When “Would” Became “Wouldn’t”: Who Made Trump Buckle

30 July 2018
It seemed like an ominous warning when the lights started to dim and went off as soon as President Trump began his backtrack to assure the intelligence agencies, and everyone else screaming ‘treason’, that he really meant ‘wouldn’t’ when he clearly said ‘would.’ “Who made Trump buckle?” Tucker Carlson asked

Cruel Sheep Shearing Practices Exposed

Updated 08 October 2017
Shearers in Australia are shown punching, kicking, throwing sheep about, and cutting them so badly they require stitches, in a video made by PETA. Investigations and prosecutions are now taking place.

Amid Dirty Politics ‘Another Free Election Bites the Dust’?

September 19, 2014
‘The Moment of Truth’ in the Auckland Town Hall on Monday night was not about Kim Dotcom. It was about New Zealand. More specifically, it was about New Zealand’s ability to hold onto its democracy and…

Sexual Abuse: The Ripple Effect of Doing Nothing

August 18, 2013
The harm done by dismissing what children say about someone sexually abusing them – through our disbelief – can be incalculable. We need to ask tough questions and have the courage to confront the unthinkable…

Welfare Policies Need an Injection of Compassion

June 03, 2013
The impact on mental health of living for years in war-torn homes of domestic violence, and/or being subjected to sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect, can be just as damaging, if not more so, than…

Misogyny: Hatred, Entreched Prejudice, Or Both?

October 29, 2012
Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, made a riveting speech in parliament about sexism and misogyny and double standards. It was a riveting speech because it came from a fire in her belly that finally said, on behalf of all women, “We have had enough of this…

Are Free Contraceptives Really the Answer?

May 13, 2012
As New Zealand’s welfare bashing continues over the Government’s proposal to offer free contraception to female welfare beneficiaries, political hopeful Colin Craig has stuck his boots into New Zealand’s ‘promiscuous’ women by opposing such a move.

The 4 Most Important R’s

November 11, 2011
We have all been taught what the three most important R’s are in school, but have you ever considered that there are other R’s that might be more important? I used four of them to very good effect while teaching, and they had nothing to do with reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.

Mothers Who Play With ‘Dolls’

September 15, 2011
“Here comes Pretty Woman…Paisley…” announced the host on Toddlers and Tiaras.  Out struts three-year-old Paisley dressed as Julia Roberts who plays a prostitute in ‘Pretty Woman’. She is wearing a look-alike outfit…

Promiscuity: Loose Morals or Searching for Love?

July 26, 2011
Promiscuous behaviour, the drinking and the drugging we see around us everywhere says more about the lack of love in our lives and the brokenness caused by abuse, violence, neglect, abandonment and…

New Zealand’s Social Crisis

February 18, 2011
When governments remain fixated on reducing debt and growing the economy, they ignore the core social problems that cost billions and create ongoing cycles of poverty, violence, child abuse, health problems, and drug and alcohol abuse.

New Zealand’s Dark Secret

February 01, 2011
Today I read with shock and disgust and a sickening feeling in my stomach about  a two-year-old boy who was kicked to death by his mother’s boyfriend. The little boy had been sleeping on a couch and awoke to discover that he had wet it.

How Can We End Family Violence?

December 07, 2010
Along with steadily increasing incidences of family violence, are the spiralling economic and health costs it creates – not to mention the huge problems caused when drugs and alcohol are used to self-medicate the anxiety family violence creates. What can we do to end these cycles…

Ending Cycles of Violence is an Inside Job

September 23, 2010
The choices we individually or collectively make can create heaven or hell upon Earth. Each one of us has the power of choice within us, and the power to choose peace within our own thoughts and therefore our lives.

The Antidote to Violence

August 31, 2010
Violence in the home can create psychic wounds that may never heal. It can cause children to ‘harden their hearts’ by shutting down their feelings to enable them to survive it. It has also, I believe, created a silent epidemic of PTSD…

Outer Crisis has an Inner Cure

August 19, 2010
“We devote a lot of time to adult policies, trying to make a better world. But every reform is frustrated or perverted. The quality of life is not improved, because the people are the same. What changes people? …”