Vaxxed Patients’ Blood Findings Alarm German Doctor (Video)

Dr. Jane Ruby presents the findings of a group of German physicians and lawyers who examined the blood of patients after their Covid shots. Alarmed by what they discovered, they procured a vial to examine its contents under microscope.

“We Made SARS”: Patent Office Evidence (Video)

Dr. David Martin shares the results of his investigation into patents filed for the supposed “novel” coronavirus, dropping some jaw dropping bombs: in 2002 “the NIAID built an infectious, replication defective coronavirus that was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. In other words, WE MADE SARS.”

Become Aware: Doctors’ COVID-19 Roundtable

Fourteen doctors give important views on pressing issues around Covid-19 in this totally absorbing roundtable hosted by The Awareness Foundation.

PCR Test is Outrageous Fraud, Corona Virus Like the Common Flu: Reiner Fuellmich (Video)

“PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.” ~ Inventor of the PCR, Dr. Kary Mullis

Plandemic 2: Indoctornation

Looking into the history of how today’s Covid craziness began is an eye-opener, but the documentary also gives us hope that through our awareness we can take back our power and create a much better world. Plandemic Indoctornation has won the Gold Award from The European Independent Film Award for Best Documentary.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi: Don’t Believe This Lie, For God’s Sake!

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist, issues a dire warning to us all about the dangers of the experimental mRNA Covid shots that some countries are attempting to mandate – even in the face of serious ‘vaccine’-related injuries, disabilities, and deaths.

What COVID Injections Do to Your Blood: A Shocking Discovery!

If you care about your health and well-being, not only is it vital to know what is behind this urgent push to vaccinate the world’s population against Covid-19, but to know exactly what is in the injection and its potential impact on your body. Dr. Jane Ruby exposes exactly what these shots are doing to your blood. (Video)

Depopulation, Bush Family Secrets, One World Government, and More with Jim Marrs (Video)

Sean Stone interviews Jim Marrs, author of the New York Times bestsellers, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, which became the basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK, and Rule by Secrecy.

‘Agenda 21’ Were Words “Never Meant to be Spoken” – Australian Politician

Ann Bressington, in a riveting speech, warns about the changes UN Agenda 21 is forcing on the world through local government legislation to create the foundation upon which a One World Government can operate. It is time to wake up that this is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ but a frightening reality.

Exposing UN Agenda 21: Rosa Koire Pulls Back the Curtain

UN Agenda 21 is a plan to better manage our use of the earth’s resources, and to share them more equitably in a sustainable way. However, Rosa Koire, an expert in land use and valuation, discovered the agenda’s sinister underlying plan of total control over every aspect of people’s lives around the world.

RFK’s Moving Words on MLK’s Death Still Apply Today (Video)

It was on this day, in 1968, that Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed. The moving words he spoke in Indianapolis the day Martin Luther King was gunned down (two months before his own death), still apply today – even more so in the face of polarized riots across America that had their genesis in the fifties.

Plandemic Documentary, Part 1: Interview With Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits PhD, a renowned scientist who worked on the HIV AIDS virus, was gagged for five years because of what she discovered. The frightening truth she now reveals in Plandemic, Part One is a call to action for us all. Part Two, Indoctornation, is now also available for viewing on this page.

Doctor Blasts Fauci’s Fake Pandemic Numbers and Exposes Covid-19 Agenda

A must watch interview: Dr Rashid Buttar reveals vitally important information about Covid-19 and the deception taking place behind the scenes that will adversely impact us all. Dr. Buttar serves as the medical director for the Centers of Advanced Medicine with clinics in California and North Carolina.

Dying of Thirst in Gaza – A Real News Network Interview

In Dying of Thirst in Gaza, Marc Steiner, concerned about the dire conditions for Palestinians in Gaza, interviews hydrologist Clemens Messerschmid about the acute shortage of clean drinking water, why this is so, and what can be done about it. The interview brings into sharp focus the appalling living conditions in this ‘open air prison’, making it hard to believe that Gaza was once…

The Strategy Behind the 1989 Romanian Revolution: What Can We Learn?

Over a thousand people died in Romania in December 1989. In Checkmate: Strategy of a Revolution, filmmaker Susanne Brandstätter shows how the Romanian revolution was strictly a managed operation, controlled from the outside – like the 1953 overthrow of democratically elected Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran.

Harold Pinter: Art, Truth and Politics (Video)

Pinter’s pre-recorded speech for his Nobel Prize in Literature Award is riveting. It would shake up a person who still believes the lies the media spin about war.  Yet for those of us who are awake, it injects a sense of urgency to go into action…to pull apart the curtains on our world stage to reveal the truth about America’s wars.

9/11: “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

If you still believe the ‘official’ 9/11 story, David Hooper’s documentary of how he began to awaken from the lies we were told, and what he discovered, may change your perception about what happened that fateful day. His journey began with an innocent question, which for Sherlock Holmes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, Silver Blaze…

Was 9/11 An Inside Job to Create ‘The New American Century’?

Who can forget George W’s famous remark about Osama bin Laden: “There’s an old poster out west, as I recall, that said ‘Wanted, dead or alive’”? But few probably know what Osama bin Laden reportedly stated about who was responsible for the 9/11 tragedy. Features the Italian documentary The New American Century. A must see.

9/11: Major General Stubblebine Exposes the Lie That a Plane Hit the Pentagon

Major General Stubblebine said of the attacks on 9/11 that he was: “…so ingrained in my belief system that I could not believe…that anybody except a sort of…Arab terrorist could do something like that.” And then one day he saw a photograph of the hole in the Pentagon…

The War on Democracy

This 2007 John Pilger Documentary is about how the United States manipulated Latin American governments over a period of fifty years. However the ‘war’ is ongoing. It is a war fought to maintain United States’ control over Latin America’s rich natural resources. It shows how media propaganda is a favorite tactic used to create false beliefs and fear in the minds of people unable to see U.S. hidden agendas.