Health and Well-Being

Relieve Stress With This Simple Breathing Technique

Return to the peace of a country setting with the Éiriú Eolas breathing technique. Learn how to “pipe breathe” to relieve stress in your life, and to lull yourself to sleep if you should wake during the night and start tossing and turning. (Video)

How High ACE Scores Can Impact Adult Health

High ACE scores can impact adult health as risk factors for the leading mental and physical health problems that currently afflict western societies. ACEs, or Adverse Childhood Experiences are the “gravest and most costly public health issue in the United States.” They “turn gold into lead,” says Dr Vincent Felitti, an author of the ACE Study.

Compulsive Care Giving: Why Awareness Matters

Compulsive caregivers have an abundance of empathy. They are also likely to have weak personal boundaries, or no boundaries at all. In such cases, empathy can drive care giving into compulsive behavior as a knee jerk reaction to someone’s distress. Learn why it matters to become aware of this negative pattern.

How To Free Yourself From Attachments

No matter how attached we are to someone, more can be learned about love by letting go than by holding on. Detachment, I have learned, is the secret to living lightly and lovingly. Try this powerful meditative exercise to discover what you have to learn from a relationship you may need to let go…

Promiscuity: Loose Morals or Searching for Love?

Promiscuous behavior, the drinking and the drug taking we see around us everywhere says more about the lack of love in our lives and the brokenness caused by abuse, violence, neglect, abandonment and…

Sexual Abuse: The Ripple Effect of Doing Nothing

The harm done by dismissing as incredulous what children say about someone sexually abusing them, can be incalculable. We need to ask tough questions and have the courage to confront the unthinkable before a ripple effect spreads far and wide with devastating effect on our families and communities. This article explores the impact of the Parker case in New Zealand in 2013.

How Can We End Family Violence?

Along with steadily increasing incidences of family violence, are the spiralling economic and health costs it creates – not to mention the huge problems caused when drugs and alcohol are used to self-medicate the anxiety family violence creates. What can we do to end these cycles…

Welfare Policies Need an Injection of Compassion

The ignorance of how and why people end up on Welfare can further negatively impact their mental and physical health and well-being, so let’s look at why they are caught in this trap. With newly gained understanding that leads to compassion, we can put an end to the disturbing and growing trend of ‘beneficiary bashing’ and learn instead to care for the most vulnerable among us.