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America’s Dark Secret: Child Trafficking Has Been Going on for Decades

Screenshot: Sound of Freedom

Juliet Bonnay
4 July 2023

Everyone should watch ‘Sound of Freedom’ to find the courage to face the unspeakable harm done to children trafficked for sex – even in the ‘land of the free’. By eliminating demand, there would be no child sex trafficking and the misery it causes.

I urge you, therefore, to watch Sound of Freedom and become angry. Very, very angry. And then use that anger to propel you into action to tackle this heinous crime of child trafficking. You don’t have to travel to Columbia, where this movie was made. Instead I will connect some dots to reveal that this important work needs to begin in your own home, with you. How? I will come to that, but first, a little more about the movie after the trailer below.

Sound of Freedom was suppressed for three years after it was finished and finally premiered in Washington DC on June 21. Its nationwide release is on July 4. It stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of Christ) as Tim Ballard, a federal agent who quit his job to save a young girl from sex slavery in South America.

While filming in Columbia, Caviezel revealed an amazing story in itself. The thirty Navy SEALS who were working with him suddenly disappeared to rescue 200 hundred children, and for Caviezel, this was one of the gifts of making this movie. It is not a documentary, he explains, but an action adventure movie based on Tim Ballard’s multiple missions busting child trafficking rings, which “pulls all his truths from his life into this piece of work.” In an interview with Steve Bannon he said:

This is the most important film. This is why movies were supposed to be made. This is why I wanted to become an actor. I wanted to do things to bring the light on evil. And this is a perfect good versus evil film…

The movie exposes the terror, the indignity, the suffering, the pain and confusion of children torn from their homes and raped multiple times each day by pedophiles seeking sexual gratification. While set in Columbia, it is important to know that child trafficking is not unique there, for it has been going on for decades in the so-called ‘land of the free’. Some day in the future someone will dare to ask, “How could this vile, degrading abuse, that to a child would be torture, continue for decades without anyone blowing the whistle on this?”

The alarming truth of the matter is that such grim news rarely leaks out because those in high places are involved in this abhorrent crime. This is what Detective Sargent Gary Wean discovered during his investigations going back to the sixties. He had evidence exposing child trafficking coming from South America into Los Angeles. So what happened? Nothing. No arrests, no news headlines. Just silence. Why? The answer lies in what happened to Gary Wean’s investigation:

In 1963 Frank [Frank Hronek, Wean’s police partner] and I had been investigating serious criminal child pornography, molestations and slavery of children by wealthy people. We came upon knowledge and evidence that certain officials in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office were involved in flying young children, 10 to 14-year-old boys and girls from South America to Los Angeles and selling them to wealthy people in Beverly Hills.

Frank and I were called to William McKesson’s office, where in a rage he threatened us that this time we were as good as dead – that he was going to have us killed if we didn’t destroy every bit of evidence that we had.

We were called to another meeting in Asst. D.A. Manly Bowler’s office. Capt. Joseph McClure was there and certain details of Frank’s and my evidence were discussed.

I was forced to resign and Frank Hronek was ordered to other duties and direly threatened if he did not keep his mouth shut.

~ Notices and Reports to the People, Page 145

It is also Jim Caviezel’s opinion that putting an end to child trafficking is not something the senior government apparatus is interested in doing because they profit off it. He said during his interview with Bannon:

Let’s go back to Ms. Rodas. She comes out and says, 85,000 children are missing. That’s damn near a Rose Bowl stadium. And I think it’s a lot more than that. After I talked to Tim and many of them, they were saying, Jim, these are small numbers. Okay, fine. But that’s not newsworthy the next day. Like, you don’t want to pick that up? And then I started noticing that’s a tell. But it’s a huge tell. It’s over and over. Every time something trafficking comes out, next day, nothing. Nobody wants to talk about this story. Nothing.

In Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech in 2005 he said:

It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.

There is an eerie sound of silence around this like the stillness of early morning before the sun comes up and the world awakens from its slumber. Sound of Freedom wants to wake you up to end the silence. It puts the number of trafficked children worldwide at two million. However in 2018, during an ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, Robert David Steele said this figure could be much higher, reaching up to eight million trafficked children.  Steele, a former CIA Clandestine Operations Officer and co-Founder of Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, gave everyone a reality check at the beginning of the commission in the video below.

Steele asks, “How long do these children survive within this system?” and replies:

What I am hearing from the witnesses I’ve talked to is two years. It may be longer; it may be four years, it may be six years but by and large these children are so abused. I mean we’re talking rapes by the hour and so forth, that they ‘reach their expiration date’ within two years. And then they’re murdered with impunity, or they’re ritually murdered if that’s what they’ve been bred for.

Pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls people, Steele said. Think Jeffrey Epstein. He believes that this is also the deep state’s Achilles’ heel, for “if you can get the American public angry enough,” he said,

…we will stop supporting dictators overseas, we will close all of our military bases overseas… I am on record as a former CIA operations officer saying that our thousand bases overseas are not there for national defense, they’re there to serve as lily pads for the smuggling of guns, gold, cash, drugs, and small children.

Child trafficking thrives because there is a high demand to have sex with children, rivaling the demand for drugs. Pedophiles are drawn to where children are cheap, like Columbia. Steve Bannon expressed his disgust at this during his interview with Caviezel and said,  

It is unacceptable that in this providential nation that we have, that we’re the biggest demand side of the equation both for children for sex, as hard as that is to believe, plus organ harvesting.

This is why you need to watch Sound of Freedom and become very, very angry. And then start house cleaning. What do I mean by that? Everyone needs to confront the sexual abuse of children within his or her family, and extended family, instead of sweeping it under the rug where it will fester like an unhealed wound and begin a ripple effect that not only spreads into subsequent generations, but into society to infect other vulnerable children. And so on.

Children generally try to integrate abuse by acting it out in various ways. It can emerge in games they play, in their art, and music. Some will abuse others in ways similar to how they were abused. Sexual abuse is so overwhelming for many children they dissociate and shut down all memory of it. As adults they can later ‘act out’ the abuse as a rape victim, as in Freud’s ‘compulsion to repeat’, or become a perpetrator and do to a child what was done to them.

This is where this cycle needs to be broken. From my experience counseling adult childhood sex abuse victims, this is possibly the most likely reason they would travel to another country to rape a trafficked child. It can be either a conscious or unconscious attempt to free the sexually abused victim within them, and the feelings of degradation and shame associated with the abuse.

Other victims may numb their pain with alcohol and drugs, food, or excessive exercise and dieting. Many succumb to romance addiction, sex addiction, develop various fetishes, and much more. Gary Wean was fond of saying, “Everything is connected.”  

If our homes were free of domestic violence and child abuse and children were loved unconditionally, if the first lesson taught at school was for children to respect themselves and extend this respect to others, and if our governments really cared for the well-being of all the people they represent and took action to address our long-standing social problems, do you think we would be battling the scourges of child trafficking, drug trafficking, excessive greed, rampant violence and crime, widespread physical and mental health problems, homelessness, and poverty?

Be inspired by what Tim Ballard did to stop child trafficking when he quit his job and set up Operation Underground Railroad (in the video below), watch Sound of Freedom, and then set about freeing yourself and family members from the curse of abuse. It will create a ripple effect of good, I assure you. And if enough of us can do this, I believe we can overcome the evil scourge of child trafficking as well.

This article was originally posted on my Substack site, Rude Awakenings.

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