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Waco: A Former Hotbed for the Deep State’s Plans to Destroy America

Menachem Begin and Zbigniew Brzezinski
Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel and Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and former US National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter (Source unknown)

If the truth about what happened at Waco was ever told, it would lead straight to Menachem Begin when he was in Los Angeles in the 50s and early 60s raising funds for his terrorist organization, Irgun, and then to Israel, which is why the Davidian compound at Waco was burned down. And why it had to be covered up at the highest levels.

Juliet Bonnay
Originally posted on Substack on 31 March 2023

If Trump wants to make America great again, he needs to expose the secrets hidden in Waco of a plot to destroy America, and where plans were made to assassinate a sitting president. Does he know this? Could this be a reason he chose to hold his first presidential rally there, where he stated:

President Donald J. Trump “Either the DEEP STATE destroys America, or WE destroy the Deep State.” https://t.co/BcVjfdy9rM pic.twitter.com/YH7lS5OnKM

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) March 25, 2023

Does Trump really know the full extent of what he is up against after his failure to drain the swamp during the four years he was president? To destroy the Deep State he has to know what lies buried in the swamp. And Waco was a big part of the swamp. According to former Detective Sergeant Gary Wean [1],

Although it is an unlikely place, the small locality of Waco was a hotbed, a highly organized focal point of ADL’s [Anti-Defamation League] secret planning and financial activities for many years. It was out of the mainstream eye of the big cities. Major aspects of the planning for the JFK murder were arranged and the orders to proceed emanated from Waco, as the former Senator John T. Tower had revealed at the Ruidoso, New Mexico meeting only a few days after the assassination.

Rabbi Meir Kahane had what Jews call “dual citizenship” — he could travel back and forth between the U.S. and Israel at will. He made many trips from Waco to Israel. Kahane received major finances and plans for the so-called “6-Day War” in which the orders were to kill, if possible, every Arab in Palestine and destroy the Lebanese government. Israel could not have proceeded with the war unless they had received the major assurances and commitments which were sent direct to Waco from traitors in Washington D.C.

The U.S.S. Liberty had gotten in the way of these plans, and orders were relayed from Washington D.C. to Tel Aviv to destroy it and all hands aboard. Huge financing and critical scientific information for Israel’s secret nuclear war production was coordinated at Waco and transported to Israel.

Further he stated in an affidavit:

[I]n the 1950’s, George Bush, William P. Clark, Robert Lagomarsino and Caspar Weinberger along with Oxnard’s U.S. Commissioner Ben Nordman, his law partner, Ventura County Presiding Judge Jerome Berenson, Harry Pregerson, Menachem Begin and Mickey Cohen etc. were all connected to and conspiring with Sheinbaum, Dorsen and Glasser and their New World Order Constitution.

…they contrived the idea of a race, riot, and revolution to create chaos in the government. To this end, in 1959 they burglarized the Oxnard National Guard Armory for weapons. William P. Clark kept one of the 50 cal. machine guns and mounted it in his house to protect himself and his family when the Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy they were fomenting struck.

Mickey Cohen

Gangster Mickey Cohen (who took over from Bugsy Siegel in Los Angeles) hid some of the stolen weapons in his personal armory and later gave them to Rabbi Meir Kahane when he formed the JDL and Kach Party. After Kahane was killed, Irving Rubin took possession of them and negotiated with Branch Davidian leader, David Koresh, to hide the weapons at the Waco compound. However, when Rubin demanded their return, Koresh refused to give them back.

This precipitated the involvement of the ATF and FBI, ending with a fire destroying the Branch Davidian’s compound and the loss of 76 lives, including 25 children. The Branch Davidian members knew nothing of the cache of weapons hidden there by Koresh. The fire was meant to erase any connection to the criminal cabal orchestrating America’s destruction from within – to the ADL, Mickey Cohen, to Israeli terrorist Menachem Begin, and through Begin to Israel. When the Texas Rangers retrieved the charred remains of the weapons and x-rayed them, the serial numbers revealed they were the stolen weapons from the Oxnard National Guard Armory. What followed was a cover-up of a cover-up operation.

It was imperative to erase the trail of people involved in the burglary that led back to Israel, and plans of a criminal cabal to cause the collapse of the American Government through race riots to install a One World Government. The Watts riots that broke out in Los Angeles in 1965, and again in 1992, were part of this plan.

Gary Wean uncovered this sinister plan when he was investigating the criminal activities of Mickey Cohen, and why he was meeting with a notorious Israeli terrorist, Menachem Begin (who later became prime minister of Israel in 1977). He also warned of the pending burglary of the 1959 Oxnard National Guard Armory.

Wean wrote extensively of the corruption he uncovered in his book, There’s A Fish in the Courthouse, the title referencing the fact that a fish rots from the head down, for he had discovered that many Californian judges were engaged in criminal activities, especially gambling and drug trafficking. Unfortunately he would also uncover the criminal activities of those in government after printing a hundred copies of his book and personally hand delivering them in Washington, D.C. to each of the one hundred senators, along with a ‘Petition from the People for Redress of Grievances’, to request that the U.S. Senate investigate judicial corruption (murder and theft of people’s property) in California and the U.S. Ninth Circuit.

Wean had physical evidence, intelligence reports, tapes, audio and video, and documents, etc., that he and police partner Frank Hronek obtained that would expose the entire corrupt judicial organization that Judges Harry Pregerson and Stanley Mosk had built and operated over the last 50 years. And he had learned from Senator John Tower about the CIA’s fake JFK assassination plot with a trail leading to Cuba they wanted to use as a pretext for invading the country. The plot was infiltrated and turned into the real deal by the same people involved in Waco.

If only the truth could come out and we could put an end to the current chaos that has sprung from the cover-ups of cover-ups of cover-ups involving those in the highest places in the land, including Joe Biden.

Gary Wean did his best to get the truth out there. Not only did he petition the Senate, he served them with a RICO case when they shelved their promised investigation into his petition. But to his great dismay, all the evidence was covered up and in time, his solid RICO case was summarily thrown out.

The truth is that most U.S. politicians are compromised and taking bribes. Other politicians are in over their heads in scams and corruption, as we have seen with Joe Biden. Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush were involved in drug trafficking out of Mena, Arkansas, along with Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr, who was an expert in cover-ups.

However, Gary Wean never gave up trying to get the truth out. He continued to expose the results of his private investigations and research into the corruption and criminality that is destroying America in his Notices and Reports to the People. He had one final attempt to reveal to the U.S. Government what he knew in his 1995 “Petition and Plea To the United States of America Government,” hoping against all odds of finding an honest senator who would take action. I have included extracts from it below that pertain to the events leading up to what happened at Waco, and why 76 people died that day to cover up a heinous conspiracy against the people of the United States of America.

Petition and Plea: To the United States of America Government

Friday, May 5, 1995

…directed to the United States of America Senate and, specifically, to Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

In 1987 proof-evidence and sworn affidavits in a Petition and Plea from the people — was made to each and every one of the one hundred Senators on an individual basis — and also specifically to Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the United States of America Senate Committee on the Judiciary. At that time, 1987, former U.S. Senator John Tower was still alive, as were others who were prepared to give sworn testimony and evidence as to crimes against the people and the government and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Senators Joseph Biden, Strom Thurmond, Arlen Specter, Howlin Heflin and others on the Judicial Committee took extreme criminal actions against the people and the government to destroy and cover-up evidence and sworn testimony to protect their own evil criminal involvement in these actions.

In the 1950s, there existed a criminal conspiracy by certain people — lawyers, judges, U.S. Commissioners, etc., with an agent of a foreign country (Israel) who was a member of the infamous Crime Family, “ADL Mishpucka”. These are Jewish gangsters comparable to the Sicilian crime family known as the “Mafia”. (Refer to Attorney General George Deukmejian’s criminal intelligence report Re: Mishpucka and Mafia drugs and criminal organizational degradation against the people.)

The ADL Mishpucka secret agent was Menachem Begin and he was conspiring with gangster Mickey Cohen; federal judge Harry Pregerson; U.S. Commissioner Ben Nordman of Oxnard, California (deceased); Superior Court Judge, Oxnard, California Jerome Berenson; and numerous lawyers. One of these lawyers was William P. Clark, who became a California Superior Court Judge, California Appeals Court and Supreme Court Judge — then National Security Director and Secretary of the Interior. These treasonous persons were involved in burglaries of U.S. National Guard Armories — stealing guns and ammunition to be smuggled to Israel for terrorist activities against numerous governments.

In 1959 these treasonous conspirators burglarized the Oxnard, California National Guard Armory and stole large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

Two men were arrested by the FBI and convicted of the Oxnard, California burglary. The FBI never recovered any of the weapons. It was discovered that William P. Clark had kept one of the 50 cal. machine guns and had mounted it in his house. At that time Clark had made statements that revealed their conspiracy of race-riots and revolution to be instigated to destroy the U.S. Government. There are still witnesses to seeing the stolen 50 cal. weapon in Clark’s house. U.S. Commissioner Ben Nordman, involved with the others, Pregerson, Cohen, Begin and also involved with gangsters Abe and Hy Phillips who conducted bail bond operations and were closely associated with both of the burglars who were caught. The two specific men arrested were later involved in Texas and Florida in gun smuggling and persons involved in the JFK assassination. All of these operations are in the FBI files which can be brought forth.

The weapons stolen from the Oxnard Armory were never recovered. These conspirators turned them over to Mickey Cohen, the Los Angeles gangster who had an enormous secret arsenal hidden which was to be used when their conspiracy of race-riots and revolution came into play. These weapons were hidden in their secret location which at one time was Camp Ramah in Ojai, California. These weapons were turned over to Rabbi Meir Kahane and then to Irving Rubin and his wife, Sherry, who conducted extensive training exercises starting with Jew children as young as ten years old.

These training exercises conducted by Irving Rubin are as encompassing as any operations conducted by the current citizen militia and Rubin’s trainees have been indoctrinated to kill Christian people (both black and white when their revolution comes). Rubin’s arms and fire power weapons are superior to the Militias.

This huge, secret, arms cache under the control of Rubin and which includes stolen National Guard weapons, which are identifiable by serial numbers, were transported to the Waco compound to be secreted under an agreement between Rubin and Koresh. Only Koresh and at most two of his top associates were aware of this operation. All the others were totally unaware and innocent of involvement. It is inconceivable that two and five- year-old children are capable of forming intent to commit criminal conspiracy and deserved to die because they were labeled criminals by the Justice Department.

A fierce power struggle between Koresh and Rubin erupted after a meeting they had in Hollywood.

Rubin demanded the return of the weapons and Koresh refused. There became a terrible fear within the ADL-Mishpucka that their criminal acts and conspiracy of Israel to interfere and provocateur into the U.S. government would be discovered and that the American people would demand total severance from their Mid-East wars if it was exposed. If these weapons were found, the trail would lead straight back to Begin and Israel.

William P. Clark and Harry Pregerson gave Lloyd Bentsen orders to use government agencies to force Koresh to return the weapons, Koresh refused and the situation escalated to dangerous proportions. Top people in the ATF were ordered to make plans to use force to retrieve the weapons. Top agents of the FBI combined with the ATF, specifically Oliver (Buck) Revell who has been a secret, paid agent of the ADL Mishpucka and close associate of Diane Feinstein in these criminal conspiracies for many years.

Revell has engaged in treacherous, treasonous acts against the U.S. since FBI Director and ex-federal judge Webster sold out to the ADL Mishpucka and ordered the top FBI echelon to give ADL Mishpucka secret agents any secret files they wanted and to cooperate with them in all matters against American citizens — these orders by Webster are a matter of written evidence and can be obtained from FBI records.

Janet Reno, a secret, paid agent of the ADL Mishpucka, gave orders to the top commanders of the FBI and ATF agents that the weapons must be retrieved from the Waco compound no matter what the consequences. The rank and file of ATF and FBI agents who engaged in the Waco massacre had no inkling of the true reasons for the raid or of how they were being used.

They could delay no longer — this pressure from Israel and the ADL Mishpucka had become so great that Reno gave the order to burn the compound to the ground and leave no possible witnesses or evidence to Israel’s terrible involvement in the U.S.

Reno gave the order to destroy Waco; it was burned to the ground and bulldozed. The weapons were burned during the fire, but all were removed from the compound. The Texas Rangers had jurisdiction to investigate the Waco Holocaust and became in possession of the burned weapons.

The Texas Rangers, a Sgt. and the Captain of the Dallas headquarters, were given information of what was behind the Waco murders and the Captain revealed that in their investigation. They had made X-ray examinations of the burned weapons serial numbers and had identified them as property of the Oxnard National Guard Armory.

The Texas Rangers were given powerful orders by William P. Clark, Harry Pregerson, Lloyd Bentsen and Janet Reno to cover-up their entire investigation and tell no one what they had discovered.

A powerful ADL Mishpucka and fanatical Israeli, Morris Dees and the treasonous, ADL- paid Oliver Revell combined in keeping the lid on the situation and precipitated and planned the Oklahoma City bombing.

They had for months secretly monitored and infiltrated Timothy McVeigh and the Nichols brothers in Michigan and provocateured certain aspects which set up and enabled them to plant explosive charges strategically on every floor of the Oklahoma City Federal Building which would be set off simultaneously with the fertilizer in the truck.


In 1987 the ADL Mishpucka learned that former Senator John Tower had exposed the part that the ADL Mishpucka and Menachem Begin had played in the assassination of JFK.

Irish writer Anthony Summers who had investigated the JFK assassination and had written books about it was acquainted with an ADL Mishpucka agent, Ed Tivnan in New York, and told him that evidence was about to be revealed exposing facts and evidence that Menachem Begin, as a secret agent of Israel, was involved with American gangsters and judges in a conspiracy to interfere with and destroy the American government. Tivnan was paid by the Israeli Government to put out false propaganda denying that Begin was ever involved with American gangsters.

It was revealed that Ed Tivnan was a powerful, treasonous ADL Mishpucka force in the Hollywood motion picture and TV industry, engaged in the preparation and dispensing of propaganda and controlling the entirety of news releases through the TV programs.

President Clinton and other treasonous persons in the U.S. Government seek to pass restrictive laws against the people to further deny them their Civil Rights.

This would be for the purpose of FBI agents to infiltrate citizens and any peaceful organizations to which they belong. But this infiltration and provocateuring has been going on for many years by the treasonous Oliver Revell, a top FBI agent, and Morris Dees, who leads an ADL Mishpucka organization, he calls the “Southern Poverty Law Center”.

What law exists that states Morris Dees has the right to infiltrate any American group of citizens he desires and make intelligence files on innocent individuals, then transfer anything that his imagination can trump up and put these in his master-computer files? What gives Morris Dees any right to form what he calls “Klan Watch”, then proceed to invade Americans privacy and destroy their rights to do anything legal they prefer to do? What gives this scum the right to destroy American citizens and keep records on them? Then at his own desires, take them to treasonous FBI agents who have been bought and paid for by the criminal, illegal ADL Mishpucka, and they conjure up and conspire to commit heinous crimes like Waco and Oklahoma City to advance their own political agenda. This has nothing to do with domestic terrorism. It is “Political Terrorism” inspired by insane ADL Mishpucka who are an International political terrorist organization who operate in every political jurisdiction on Earth.


In this Petition and Plea, just as Janet Reno demands, the loyal American citizens are being specific in their charges against disloyal, treasonous law enforcement officials who are secretly paid by the ADL Mishpucka to sabotage and destroy the United States of America.

The people are also specific in their charges of treason against U.S. Senators who take pay from the ADL Mishpucka to sabotage and destroy the U.S. of America.

Specifically the people in this Petition and Plea demand that Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary remove the following treasonous Senators from the Committee: Joseph Biden; Arlen Specter; Strom Thurmond; Edward Kennedy; Howlin Heflin; and one of the chief organizers of the ADL Mishpucka conspiracy to destroy America, Diane Feinstein. These persons must be replaced by new Senators who were not involved in the original conspiracy and have not secretly taken any pay from the ADL Mishpucka.

This hearing and investigation into the ADL Mishpucka conspiracy can be commenced immediately and successfully started by subpoenaing William P. Clark and asking him questions regarding the burglary of the Oxnard Armory and his possession of one of the stolen 50 Cal. machine guns and his statements regarding race-riots and revolution. The Senate Committee has absolute jurisdiction because all of these crimes involve murders — there is no statute of limitations applicable.

Witnesses can be produced who saw the weapon in Clark’s house.

Subpoena the FBI records of the burglary investigation and the arrests of the two suspects, their connections with Mickey Cohen, Menachem Begin, William Clark, Harry Pregerson and their contract to deliver the weapons. Subpoena Irving and Sherry Rubin regarding their illegal arsenal — Subpoena Lloyd Bentsen and determine his orders to the ATF and the extent of the action to totally destroy [the] Waco (compound) and the people in it.


These crimes and events over a period of years involve all the same people and are connected to Waco and the Oklahoma City explosion. Oliver Revell, an ex-FBI agent, now calls himself a “counter-terrorism expert” and coins new words — “Domestic Terrorism”. But there is no such thing. What, in truth, we have is “Political Terrorism” conducted by professional spies, saboteurs and provocateurs.

We do not need billions of dollars appropriated and thousands of new “Anti-Domestic Terrorist” officers, as misled Senators are now promoting — we need a Senate investigation of the ADL Mishpucka and to subpoena and confiscate all of their illegal files and records they are using against the American people. The FBI already has an investigation into these crimes but they are covering-up for the ADL Mishpucka. The FBI agents involved in that investigation and all their investigative files must be called for.

In 1987, each and every one of the one hundred Senators were individually provided with information, evidence and affidavits of these crimes and the persons involved in the conspiracy of “Race-Riots and Revolution” — at the same time the Senators were served with a “Petition and Plea from the people to safeguard the people and their health, safety and welfare and their real and personal property.”

Instead of hearing and acting on the peoples’ “Petition and Plea”, the Senators entered and joined a conspiracy to cover up the criminal acts against the people.

If the Senators had even taken one step to investigate the peoples’ plea, the Rodney King/ Watts riots, with the resulting enormous loss of life, would not have occurred. The loss of life at Waco and the horrendous Oklahoma City explosion would not have occurred and many other individual deaths would not have happened.

Every person who was a U.S. Senator in 1987 bears specific responsibility for the above- stated mass murders and the degradation of the United States of America is on their shoulders.

Immediate action and steps must be taken. The Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees must protect the United States of America citizens.

If further acts of “Political Terrorism” and massive, murderous tragedies occur because of the Senators’ failure to take action to prevent them, it is not conceivably possible that Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Senator James Imhof, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committees, can be forgiven by the people.

Gary L. Wean Retired California Police Officer

(pp. 108-113, Notices and Reports to the People)


[1] About Gary Wean

On December 7, 1945 Gary Wean was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy at San Pedro, California. In January of 1946 he joined the Los Angeles Police Department and and worked University Division, Metropolitan Division and Hollywood Division. He worked as a Detective Sgt. for the Ventura City Police Department and an investigator for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation, the Criminal Intelligence Unit. In September of 1966 he became the Chief Investigator for the Ventura County Public Defender’s Office until 1970, when he retired.