Dutch Professor Cees J. Hamelink wrote an open letter of apology to President Putin for using the MH-17 downing to defame him and discredit Russia.

5 September 2014

MH-17: Obama Show Us Your Evidence

Retired U.S. intelligence professionals wrote a memorandum to Obama on July 29, concerned about the new wave of propaganda that has emerged over the downing of MH-19. In light of previous lies about Iraq using “weapons of mass destruction” and Assad using sarin gas against his own people, they calmly call for clarity in…

04 August 2014

MH-17’s Last Moments Shown in Russian Radar Clips

A presentation by the Russian Ministry of Defence (with English translation) sets out all the information they have in relation to the downing of MH-17. It shows radar clips from an air traffic control tower…

02 August 2014

‘Rebel’ Leader Alexander Borodai on the MH17 Crash

Alexander Borodai, PM of the Donesk People’s Republic, gave a sobering press conference on July 19, which revealed his frustration that no one from the international community had arrived to help collect the bodies in a humanitarian way at the MH17 crash site.

22 July 2014