Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives uncovers what is beyond your awareness – from health and well-being issues, to the nefarious activities hidden behind the lies our governments and other institutions tell us. The only way we can know the truth about what is happening in this world is to immerse ourselves in our true history (not the rewritten history designed to keep us in ignorance) and go where most people dare not go.

Within a world of propaganda, lies, political intrigue, and false wars, how can you know what is true? Different Perspectives will give you just that – different perspectives – hopefully to prompt you to think deeply, start asking questions, and inspire your own research to find the elusive truth that our propaganda ridden Jewish-controlled mainstream media hides from us, that our puppet politicians cover over with webs of lies spun within lies, and that many philanthropic foundations secretly distort by rewriting our history. May you discover that powerful hidden forces behind the scenes pull strings, create disorientating fog and fake scenery and more lies so that we, the people, will never guess they are stealing our democracies from under our feet while we scratch our heads puzzled by what is happening, ignorant as to who is driving the breakdown of Western society.

We all have urgent work ahead of us: to wake up! To know that it won’t be climate change that will steal our children’s future, but powerful people who want to control the world – not for the good of all, but to benefit a tiny select few. While President GHW Bush blathered on about the coming New World Order, he didn’t tell anyone of his meetings in the early 1950s with the Russian Jews in Los Angeles (Menachem Begin, the leader of the Israeli terrorist gang, Irgun, and future Prime Minister of Israel heading the Likud Party among them), who were writing the constitution for a one world government, and conspiring to foment race riots and revolution.

What is really at stake? Think about that for a moment. Then think about how the Palestinians who lost their homes, their farms, their villages, their way of life, their country, and instead became imprisoned in refugee camps with a loss of human rights. Which most of us ignore. Our fate is right there, in bondage with the Palestinian people to be slaughtered with them at random during our protests if we do not wake up!

I know, it is just as exhausting for you to read this as it is for me to write it. But I write about other things, too, that may sit with you more comfortably. Check out what I write about education, health and wellness, social issues, and inspiring things to ponder upon. I draw from a wealth of life experiences and wisdom gained from teaching, counseling, farming, travel, rebuilding a yacht, sailing offshore, immersing myself in the creative arts, and ongoing studies in history and psychology. For over thirty years I have been connecting dots between what what we experience in childhood and outcomes in adulthood (both positive and negative) and the ripple effect of this in our families, communities, and the world.   

My current research mainly focuses on revealing the hidden history in the United States that underlies its social and political problems, the JFK assassination and who else is implicated in this puzzling intrigue, 9/11, Ukraine, the MH17 crash, the Middle East, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that most people associate with combat in war, car accidents, and natural disasters, but which has become a hidden epidemic within our society as a result of ignoring the devastating consequences of war, domestic violence, childhood trauma and abuse.

Juliet Bonnay

What brought me to this point in my life? It goes back to 1982 when I was writing a paper on community education for a Bachelor of Education degree. I had asked this question: Why do we need community education?

Curiously my research for the paper took me into economics, where I learned from one author that politically, we had arrived at a fork in the road: one fork led to world peace, and the other to the takeover of the world’s wealth by a handful of multinational corporations. He described the second scenario as truly horrifying and a path he hoped we dare not tread. Yet today it is obvious what fork we took. In the early 1980s the Reagan (U.S.), Thatcher (U.K.), Hawke (Australia), and the Lange (New Zealand) governments embraced the neo-liberal economic and political policies that would lead to a transfer of wealth from the poor and middle classes to what is commonly termed, “the one percent” representing a ‘handful’ of multinational companies.

The conclusion I came to about the importance of community education was that it had to embrace more than hobby and self-interest classes and not only encourage people to become life-long learners, but to become an informed citizenry so vital in maintaining a healthy democracy, which I fear, we have already lost. At the end of this 1982 paper, I wrote out the following from a Jethro Tull album, Aqualung…

    1. In the beginning Man created god:
      and in the image of Man created he him.
    2. And Man gave unto god a multitude of names.
      That he might be lord over all the earth when it was suited to Man.
    3. And on the seventh millionth day Man rested and did
      lean heavily on his god and saw that it was good.
    4. And Man formed Aqualung of the dust of the ground.
      And a host of others likened unto his kind.
    5. And these lesser men Man did cast into the void.
      And some were burned,
      And some were put apart from their kind.
    6. And Man became the god that he had created
      and with his miracles did rule over all the earth.
    7. But as all these things did come to pass,
      the spirit that did cause man to create his god,
      lived on within all men,
      even within Aqualung.
    8. And man saw it not.
    9. But for Christ’s sake he’d better start looking.

I now live in New Zealand where I enjoy solitary walks in nature to renew myself.

Juliet Bonnay, 24 December 2019

Nikau Palms, Waiheke Island, New Zealand