Different Perspectives

Within a world of propaganda, lies, political intrigue, and endless wars how can you know what is true? It is my aim in Different Perspectives to present various points of view to challenge you to think about world events, history, education, and your health and well-being in ways that can change long-held beliefs developed from years of unconsciously absorbing mainstream media narratives.

Perhaps at Different Perspectives you may discover that powerful hidden forces behind the scenes pull strings, create disorientating fog and fake scenery and many lies so that we, the people, will never guess they are stealing our democracies from under our feet while we scratch our heads puzzled by what is happening around us that defies logic and reason.

We all have urgent work ahead of us: to wake up! It won’t be climate change that will steal our children’s future, but powerful people who want to control the world – not for the good of all, but to benefit a tiny select few. Think about this: If the New World Order that President G.H.W Bush spoke about in such glowing terms could actually bring about world peace, why did his son, George W, begin an endless ‘war on terror’ by attacking countries in the Middle East that has destroyed cities, infrastructure, culture, and killed large numbers of civilians?

What brought me to this point in my life goes back to 1982, when I was writing a paper on community education for a Bachelor of Education degree. I had asked this question: Why do we need community education?

Curiously, my research for the paper took me into economics where I learned from one author that politically, we had arrived at a fork in the road. While one fork led to world peace, the other led to the takeover of the world’s wealth by a handful of multinational corporations, a path the author hoped we dare not tread because of its horrifying implications.

In George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four, he wrote ‘a book within it’ titled: The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism where “war is peace.” Think about that for a moment and what it might mean, for today it is obvious what fork we took.

The conclusion I came to about the importance of community education was that not only did it need to inspire people to become life-long learners, but to become informed citizens so vital in maintaining a healthy democracy. For if we fail in our duty to diligently guard our hard-won freedoms, or to challenge the wisdom of our leaders’ decisions, a totalitarian one-world government will be our fate.

Juliet Bonnay, 25 April 2020

Going Down the Rabbit Hole…

If you would like to do a deep dive to discover the criminal cabal that wants to rule the world and the webs of deceit they weave, the following selected articles will give deeper insight and understanding of what is currently going on behind the fomented chaos, craziness, and disruption that hide the criminal acts designed to impoverish we the people and remove the freedoms of all. Each one of these articles reveals far more than what at first appears apparent, for they are designed to connect many dots.

Lee Harvey Oswald: A New System of Government Will Take Over America

Oswald was a mysterious man and knew things that, if he had gone to trial, could have exposed some of the coup plotters behind the destructive direction they steered America in the wake of JFK’s assassination.

How Tax-Exempt Foundations Subverted America’s Democracy

The plot to “take over and control the diplomatic machinery” of America by infiltrating the State Department, and to permanently change Americans by involving them in a war were written in the early minutes of the Carnegie Endowment and discovered during the 1953 Reece Commission by Norman Dodd. (Video)

How the Rot Set In: Political and Judicial Corruption in California

Just as a fish rots from the head down, Det. Sgt. Gary Wean exposed some well-known names in his investigations into corruption, the NWO, and drug dealing. His book, There’s A Fish in the Courthouse, is a shocking exposé of corruption at the highest levels in California.

Is A Hidden Economic Agenda Driving Covid-19, Vaccines, and Lockdowns?

Fabio Vighi takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the grand design of what this pandemic has achieved for the so-called elites in their attempt to use unconventional measures…

“We Made SARS”: Patent Office Evidence (Video)

Dr. David Martin shares the results of his investigation into patents filed for the supposed “novel” coronavirus, dropping some jaw dropping bombs: in 2002 “the NIAID built an infectious, replication defective coronavirus that was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. In other words, WE MADE SARS.”

Planting the Seed for 9/11 in the American Mind

A detailed exploration into the hidden history behind the scenes of the 9/11 ‘Hollywood’ set that shook the world and still impacts our lives today.

‘Agenda 21’ Were Words “Never Meant to be Spoken” – Australian Politician

Ann Bressington, in a riveting speech, warns about the changes UN Agenda 21 is forcing on the world through local government legislation to create the foundation upon which a One World Government can operate. It is time to wake up that this is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ but a frightening reality. (Video)

Gene Wheaton on Covert Crimes of the Executive Branch of Government: An Interview by Matt Ehling

A whistle blower for the Iran-Contra affair, Gene Wheaton became aware of the ways in which powerful hidden enemies of the people could usurp democratic governments.

When “Would” Became “Wouldn’t”: Who Made Trump Buckle?

It seemed like an ominous warning when the lights started to dim and went off as soon as President Trump began his backtrack to assure the intelligence agencies and everyone else screaming ‘treason’ that he really meant “wouldn’t” when he clearly said “would.” “Who made Trump buckle?”