring in the New World Order. I would know none of this if I had not read Detective Sergeant Gary Wean’s (now deceased) account of the corruption and crime he uncovered. He was fond of repeating, “Everything is connected.” He should know. He was in the thick of corruption in Los Angeles on the Hollywood beat after WWII, and kept a close eye on gangster, Mickey Cohen, during the fifties and early sixties, when he finally ended up in prison. From this beginning and the shocking things he exposed that police chiefs did not want to hear about despite the evidence he had, Wean doggedly followed the trails of crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder, and judicial corruption right through into the nineties, writing about it extensively in his book There’s A Fish in the Courthouse (the title referencing the fact that a fish starts rotting at the head), and his Notices and Reports to the People. He also had revealing information on the JFK and RFK assassinations I have not seen elsewhere.

Mickey Cohen, a little guy larger then life, knew people in high places. For instance, he was a good friend of famous tort lawyer Melvin Belli. He was also a friend of Jack Ruby who later shot JFK’s accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Wean had seen Ruby with Cohen in his limousine at the races. Ruby also counted Melvin Belli as a friend. It was Belli who defended Jack Ruby in his first court hearing for murdering Oswald. For free.

Cohen had taken over from mobster Bugsy Siegel, a Meyer Lansky bagman in Los Angeles before he was shot full of holes.

Alarm bells rang for Wean in the early 1960s when he saw Cohen keeping close company with a “strange looking” man he later identified as Menachem Begin.

As leader of the Israeli terrorist gang, Irgun, [1] Begin (photographed left in New York in 1948) was involved in the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 which killed 93 people. He bragged in a 1974 film interview that he was the father of terrorism “in all the world.” [2] In 1948 Begin’s Irgun terrorists were also involved in the massacre of the inhabitants of Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village, and caused outrage when they piled up all the bodies and burned them.

After his time in Los Angeles, Begin returned to Israel and entered politics, finally to become prime minister in 1977 after forming the Likud Party, which Benjamin Netanyahu now heads.

Second generation members of Israeli terrorist gangs later became leaders in Likud, including Menachem Begin’s son, Benny. Of interest, Rham Emanuel, whose father was a member of the Israeli terrorist Stern gang, went on to become Clinton’s right-hand man, and Obama’s political advisor and first Chief of Staff. [3]

What these men have in common is that they belong to the Jewish crime family, or mafia, known as “Mishpucka.” This word is rarely spoken out loud, but I heard Hillary Clinton say it in 2008 during a charity roast for Rham Emanuel (at the 6:50 mark in video), and Robin Williams gave a shout out to the Mishpucka after he won Best Supporting Actor in Good Will Hunting. Well represented in the Chicago area and Illinois, the Mishpucka is also well established in Hollywood. Perhaps it should come as no surprise to you, therefore, that Emmanuel said he was a little surprised when Hillary told him she was “no different from any other young girl growing up in [Park Ridge], growing up with dreams of world domination.”

Gary Wean’s investigation into the relationship between Cohen and Begin led him into this murky Mishpucka underworld that very few people know exists. It impacted him personally when he crossed the lawless Californian judges he called the “Black Robed Mishpucka,” causing him many sleepless nights. He was also lucky to escape an attempt on his life.

To discover the contents of the long discussions between Cohen and Begin at the classy Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Wean and his police partner, Frank Hronek, decked out their Yiddish speaking operative, Hank Jacobs, in neatly pressed suits with new white shirts to sit at the lunch counter to listen in on their conversations. Deep in discussion about Cuba, military operations, and the Kennedys, Begin and Cohen paid him no mind while he poured over the race section of a paper muttering to himself and making notes while taping their conversations.

They struck gold at the end of one lunch encounter when Cohen and Begin headed off to a meeting for secret talks with “very important people.” Wean, Hronek and Jacobs followed them, disguised in their flower van, with Jacobs excitedly recalling the conversation he had just heard between Begin and Cohen. Wean wrote:

“Mickey was sounding real important, like he’s going in for big politics, he cursed Kennedy and his Peace Corp, and his wasting millions on two-bit countries in Africa and South America.” What really chilled me now was recalling Hank’s vivid description of the aroused, excited conversation about “War and Peace and the catastrophic possibilities of losing all their multi-billion dollar defense appropriations.” [4]

Defense appropriations? They tailed Cohen and Begin to Melvin Belli’s house where a car was parked out front, later identified as belonging to Casper Weinberger. Who was he and what was he doing there?

It took Gary Wean twenty years before he could connect the dots to a much bigger picture. Bechtel, an engineering company dealing in multi-billion dollar contracts in the U.S. and abroad, stood to lose billions if President Kennedy withdrew troops from Vietnam. John McCone, who partnered with Stephen D. Bechtel to form the Bechtel Corporation in 1937, was the CIA director at the time of this meeting between Weinberger, Belli, Begin, and Cohen. And when JFK was assassinated.

Weinberger was vice president and general counsel of Bechtel Corporation between 1975 and 1980, and became President Reagan’s Secretary of Defense from January 21, 1981, until November 23, 1987, when he was forced to resign over his involvement in the Iran/Contra affair. Reagan’s Secretary of State, George Schulz, was also a Bechtel man, a former director, in fact.

At left, you can see what good company they keep.

These huge conflicts of interests created a fog of intrigue and cover-ups, which at the time should have been rigorously questioned and investigated. Delving into McCone’s business background, muckraker Drew Pearson claimed that McCone “made more money out of Uncle Sam on war contracts than perhaps any other man now working for Government.” [5] Of course McCone denied any conflict of interest.

What alarmed Gary Wean so much about Begin’s presence in Los Angeles was that Begin and Cohen were part of a wider conspiracy to foment a race, riot and revolution event to bring down the American government and install a New World Order or world government.

The following is a small excerpt from an affidavit written by Wean that offers a glimpse into the conspiracy we are currently dealing with to bring in that New World Order, remembering of course that George Bush spoke of it in glowing terms during the First Gulf War. Would it surprise you, therefore, that he was also involved in its planning?

At this time in the 1950’s, George Bush, William P. Clark, Robert Lagomarsino and Caspar Weinberger along with Oxnard’s U.S. Commissioner Ben Nordman, his law partner, Ventura County Presiding Judge Jerome Berenson, Harry Pregerson, Menachem Begin [later to become prime minister of Israel], and Mickey Cohen etc. were all connected to and conspiring with Sheinbaum, Dorsen and Glasser and their New World Order Constitution.

They were putting together what they called their Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy that they planned to use to create chaos in the government. In 1959 they burglarized the Oxnard National Guard Armory for weapons. William P. Clark kept one of the 50 cal. machine guns and mounted it in his house to protect himself and his family when the Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy they were fomenting struck.

The Watts riots of 1965 were designed to spread throughout the entire city of L.A. and the stolen Armory weapons would be brought into play and distributed to professional provocateurs and assassins. This would presage the destruction of the L.A.P.D. and Protective League as a civil entity.

However, even as unprepared for such a massive riot, the excellent performance and out front efforts of the L.A.P.D. brought the riots under control and the Race, Riot and Revolution operation was thwarted for the time being.

It was the above mentioned thugs who promoted and put Ronald Reagan in as California Governor. Reagan made William P. Clark a State Supreme Court Judge and Robert Lagomarsino a State Senator. With their laundered cocaine and gambling money financially backing Reagan he became President.  William P. Clark became National Security Director and then Secretary of Interior. George Bush became Vice President and Robert Lagomarsino a U.S. Congressman. That enhanced the Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy into a powerful U.S. Federal Government plot. The L.A.P.D. was a prime target because its loyalty to the citizens of Los Angeles was a giant, painful thorn in their side that they wanted removed. [6]

Before the second lot of riots broke out in Watts in 1992, Gary Wean printed off 100 copies of his book, There’s A Fish in the Court House, to hand to each senator, together with a ‘Petition from the People for Redress of Grievances’ to request that the U.S. Senate investigate judicial corruption (murder and theft of people’s property) in California and the U.S. Ninth Circuit. He wrote an affidavit of his experience dealing with the Senate and Joe Biden in a subsequent cover up, part of which appears below:  

In 1987 I traveled to Washington, D.C. and with an associate I hand delivered a 773-page name-indexed report (My book There’s a Fish In The Courthouse) on judicial corruption, murder, drug smuggling, etc., to each of the 100 United States Senators, individually, petitioning them to investigate and protect and safeguard the people from an organization of gangsters who had seized control of the judicial system and planned to destroy police departments. The first would be L.A.P.D.

My associate and I had meetings with the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s staff and received personal assurance and letters from Senator Joseph Biden that he had ordered a sub-committee chaired by Senator Howlin Heflin to investigate the judicial corruption in response to the peoples’ petition. But, Senator Biden and Heflin proceeded to cover up the corruption.

The people again petitioned the U.S. Senate but again it was covered up by Joseph Biden and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

For years the officers of the L.A.P.D. have been subjected to an insidious (Guyana, Jonesboro Massacre-type) mass hypnosis, a conspiracy of mind conditioning, slow, unrecognized for what it was, but steady and deadly, always related to dangerous duties, night and morning shifts heightened by dark alleys, shadowy streets and looming buildings were the back-drop of the mind conditioning plot, ready to shoot or knife them from ambush. This conditioning of the officers’ minds, reflexes and actions with simultaneous mind conditioning of black people to fear and mistrust L.A.P.D. officers and consider them enemies, is a potential for violence.

This fantastic plot pitting black people and white people against each other, constantly at each others’ throats was kept at a high, feverish pitch, terrific tension, both sides ready to react against the other violently at the slightest provocation or even no reason at all.

This explosive conditioning of human minds was kept at fever pitch by constant bombardments of T.V., radio, newspaper, magazines, etc., propaganda of prejudice and hatred prepared by professional expert provocateurs involved in a plot to create racial strife, riots and revolution.

Further exacerbated by deliberate, clever judicial decisions and rulings designed to antagonize and frustrate both police officers and black people. The provocateurs of the plot never cease their operations.

When this plot was heating up, I took my information and evidence to the Los Angeles Federal Department of Justice.

Andrea Ordin, the head of the department, covered up the entire plot and destroyed the evidence given to her and claimed she never got it, then refused to talk with me again. Andrea Ordin is the wife of a Federal Judge who is a close associate of Harry Pregerson and Stephen Reinhardt in the plot.

I took information and evidence of the Interstate Bank fire, in which a man was murdered, to an L.A. Deputy District Attorney. District Attorney Ira Reiner covered up this evidence because a close associate of his, Superior Court Judge Savitch, was involved in the fire which was set to burn up files related to the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant and the records of the Ventura County Public Facilities Corporation which is owned by Judge Jerome Berenson and Ben Nordman who own the Bank of A. Levy. Jerome Berenson is a close associate of Harry Pregerson and Savitch and a top person in the plot. [7]

And there’s more. Much more… I can only deal with the corruption Gary Wean uncovered in small doses. Already this article is too long. However, it is important to add that Columbia University sociologists, Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven, expanded upon the fledgling beginnings of the Watts race riots to force political change through orchestrated crises designed to create social and economic upheaval and collapse. The so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy is currently evident in the ongoing chaos, disruption, and craziness bombarding us daily in the news. Essentially, war has been waged against the American people by subversive elements from within.

To bring about their desired political change, these people have infiltrated the United States in the highest offices in the land. What the world is witnessing of the continued debacle of the January 6 ‘riots’ is all part of a sinister plan to finally bring in the New World Order, and those involved will fight tooth and nail to make sure you never find out the truth of who is really behind all the chaos to destroy what once was a great country.

I will write more on this in another article, but for now consider the following.

At an ADL conference on April 19, 1994, at Wilshire Beverly Regent, these words were spoken:

“The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes there will be a New World Order and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.” [8]

In closing, let me remind you of Gary Wean’s words: “Everything is connected.”

Notes and References

[1] Irgun embraced the extremist Zionist ideology of a Greater Israel outlined in Vladimir Jabotinsky’s New Zionist Organization (NZO) in New York, which Benzion Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu’s father) headed after Jabotinsky’s death in 1940.

[2] Juliet Bonnay, Planting the Seed for 9/11 In The American Mind

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