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The Use of Terrorism To Construct The World Order – Ola Tunanda

07 April 2020

In 2004 Ola Tunanda wrote about the use of terrorism to construct the world order. He shows that the successful Strategy of Tension Americans used in post WWII Europe to achieve specific political outcomes, was then adopted after September 11 as America’s ‘war on terrorism’ to reshape the world… Can the Covid-19 climate of fear also be used to further shape the world order and take away our freedoms?

Covid-19: Different Perspectives from Many Sources

03 April 2020

To allay the panic and fear around the Covid-19 virus, I have posted below a cross section of many articles offering different perspectives… Many of these articles helped to allay the fear that swept over me from the panicked and frightened public, for which I was very grateful. The more information we have, the more intelligently we can make calm and reasoned choices…

Dying of Thirst in Gaza – A Real News Network Interview

18 March 2020

In Dying of Thirst in Gaza, Marc Steiner, concerned about the dire conditions for Palestinians in Gaza, interviews hydrologist Clemens Messerschmid about the acute shortage of clean drinking water, why this is so, and what can be done about it. The interview brings into sharp focus the appalling living conditions in this ‘open air prison’, making it hard to believe that Gaza was once an oasis…

Turkey’s Calls for Help: A Different Perspective to Western Propaganda

7 March 2020

“While pretending to protect Turkey,” writes Thierry Meyssan, “Western propaganda hides its calls for help. The problem is by no means the clashes with the Russian army at Idlib, nor the fate of the families of jihadists, it is much more serious. The world is a cruel place. It is not by blinding ourselves that we will be able to come to the aid of threatened populations.”

New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq

17 October 2019

David Swanson’s article highlights a new study documenting the horrific impact on children from the DU weapons America used. The dreams that Greta Thunberg emotionally declared at the UN that climate change would rob her of pale to insignificance in the face of numerous Iraqi children’s struggles simply to have a tiny semblance of normal life…

Planting the Seed for 9/11 in the American Mind

11 September 2019

A thought to deliberately crash a passenger plane into a skyscraper become reality in a 1978 Arnon Milchan produced movie, The Medusa Touch. In 1980 Isser Harel predicted a 9/11-type attack in New York. In March 2001, the Fox Network aired the first episode of The Lone Gunmen scrambling to save a hijacked passenger plane aiming for the World Trade Center.

‘TechCamp’ Used to Ignite Civil War in Ukraine

23 July 2019

In 2014 a U.S. planned civil war erupted in Eastern Ukraine. In November 2013, Deputy Oleg Tsarov warned the Kiev Government that American ‘TechCamp’ instructors worked from the U.S. Embassy to explain how social networks and Internet technologies can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion as well as to activate protest potential, to provoke violent unrest on the territory of Ukraine, radicalization of the population, and triggering of infighting. The civil war continues. Related videos.

Understand the Venezuelan Coup Attempt Against the Backdrop of the 2002 Coup Against Chavez

18 February 2019

To understand Washington’s current push to depose the democratically elected President Maduro in Venezuela, it is important to understand why the U.S. staged a coup against President Hugo Chavez in 2002, why Washington wanted to see him gone, and why his death in 2013 was probably an assassination.

What An American Learned Fighting With The Pro-Russian ‘Rebels’ in Ukraine

2 December 2018

Even though life was good for Russell Bentley in Texas, he felt that he had a “responsibility to keep life from being bad for other people.” When he saw a woman in eastern Ukraine lying on the ground with her legs blown off, looking right at him through the camera lens, he knew he had to help the pro-Russian “rebel’s” in their fight against…

JFK Assassination: Rifle Range Realities Vs. the Oswald-Did-It Story

15 November 2018

“The most dangerous thing in the world is a Marine with his M1 rifle” (a Marine Drill Instructor’s mantra). Does it make any sense then that Oswald, a former US Marine, would choose an old Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, known for its poor long range accuracy, as his weapon of choice to kill President Kennedy? Daniel Borgstrom’s story…

9/11: “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

5 October 2018
If you still believe the ‘official’ 9/11 story, David Hooper’s documentary of how he began to awaken from the lies we were told, and what he discovered, may change your perception about what happened that fateful day. His journey began with an innocent question, which for Sherlock Holmes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, Silver Blaze…

Thierry Meyssan’s Open letter to President Trump concerning the consequences of 9/11/2001

13 September 2018
Mister President, The crimes of 11 September 2001 have never been judged in your country. I am writing to you as a French citizen, the first person to denounce the inconsistencies of the official version and to open the world to the debate and the search for the real perpetrators.

Was 9/11 An Inside Job?

September 11, 2018
Who can forget George W’s famous remark about Osama bin Laden: “There’s an old poster out west, as I recall, that said ‘Wanted, dead or alive’”? But few probably know what Osama bin Laden reportedly stated about who was responsible for the 9/11 tragedy: “There exists a government within the government of the United States. That secret government must be asked as to whom carried out these attacks…

When “Would” Became “Wouldn’t”: Who Made Trump Buckle?

30 July 2018: It seemed like an ominous warning when the lights started to dim and went off as soon as President Trump began his backtrack to assure the intelligence agencies and everyone else screaming ‘treason’ that he really meant “wouldn’t” when he clearly said “would.” “Who made Trump buckle?” Tucker Carlson asked.

The CIA In Australia And New Zealand (Part 1)

27 July 2018
Against the backdrop of the never-ending ‘Russia hacked our elections’ allegations, a six-part radio documentary exposes how the CIA helped to bring down the Australian government in 1975 and at the same time, interfered in New Zealand politics.

Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4Part 5  | Part 6

Palestinian Refugees: An ‘Abortion of Justice and Humanity’

17 May 2018, Updated 18 June 2018
In 1917 British Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, wrote to the representative of the Zionist movement, Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild: “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

Lies About Syria and The ‘Chemical Attack’ Exposed By OAN Reporter

1 May 2018: Is Assad really a “brutal dictator” who oppresses the Syrian people, as he is portrayed in the West? Is he responsible for the alleged April 7 chemical attack on innocent civilians? To find out, Pearson Sharp went to Damascus to investigate.

Russia Vindicated? ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning Linked to US, UK and NATO States

18 April 2018: Swiss lab findings now reveal that Sergei Skripal, a Russian who is a former British spy, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ.

Boris Johnson Is Lying In The Skripal Case

by Craig Murray on 22 March 2018
Evidence submitted by the British government in court today proves, beyond any doubt, that Boris Johnson has been point blank lying about the degree of certainty Porton Down scientists have about the Skripals being poisoned with a Russian “novichok” agent.

Oliver Stone: Ukraine on Fire (Documentary)

Updated 4 March 2018.
Now you can watch the full documentary described by Stone as  “a dirty story through and through, but in the tragic aftermath of this coup, the West has maintained the dominant narrative of ‘Russia in Crimea’ whereas the true narrative is ‘USA in Ukraine’ …”

9/11: Major General Stubblebine Exposes the Lie That a Plane Hit the Pentagon

12 September 2017
Video: Major General Stubblebine said of the attacks on 9/11 that he was: “…so ingrained in my belief system that I could not believe…that anybody except a sort of…Arab terrorist could do something like that.” And then one day he saw a photograph of the hole in the Pentagon…

Odessa Massacre

03 May, 2016
Forty eight people were brutally murdered and nearly two hundred were injured two years ago on May 02 in the quiet and picturesque port city in Ukraine. Women and children as well as men and women in their forties, fifties, and sixties were brutally set upon in the Trades Union building where they had retreated for safety against…

Don’t Be a US Puppet: Sahra Wagenknecht Berates Angela Merkel

December 11, 2014
Sahra Wagenknecht, Bundestag Member and Left Party Deputy Chairperson, berates Angela Merkel (see video) for squandering all the gains of “détente” politics, leading Europe into a new Cold War with Russia, and to the brink of a flash fire because…

Dutch Professor Apologises to Putin for Skewed Media Coverage on MH-17

September 05, 2014
Mass media lies just as alarming to me as they clearly are to Professor Cees J. Hamelink, who wrote an open letter of apology to President Putin (below) for using the MH-17 downing to defame Putin and discredit…

MH-17: Obama Show Us Your Evidence

August 04, 2014
Retired U.S. intelligence professionals wrote a memorandum to Obama on July 29, concerned about the new wave of propaganda that has emerged over the downing of MH-19. In light of previous lies about Iraq using “weapons of mass destruction” and Assad using sarin gas against his own people, they calmly call for clarity in…

MH-17’s Last Moments Shown in Russian Radar Clips

August 02, 2014
A presentation by the Russian Ministry of Defence (with English translation) sets out all the information they have in relation to the downing of MH-17. It shows radar clips from an air traffic control tower…

Ukraine: What Are They Fighting For?

July 23, 2014
Most people do not know what has been happening behind the scenes in Ukraine because of a media blackout since the February coup. Now the so-called ‘rebels’ have been accused of downing MH-17 and killing all its passengers. There is more to this story than mainstream media will say.

‘Rebel’ Leader Alexander Borodai on the MH17 Crash

July 22, 2014
Alexander Borodai, PM of the Donesk People’s Republic, gave a sobering press conference on July 19 which reveals his frustration that no one from the international community had arrived to help collect the bodies in a humanitarian way at the MH17 crash site.

Who is Vladimir Putin? Why Does the US Government Hate Him?

June 09, 2014
Although Vladimir Putin has been called a KGB thug and even a reincarnation of Hitler, Sharon Tennison shares a side of Putin from her personal experiences that might surprise you.

The Nazi Danger: A Letter from Odessa

May 21, 2014
Dismayed by the violence that erupted in Odessa on May 02, where over forty peaceful anti-fascist demonstrators were burned alive in a building they escaped to as thugs burned their tents T., a teacher living in Odessa, wrote a letter to expose the truth of what is happening in Ukraine.

Tony Benn Dies at 88: Interview With Saddam Hussein and What He Stood For Still Relevant Today

March 17, 2014
Tony Benn was against war, and the folly of Britain following America’s lead into a war with Iraq after 9/11. He was so concerned about the events leading up to this war that he travelled to Iraq to interview Saddam Hussein and ask him point blank if Iraq had…

The Strategy Behind the 1989 Romanian Revolution: What Can We Learn?

March 09, 2014
‘Freedom’ and so-called ‘democracy’ never come without bloodshed. It is an indefatigable truth about revolutions. It is as true for the people in Ukraine now as it was for the Romanian people…

Is Lee Harvey Oswald Innocent?

November 22, 2013
Was Lee Harvey Oswald simply the patsy he said he was, and therefore innocent? The famous Altgens’ photo shows that President Kennedy has just been hit in the throat by a bullet that came from the front, as verified by doctors at Parkland Hospital who confirmed that this was an entrance wound.

The War on Democracy

September 29, 2013
This 2007 John Pilger Documentary is about how the Unites States manipulated Latin American governments over a period of fifty years. However the ‘war’ is ongoing. It is a war fought to maintain Unites States’ control over Latin America’s rich natural resources. It shows how…

Putin’s Message to Americans About Taking Action in Syria

September 13, 2013
“Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies…”

Don’t Let the ‘Wool be Pulled Over Your Eyes’ in This Election

November 06, 2012
Lies, prejudice, ignorance, insipid reporting, and an overly dominant focus on the economy are the hallmarks of this American presidential election. The desperate nature of this contest tells me that much more is at stake.

Shining Stars of the Chilean Miners’ Rescue

October 23, 2010
When an American friend asked me if I knew who drilled the shaft for the miners’ escape in Chile, I had to confess my ignorance. I went in search of his story and discovered many stars who played pivotal roles in the miners’ rescue…