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‘Agenda 21’ Were Words “Never Meant to be Spoken” – Australian Politician

Ann Bressington, in a riveting speech, warns about the changes UN Agenda 21 is forcing on the world through local government legislation to create the foundation upon which a One World Government can operate. It is time to wake up that this is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ but a frightening reality. (Video)

9 October 2020

Confronting Empirical Evidence: What Turned the Twin Towers to Dust?

Kurt Sonnenfeld, a FEMA photographer working at Ground Zero after 9/11, said that whatever destroyed the Twin Towers turned them mostly into “fine dust.” Dr. Judy Wood’s empirical evidence shows what caused this “dustification.”

05 October 2020

The ‘Inside Job’ Hypothesis of 911 and the American Left

Dr. Graeme MacQueen refers to the questions Castro asked the day after the Kennedy assassination by using his imagination to determine what was in the realm of possibility and what was clearly false. MacQueen then explores the 9/11 attack in a similar way, noting the reaction of the American Left.

11 September 2020

Gene Wheaton on Covert Crimes of the Executive Branch of Government: An Interview by Matt Ehling

A whistle blower for the Iran-Contra affair, Gene Wheaton became aware of the ways in which powerful hidden enemies of the people could usurp democratic governments.

25 August 2020

The Deep State’s Global Reset – Unplugged

“Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable – it doesn’t matter. They are less than the 0.0001%.” Peter Koenig shows how they are dismantling the world’s democracies while using fear to coerce we, the people, to surrender our civil and human rights.

22 July 2020

Exposing UN Agenda 21: Rosa Koire Pulls Back the Curtain (Video)

UN Agenda 21 is a plan to better manage our use of the earth’s resources, and to share them more equitably in a sustainable way. However, Rosa Koire, an expert in land use and valuation, discovered the agenda’s sinister underlying plan of total control over every aspect of people’s lives around the world when she delved beneath the restrictions on land use in California..

1 July 2020

Engdahl: The Warp Speed Push for Coronavirus Vaccines

The US government, in a tight-knit circle all tied to Tony Fauci’s NIAID, the Gates Foundation, WHO are moving with not warp [speed], but rather warped human priorities to deliver us a vaccine that no one can assure is in any way safe.

30 May 2020

Plandemic Documentary, Part 1: Interview With Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits PhD, a renowned scientist who worked on the HIV AIDS virus, was gagged for five years because of what she discovered. The frightening truth she now reveals is a call to action for us all. This is the first installment of a series of vignettes released prior to the completion of the full-length documentary, Plandemic.

08 May 2020

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes the Dangers of Bill Gates’ Messianic Vaccine Dictatorship Plan

Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

05 May 2020

Planting the Seed for 9/11 in the American Mind

An exploration into the hidden history behind the scenes of the 9/11 ‘Hollywood’ set that shook the world and still impacts our lives today.

Updated 08 May 2020

Doctor Blasts Fauci’s Fake Pandemic Numbers and Exposes Covid-19 Agenda

Dr Rashid Buttar reveals vitally important information about Covid-19 and the deception taking place behind the scenes that will adversely impact us all. Dr. Buttar serves as the medical director for the Centers of Advanced Medicine with clinics in California and North Carolina.

20 April 2020

Covid-19: Different Perspectives from Many Sources

A selection of articles (with links) from doctors and writers offering different perspectives about Covid-19.

27 April 2020

The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary)

The 5G Trojan Horse is a 96-minute documentary by Derrick Broze that exposes the truth behind the global “Race to 5G”; the health, privacy, and local power concerns; and the corruption between the ‘Big Wireless’ industry and the U.S. government. It is a wake-up call that should set our alarms ringing for us to take urgent action.

26 February 2020

Dying of Thirst in Gaza – A Real News Network Interview

In Dying of Thirst in Gaza, Marc Steiner, concerned about the dire conditions for Palestinians in Gaza, interviews hydrologist Clemens Messerschmid about the acute shortage of clean drinking water, why this is so, and what can be done about it. The interview brings into sharp focus the appalling living conditions in this ‘open air prison’, making it hard to believe that Gaza was once an oasis…

18 March 2020

Is Lee Harvey Oswald Innocent?

This is not a question people would ask after Oswald was named as Kennedy’s assassin within hours of a much loved president’s death. While people were in shock over this unspeakable tragedy, the ‘official story’ that Oswald was the ‘lone nut’ assassin was hammered into their brains over and over again until for many, it became a ‘truth’…

Updated: 30 November 2019

New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq

David Swanson’s article highlights a new study documenting the horrific impact on children from the DU weapons America used. The dreams that Greta Thunberg emotionally declared at the UN that climate change would rob her of pale to insignificance in the face of numerous Iraqi children’s struggles simply to have a tiny semblance of normal life…

17 October 2019

‘TechCamp’ Used to Ignite Civil War in Ukraine

Chaos and revolution in Ukraine was was unleashed by an American-planned coup to topple the Yanukovych government in 2014. Deputy Oleg Tsarov warned the government beforehand that American ‘TechCamp’ instructors worked from the U.S. Embassy to build up social networks to target and manipulate public opinion, and to provoke violent unrest in Ukraine by radicalizing the population to trigger infighting. This is what started the civil war in Ukraine. A similar plan now plays out in America and spreads across the world.

23 July 2019

What An American Learned Fighting With The Pro-Russian ‘Rebels’ in Ukraine

Even though life was good for Russell Bentley in Texas, he felt that he had a “responsibility to keep life from being bad for other people.” When he saw a woman in eastern Ukraine lying on the ground with her legs blown off, looking right at him through the camera lens, he knew he had to help the pro-Russian “rebel’s” in their fight against…

2 December 2018

JFK Assassination: Rifle Range Realities Vs. the Oswald-Did-It Story

“The most dangerous thing in the world is a Marine with his M1 rifle” (a Marine Drill Instructor’s mantra). Does it make any sense then that Oswald, a former US Marine, would choose an old Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, known for its poor long range accuracy, as his weapon of choice to kill President Kennedy? Daniel Borgstrom’s story…

15 November 2018

9/11: “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

If you still believe the ‘official’ 9/11 story, David Hooper’s documentary of how he began to awaken from the lies we were told, and what he discovered, may get you to rethink what happened that fateful day. His journey began with an innocent question, which for Sherlock Holmes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, Silver Blaze…

5 October 2018

Was 9/11 An Inside Job to Create ‘The New American Century’?

Features the Italian documentary The New American Century which exposes the neoconservative cabal who play leading roles in the 9/11 drama.

11 September 2018

When “Would” Became “Wouldn’t”: Who Made Trump Buckle?

It seemed like an ominous warning when the lights started to dim and went off as soon as President Trump began his backtrack to assure the intelligence agencies and everyone else screaming ‘treason’ that he really meant “wouldn’t” when he clearly said “would.” “Who made Trump buckle?”

30 July 2018

Lies About Syria and The ‘Chemical Attack’ Exposed By OAN Reporter

Is Assad really a “brutal dictator” who oppresses the Syrian people, as he is portrayed in the West? Is he responsible for the alleged April 7 chemical attack on innocent civilians? To find out, Pearson Sharp went to Damascus to search for the truth.

1 May 2018

Russia Vindicated? ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning Linked to US, UK and NATO States

Swiss lab findings now reveal that Sergei Skripal, a Russian who is a former British spy, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ.

18 April 2018

Ukraine on Fire: Documentary on the 2014 American Coup

Oliver Stone described this coup in Ukraine as  “a dirty story through and through.” It shows clear parallels between what happened then, and what is currently happening in America (June, 2020) where deliberately stoked racial and political unrest have now set America on fire. These so-called ‘revolutions’ or ‘uprisings’ always follow a specific pattern, directed as they are by hidden operators behind the scenes.

Updated 4 March 2018

9/11: Major General Stubblebine Exposes the Lie That a Plane Hit the Pentagon (Video)

Major General Stubblebine said of the attacks on 9/11 that he was: “…so ingrained in my belief system that I could not believe…that anybody except a sort of…Arab terrorist could do something like that.” And then one day he saw a photograph of the hole in the Pentagon…

12 September 2017

Don’t Be a US Puppet: Sahra Wagenknecht Berates Angela Merkel

Sahra Wagenknecht, Bundestag Member and Left Party Deputy Chairperson, berates Angela Merkel (see video) for squandering all the gains of “détente” politics, leading Europe into a new Cold War with Russia, and to the brink of a flash fire because…

11 December 2014

Odessa Massacre

Forty eight people were brutally murdered and nearly two hundred were injured on May 2, 2014 in the quiet and picturesque port city in Ukraine. Women and children as well as men and women in their forties, fifties, and sixties were brutally set upon in the Trades Union building where they had retreated for safety against…

3 May 2016

Amid Dirty Politics ‘Another Free Election Bites the Dust’?

Against the backdrop of the CIA coup that took down the Australian Government in 1975, New Zealand’s sovereignty became a focus during elections in 2014. Includes video discussion with Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Bob Amsterdam.

19 September 2014

Dutch Professor Apologises to Putin for Skewed Media Coverage on MH-17

Dutch Professor Cees J. Hamelink wrote an open letter of apology to President Putin for using the MH-17 downing to defame him and discredit Russia.

5 September 2014

MH-17’s Last Moments Shown in Russian Radar Clips

A presentation by the Russian Ministry of Defence (with English translation) sets out all the information they have in relation to the downing of MH-17. It shows radar clips from an air traffic control tower…

2 August 2014

Ukraine: What Are They Fighting For?

The 2014 coup in Ukraine that was supposed to align it with the E.U. and away from Russia’s sphere of influence, is still to this day in 2020, deeply divided by civil war, with an economy that has never recovered from an onslaught of trained Nazi thugs who brought the country to its knees. But to Americans who organized this coup with a price tag of $5 billion, Ukraine now has a ‘democracy’, and its people are ‘free’.

23 July 2014

‘Rebel’ Leader Alexander Borodai on the MH17 Crash

Alexander Borodai, PM of the Donesk People’s Republic, gave a sobering press conference on July 19, which revealed his frustration that no one from the international community had arrived to help collect the bodies in a humanitarian way at the MH17 crash site.

22 July 2014

Who is Vladimir Putin? Why Does the US Government Hate Him?

Although Vladimir Putin has been called a KGB thug and even a reincarnation of Hitler, Sharon Tennison shares a side of Putin from her personal experiences that might surprise you.

14 June 2014

The Nazi Danger: A Letter from Odessa

Dismayed by the violence that erupted in Odessa on May 02, where over forty peaceful anti-fascist demonstrators were burned alive in a building they escaped to as thugs burned their tents T., a teacher living in Odessa, wrote a letter to expose the truth of what is happening in Ukraine.

21 May 2014

The War On Democracy

This 2007 John Pilger Documentary is about how the United States manipulated Latin American governments over a period of fifty years. However the ‘war’ is ongoing. It is a war fought to maintain United States’ control over Latin America’s rich natural resources. It shows how media propaganda is a favorite tactic used to create false beliefs and fear in the minds of people unable to see U.S. hidden agendas. Against this backdrop, courageous leaders fight back on to save their natural resources from corporate greed.

Shining Stars of the Chilean Miners’ Rescue

An important story that didn’t emerge during the reality-like TV coverage of the rescue saga. When an American friend asked me if I knew who drilled the shaft for the miners’ escape in Chile, I had to confess my ignorance. When I went in search of this story I discovered many stars who played pivotal roles in the miners’ rescue who were the true heroes of the day.

23 October 2010